“That’s right! It was even on the hot searches of Weibo recently that he got married to a swimmer named Shi Guang.”

“This is not his wife.” Shi Ze remarked coldly. Wasn’t the name of this woman Littly?

“Well, that’s too bad then. Young Master Lu has everything that any woman wants. Even if she’s a third party or plaything to him, no woman can reject him with just that face alone.”

At that remark, Shi Ze’s entire face turned malefic as he hastened in his footsteps.

After the meal, Shi Guang wanted to stroll with Lu Yanchen to retrieve the car. However, it was particularly chilly that night, especially so in the deep winter nights. As such, Lu Yanchen had her wait for him in the restaurant while he went to retrieve the car alone.

Not wanting to stay inside all alone, Shi Guang headed out not long after he left and looked around for his car.

Suddenly, she sensed a shadow leaning by the wall and watching her intently. Turning around instinctively, she caught sight of Shi Ze who had left long ago. He was emitting an extremely cold aura. When he caught sight of her looking at him, he smiled icily.

Shi Guang recalled everything that Qian Xun had told her instantly. Thinking about all the grudges between him and Lu Yanchen, and especially about how he had nearly killed Lu Yanchen, Shi Guang did not have the slightest bit of liking for him.

She had initially thought that she ought to greet him on account of him being Qian Xun’s fiancé. But, since Qian Xun did not really like him either, and it was merely a marriage of connections, Shi Guang scrapped the idea.

She looked up ahead and wanted to walk up front since Lu Yanchen’s car had not reached yet. But of all things, Shi Ze suddenly rushed up and yanked at her arm. Instantly, Shi Guang looked at him in shock. “What are you trying to do?”

His deep eyes were filled with conflicted emotions as his grip tightened. “What a nice act!”

Shi Guang frowned, trying to free her hand. “What? Hurry and let me go!”

That face was akin to the changing tides! No wonder Qian Xun would warn and even resort to scolding her to get her away from Shi Ze. Indeed, his hatred for Lu Yanchen was truly deep!

Shi Ze’s face was tense and steely as he declared coldly, “How much are you charging to spend the night with Lu Yanchen! I’ll pay double!”

When he saw her calmly dial 110 against that man who tried flirting with her the other day, he was certain that this was not a woman who would resort to any means just to increase her social standing. To think that she would be the type of woman that he hated the most after all!

Hadn’t she said that she was already married? How could she be in an entangling relationship with another man despite being married?

The type of women he hated the most was those that went around being third parties despite being married! All of those wh*res! He hated their superficiality, hated how they betrayed their souls!

If not because that married woman had seduced his father into committing adultery, his father wouldn’t have been killed by accident…! Every single woman as such were all wh*res!

And this woman before him was the absolute cheapest of them all!

For a woman he had thought to be decent to end up being the most disgusting of them all? Shi Ze felt disgust churning through his entire body as though he had just eaten spoilt food.

Shi Guang was thoroughly agitated through that remark of his. What did he mean by paying double?

She tried her best to repress her emotions and solve the issue at hand calmly. “Mr. Shi, on account that you’re Qian Xun’s fiancé, I’m giving you some face. But, please don’t go overboard. Hurry and let go!”

“PUI!” Shi Ze spat out, looking at Shi Guang with absolute disdain and contempt. “PUI! You? Giving me face? Why don’t you take a look at who you are? F*ck!”