Chapter 379: Feelings

“Oh? Aren’t you angry with me?” Hu Feng raised an eyebrow.

Bai Zhi cut him off by saying: “You’re funny, why should I be angry with you?”

“Because I am going to join the army, I can’t stay with you, so you’re angry and unhappy. And because you’re unhappy, you don’t want to talk to me, isn’t it?”

Bai Zhi stopped the worked in her hands and immediately said: “Of course not, your only thinking too much, since when did I, Bai Zhi become such a superficial person?”

She used to think she was not a superficial person… …

Hu Feng secretly laughed. He no longer teases her, he stepped forward and squatted beside her, then said in a low voice: “Zhi’er, the barracks is not far from here, as long as I have time, I will come back to see you.”

Bai Zhi was happy, but she didn’t show it on her face: “If you have time? You will only be a low-rank soldier, if someone catches you, you will be punished, right?”

Hu Feng copied her actions and cut off her words: ” I am an expert, who will catch me?”

*Puff* Bai Zhi suddenly laughed, this guy always had a cold handsome, such sudden action made her amused.

“You finally laughed. I haven’t seen you smile like this for days.” He wanted to reach out and touch her face, but in the end, he only touched her soft black hair above her head.

“Zhi’er, take good care of yourself and wait for me to come back.”

His voice was like a magic that penetrated all her sense of reasoning, and just directly pierced her heart.

Bai Zhi sighed, the smile on her face gradually faded. She looked at his black eyes seriously and said: “Hu Feng, no matter what you wanted you to do, whether you succeed or not, I want you to choose to live. We will always wait for you here in Huangtou Village. In order not to let us down, you must take care of yourself, don’t let yourself get hurt, you have to come back!”

Hu Feng nodded his head and held his soft hands: “Mmm!”

The warmth on their palms coincided with each other, and vague feelings surround them.

Hu Changlin and Zhao Lan went to the backyard from the front house. When they saw the two, they quickly pretended they didn’t see anything, and just quietly left.

Bai Zhi pulled back her hand as her cheeks blushed: “What are you still doing here? You’re leaving tomorrow, aren’t you going to pack your things?”

Hu Feng grinned and stretched out his hand to pinch her red and hot cheek. Her cheek was so soft, just like a dumpling.

Hu Feng got up and smoothed the wrinkles on his shirt. “Okay, I’ll stop teasing you. I’ll pack my things. I’ll leave tomorrow morning. You don’t have to send me. I don’t want to see you crying.”


The next morning, Hu Changlin sent Hu Feng to the entrance of the village. Zhao Lan, Awu and Zhao Zue were also there. Even Ru’er also came, but Bai Zhi’s figure couldn’t be seen.

Hu Feng muttered inside his heart: What’s wrong with that girl? Just because I said she doesn’t need to come, she really didn’t come?

When Meng Nan left, she made dry food for him the whole night and then send him off. When its time for him to leave, not only she didn’t give him dry food but also didn’t show her face?

Village Chief Li said: “Alright, it’s time to leave, you should go now.”

The villagers also came out to send off their loved ones. Their eyes were red and full of tears, they were reluctant to release their husband’s hand. It’s very difficult for them to say goodbye.

Zhao Sue pulled Zhao Lan’s sleeve and said: “Aunt Lan, Zhi’er will not come?”

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