Chapter 1151 The Four Elite Families!

In a convertible hover car, two people were sitting in it and quickly driving towards their destination.

“I just received news that Lingtian Mecha Clan’s Regiment Commander Ling has arrived,” suddenly said the charming young man sitting on the left.

The cool-looking young man sitting on the right side didn’t have any reaction to the sudden news.

“Why aren’t you saying anything?” The charming young man glanced at his comrade.

“What should I say? We’ve only just met him once back then,” the cool looking young man responded coldly as he turned towards the other young man.

“Yeah, it was only just one encounter… But this person was deemed to be trash and yet still led his mecha clan and achieved feats that even us, the Flying Dragon Special Forces, feel shocked about. Aren’t you just a little bit curious?” The charming young man’s eyes brightened and burning desire began to show within them.

“You’re still not going to let that go?” Frowned the cool-looking young man.

“I kept telling myself that that person had died. However, when I saw Little White appearing in front of me, I had a feeling that the person hadn’t died yet.” The charming young man bit his lip. Despite the other person having explained everything so well, he still held the hope that the impossible was possible. He was basically waiting for a miracle to happen.

“I’ve looked through Pei Shaoyun’s data. It’s perfect. Everything lines up perfectly; his personality, his quirks, his habit of pouting nothing seems weird. However, it being so perfect makes me think that it’s not real,” said the charming young man.

“Mu Chaoran, you’re going down the rabbit hole again. Anyone who went to the Scout Academy would have data as detailed as that. I think there’s nothing wrong with it,” said the cool-looking young man helplessly.

“Tang Ningyu, my intuition is very accurate,” replied Mu Chaoran in a serious tone. “This a power that us, the Northeastern Muqi, are born with. The difference is whether or not the person could awaken this ability. Once it is awakened, then that person will be considered to be the next family head of Northeastern Muqi.”

It turns out, these two people were Tang Ningyu and Mu Chaoran from the Flying Dragon Special Forces. The two of them became work partners and stayed together no matter if they were on a mission or on leave.

Mu Chaoran’s serious attitude made Tang Ningyu put more attention into the conversation, “It’s that strong?”

“Of course it will be very strong after awakening it. I could pretty much sense all incoming dangers,” Mu Chaoran responded. “It could even determine whether the person I’m talking has goodwill or evil intentions. Moreover, this is still just the early-stages of the awakening. According to the Muqi family’s records, once it reaches a higher stage, it could even have the power to go against gods. However, this power is connected to the path the individual wants to awaken. The family head of each generation who had awakened this ability to the highest stage were still very terrifying even though they were very different in terms of what powers they had. Even if they hadn’t reached the level to go against the gods, it wasn’t too far off.”

“The four main elite families aren’t like the great Li family and Ye family. They have people everywhere, but because of the limitations made by the military, they can never gain real military power. Other than those people, the other two areas are considered to be the existence of titans.” Mu Chaoran sighed.

“Our family only focuses on improving our physical skills which has caused our relations with many of the factions to deteriorate to basically strangers. However, it was because of this that our family managed to withstand the test of time for thousands of years and never fall in history. The four elite families all have their own special powers. Ancient writing dictates that ‘The Empyreal Zhuge’s Tianji can see all secrets and determine the future of all things. Northeastern Muqi can detect and escape from all crises. Old Martial Beitang are brave and invincible. The Divine Dash of the Zhou family can move thousands of miles in one step.’ These all point towards the real capabilities of the four elite families.”

After saying this, Mu Chaoran sighed again, “Unfortunately, as time went by, the number of individuals who could actually fully awaken our family’s powers had decreased significantly. In this generation, in our Northeastern Muqi, there still hasn’t been anyone who has awakened the god-like powers of our ancestors which has been quite a worrying matter for the current family hea… If it isn’t present in one generation, it would be a fatal blow for the Northeastern Muqi.”

“Not only you guys, but from what I know, even Old Martial Beitang is the same. Most of their descendants live a normal life,” Tang Ningyu said calmly. “While those who are somewhat capable would awaken random powers and be sent out by their family head.”

Tang Ningyu had a secret. He was actually from Old Martial Beitang. Back then, he was sent to the Flying Dragon Special Forces because he had awakened the strongest offensive element, the lightning element, not his family’s powers.

In reality, in large families such as their own, they wouldn’t send many of their descendants to the military like some smaller families. It was only because these families wanted to ensure their traditions were passed down so they would heartlessly send out those who awaken abilities that were not part of their family’s clan. They would completely cut off any connection with them in order to guarantee the purity of their family bloodline.

This was why he and Mu Chaoran were sent to the Flying Dragon Special Forces.

He could understand the family’s decision, but he ultimately could not forgive them for it. Thus, he never came into contact with the four elite families. Other than the information he had read about while in the Flying Dragon Special Forces, he didn’t know anything else about the four elite families.

However, Mu Chaoran was very different than him. He was very confident in his family and had always considered himself a part of the Northeastern Muqi. This was also the reason he couldn’t become like Tang Ningyu… The Flying Dragon Special Forces definitely wouldn’t let someone who considered themselves as part of an elite family to take over as their highest command.

“I heard that Empyreal Zhuge and the Divine Dash Zhou family also don’t have any god-like prodigies in this current generation.” Mu Chaoran also saw their information in the database of the Flying Dragon Special Forces.

It wasn’t because they didn’t awaken their clan’s powers, but rather because they had average talent. There wasn’t any chance they could improve in the future, not to mention acquiring god-defying talents.

“Actually, I admire the Li and Ye families. They didn’t seal themselves off to the world. Whether they are fighting for control with the military or trying to cooperate, they at least still have their own wills and powers to make decisions. Unlike our four elite families where we are just trying to live in between cracks and to even just stay alive…” Mu Chaoran couldn’t help but sigh for the third time. He didn’t know which ancestor of theirs decided that the four families must choose such a path. It glorified the four elite families but under the glory, the four elite families were walking on thin ice that was on the brink of collapse.

“However, only these four families have passed down their legacies from thousands of years ago. In these thousands of years, how many Li families and Ye families have appeared?” Tang Ningyu said calmly. “The choice is between being glorified for a short time or staying alive for an eternity. The four elite families chose the latter and the Li and Ye families chose the former. The two choices are no different. The only difference is the concept.”

Mu Chaoran thought carefully for a moment and then smiled, “You’re right. We have to thank the choices of our ancestors. Their seemingly random decisions allowed us to be born into this world successfully.” If the four elite families had chosen to be glorified for only a short time, they probably wouldn’t exist anymore.

“Stop talking about the four elite families. I’m already tired just of the thought of them. Are you going to see Ling Lan at the reception center?” Tang Ningyu finally asked the question he had in his mind all this while.

“Yeah, he’s Little White’s current master. I still don’t want to give up and want to ask about Little White.” Mu Chaoran eyes darkened. He also felt he was going over the deep end. He knew the result of asking but he still wanted to ask.

Sometimes, even he couldn’t understand what kind of spell Shaoyun put him under to make him fall so deep into this rut.

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