After Sima You Yue met up with Wu La Mai, she went to the side palace where the queen was. Wu La Mai, Wu La Li and his brother came as well. Divine Valley Master and Ying Bai Chun waited for them outside the side palace.

Sima You Yue came beside the queen and fed her the pill. Afterwards, she took out some soul fluid and fed her two drops. After that, she even took out the essence of the golden snake fruit from before and let her drink it too.

After a little over half an hour, the closed eyes of the Violet Water Queen trembled. This showed that her eyes were beginning to turn.

“Qing Man, Qing Man?” Wu La Mai saw her reaction and cried out her name agitatedly.

The person lying on the bed slowly regained her consciousness, but her gaze was still rather unfocused.

“Qin Man, you’re awake.” Wu La Mai saw that his wife who had been unconscious for a few tens of years had finally awakened, he could not stop the tears that flowed.

“King…” When the Violet Water Queen heard the familiar voice, she looked to him immediately. Her eyes slowly regained focus and was more animated.

“Mother!” Wu La Li and Wu La Lu dashed over as well. When they saw the love in her eyes, they felt as if everything that they had gone through all these years was worth it.

“Dear Li, Dear Lu…” Violet Water Queen wanted to stretch forth a hand to touch them, but found that she was still unable to control her body.

“The queen, although the queen has already regained consciousness, she’s still rather weak. Try not to let her speak, and do not let her get worked up.” Sima You Yue instructed. “Queen, you have been unconscious for so many years, and have just woken up. It will be hard for you to control your body for a while, which is normal. You will be fine once you rest.”

The Violet Water Queen looked at Sima Yu Yue and said with a light smile, “You are the child who healed me, right? I recognise your voice.”

“Mother, you could hear us?” Wu La Lu asked in surprise.

“Yes.” Violet Water Queen said with a faint smile, “I do not really remember what happened after I was injured, but I was in a dark area. There was one day, though, that I felt a sharp pain and could actually hear voices on the outside. For a few days I listened to you speak. You said that I would be able to hear you as you were performing acupuncture for me. Later on, I started to get used to you talking. Thank you for saving me.”

“You’re too kind.” Sima You Yue said, “To heal a beauty like you is my honor. I have to perform a check up now.”

“I’ll have to trouble you.” Violet Water Queen said.

Sima You Yue walked over and held on to her hand, examining it once through, saying, “You’re better than before. Later on, I will refine a few more pills for you. You’ll be fine after a few more rounds of acupuncture.”

“Thank you, Little Friend You Yue. If you ever need anything, you can just tell the two of them directly.” Wu La Mai said as he held on to Qing Man’s hand again.

“I will.” Sima You Yue was also rather pleased at being able to heal her, “You guys can catch up, I won’t get in your way. Remember, don’t tire the Queen out.”

“I’ll send you out.” Wu La Li said.

“I have to head out to settle some things as well. Mother, I’ll come and look for you again when we’re back.” Wu La Lu said.

The brothers walked out in mutual understanding, leaving the two behind to catch up.

When they went out, they saw the two who were waiting anxiously for them.

“Martial Uncle, senior Ying.”

“How was it?”

“The queen is already conscious. I will just have to follow up with some treatments.” Sima You Yue said.

“You really treated the queen?” Although her answer was expected, the Divine Valley Master still couldn’t believe it. “If your master knew, he would definitely be pleased. He never gave up looking for a way to cure the queen throughout the years.”

“Since you have already cured the queen, when do you plan to head back?” Ying Bai Chun asked.

“Of course it would be best for me to head back as soon as I can.” Sima You Yue said, “I haven’t settled my brother’s issue, and have yet to report to the inner sect. Once the queen’s condition stabilises, we can head back.”

“Sounds like a good plan.” Divine Valley Master said, “Your Highness, we have some things we want to speak to You Yue about. Could you…”

“Of course. You guys go ahead, I happen to have some issues to discuss with Ol’ Second as well. We will head to the palace.” Wu La Li said.

Wu La Li and Wu La Lu left, then the Divine Valley Master’s expression turned solemn, “You Yue, Ge Lang said that you went to the inner sect, and you want to do it to obtain the Eye of Earth?”

“Teacher Ge?” Sima You Yue didn’t think that Ge Lang would tell them that.

“Ge Lang is from the Divine Devil Valley.” Divine Valley Master explained.

“I see.” Since he was someone from the Divine Devil Valley, he naturally knew of her identity. It was natural for him to report the incident to the Divine Devil Valley.

“Yea, I did it to obtain the Eye of Earth.” Sima You Yue said, ‘I’m guessing that Teacher Ge explained the reason. I need the Eye of Earth for my brother.”

“You Yue, you should know that the Eye of Earth is the treasure of the inner sect?” Ying Bai Chun said.

“I know. I also know that it’s not easy to obtain the Eye of Earth. However, I have no try no matter what.” Sima You Yue said, “Furthermore, I heard that the eye of earth is huge. I just need a small piece of it.”

“Since the Eye of Earth is a treasure, its guards are extremely strict. It will be very dangerous. From what we know, many have tried to obtain it but none had returned.” Divine Valley Master said.

“I don’t necessarily have to force it. I still have a few years, I’m sure there will be a way.” Sima You Yue said, “Senior Ying, did you attend the heavenly sect?”

“I graduated from the inner sect as well.” Ying Bai Chun said, “But I didn’t stay there for too long, I entered the Divine Devil Valley later.”

“Then do you know where else the Eye of Earth could be, apart from the forbidden area?”

“Is the Eye of Earth not in the forbidden area?” Ying Bai Chun asked in surprise.”

“Someone said that they had gone in before , but didn’t see it. That’s why they guess that the Eye of Earth isn’t there.” Sima You Yue said.

“I don’t know, then.” Ying Bai Chun replied, “When I was in the inner sect, news of the Eye of Earth had not yet leaked. I don’t know either. I’ve never paid attention to these things before.”

“Maybe we can wait for that old guy to return, then ask him. Who knows, he might be able to give you a bit.” Divine Valley Master said.

“Who is the old guy you’re referring to?” Sima You Yue asked. Old Mo had also once said that he would ask that Old Guy, and now, Martial Uncle was referring to him as well. She wondered who it could possibly be for them to refer to him as such.

“The Principal of the sect, Yuan Tian He.”

“Principal? I heard that he often roams about outside, and has not been back for a long time.” Sima You Yue said.

“Soon, I’m guessing he will be back soon.”

“Martial Uncle, how do you know that?”

Divine Valley Master smiled as he patted her shoulders, “There was news that a person that one sees in ten thousand years, someone who has climbed the entire stretch of the heavenly staircase, has appeared. It is enough for him to return. I’m guessing that the vice principal has told him of the news earlier on. He must have been held up by something since he has yet to return. However, based on how powerful he is, even if he was stalled he should be done soon. That’s why I said it will be soon.”

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