Great Doctor Ling Ran - Chapter 920
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Chapter 920: Slow

In the records within the Changxi Province, the average time for combined liver and pancreatic radical surgery was more than six hours.

Ling Ran did it slower, though.

Over the past half a year, Ling Ran’s average surgery time had increased greatly.

When Ling Ran only had Master Level Hepatectomy skill, the average time of each hepatectomy usually required three hours. If he was fast and the patient’s condition was ideal for surgery, he would usually finish removing the liver in one hour.

After Ling Ran obtained Perfect Level Tissue Separation and as he continued upgrading himself until he obtained Perfect Level Hepatectomy, his surgery time started slowing down at a consistent pace.

That was because the more skills he learned and mastered, the more attention into the details he needed to place. In order to handle the details well, he needed more time.

Take small vessels as an example. Some needed to be cut with an endotherm knife, some needed to be bypassed and kept, some needed to be cut or sutured, and it all depended on how Ling Ran handled them.

In such surgery, only very few doctors could make their selection freely.

Combined liver and pancreatic radical surgery required two different doctors working together and performing the surgery accordingly. It would be impossible to say that no mistake would be made. It would be very rare if the surgery could be performed without any major mistakes, even if they continued making minor mistakes, and the remaining part would depend on the patient.

If this were put in comparison with the difficulty in building a house, the difficulty of subtotal gastrectomy was like a man building a tile-roofed house. For those who cared about the details would talk about the windows and the tiles, and for those who did not care, they would just simply build a tile-roofed house shaped like a matchbox.

Hepatectomy was at the level of building a two-story or three-story building. No matter how crude the work was, they would still need to adhere to the canon. For those who wanted to do a better job, they would set their standards very high. It would not be strange for them to come up with something that would let them win designing rewards.

Combined hepatectomy and gastrectomy were like building many houses. Many would not even be able to meet the lowest expectations, much less the highest expectations.

Very few doctors could finish observing an entire gastrectomy in combination with hepatic resection.

It took too much time. Furthermore, the excitement was gone after observing for too long, and the surgery would be boring.

However, for doctors like the department director of the General Surgery Department, the further he watched, the more interesting he felt the surgery was.

The doctors in the visitation room had come in and left, but the number of people remained the same. Only when there were fewer people in the room would Yu Yuan be seen.

At that moment, Yu Yuan would raise her chin proudly and give a brief description of the surgery for the doctors who just came in. She was like a dwarf wolf within a pack of wolves and lecturing newcomers.

“Based on current literature, positive intravascular cancer embolus, positive lymphoma, serosal invasion, retroperitoneal metastasis, and the timing of liver metastasis are high-risk factors that will affect the prognosis of liver metastasis…

“Some follow-ups for liver cancer metastasis show that the median survival rate for patients who undergo surgical treatment only survive for eighteen to twenty months. However, once they survive for more than twenty months, the survival rate will increase tremendously…

“When the area of the liver metastasis is more than 1.57 inches, it will have a greater effect on the surgery and the prognosis. Yes, Doctor Ling has basically finished operating on the liver…”

Yu Yuan kept talking about the surgery, but no one was annoyed by her. Then, she started talking about research papers and the situations of the patients in the research papers, and these were things that even department directors might not know.

The refinement of modern medicine resulted in many doctors who could only specialize in their respective areas. If the surgeries were not frequently performed, did not involve the skills they learned or were not famous surgery plans, normal doctors would not read the related research papers carefully.

Everyone’s time was very precious. After all, normal people still needed to sleep at night.

Right then, all the doctors felt good as they observed the surgery while listening to the general introduction given by Yu Yuan. They felt that it was worth it to come over, and they did not waste their time.

When dinner time arrived, crispy bread was served, and the authentic flavor of wheat deepened everyone’s memory of the surgery.

“Everyone, you must be tired. This was prepared by our own chef from Yunli Medical Company. Feel free to take one or two and give us some comments if you’re free.” Mai Chun entered the visitation room the same way she always did. She first smiled without saying anything and immediately displayed the characteristics of a pharmaceutical sales representative.

Some doctors smiled while they ate the bread, some ate the bread with a serious look, and some frowned while they ate the bread…

Mai Chun was used to the attitude of the doctors. She still put on a smile on her face but pouted in secret while she said in her mind, ‘If you don’t want it, then don’t eat it!’

Huo Congjun pressed the call button and asked, “Ling Ran, do you want to rest for a while and eat something first?”

“No need. I’ll finish very soon,” Ling Ran replied firmly, and his hands did not stop moving at all.

“Oh… Hmm? Are you finishing soon?” Huo Congjun replied and found that something was off.

“I need… around an hour or so.” The time given by Ling Ran was obviously different from what others would usually consider “soon”.

Huo Congjun burst into laughter. He nodded, pressed the button, and said, “Just go along at your own pace.”

Huo Congjun did not even care whether the other assistants could eat anything or whether they were hungry.

Doctors were the most unhealthy group in the world. They did not eat accordingly, and it was also normal for them to overeat.

The department director of the General Surgery Department did not care about the assistants as well. He smiled and pointed at Yu Yuan before he said, “You can continue to talk as entertainment. Old Huo, the Emergency Medical Center has recruited many new talents, huh?”

“Doctor Yu cannot be counted as a newbie anymore.” Huo Congjun smiled. “Once she finishes her training as a chief resident, she should be promoted to an attending physician.”

The department director of the General Surgery Department hummed in reply, and the doctors at the side chuckled before they said, “You’re saying that’s not a newbie?”


The doctors in the visitation room had changed twice. Ling Ran started to finish up the surgery when it was nearing evening.

At this moment, his assistants had changed once.

However, due to the surgery difficulty and the ability of the assistants, today’s surgery only allowed the first and second assistant to be replaced by the third and fourth assistant. So, when the surgery ended, everyone was so hungry that their eyes were bloodshot.

“Quick, go and get some food.”

“Is there anything to eat?”

“Pork trotters? Are there any pork trotters?”

The assistants went out of the operating theater and went to the waiting room with the fastest speed they could muster. Their legs were numb and their eyes were bloodshot because of their hunger.

Those people schooled their expressions and bared their teeth. Their bloodshot eyes shone with the light of those longing for food.

The young chef in the waiting room stared at them and hesitantly said, “Aren’t you guys performing surgery?”

“Nonsense, where are the pork trotters? Where is my braised meat?” Lu Wenbin asked while he looked around in the kitchen.

The young chef held the handle of the frying pan quietly and said coldly, “Old Lu, let me ask you something. You can answer after you think about it. Did all of you get infected by something during the surgery?”

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