God Emperor - Chapter 1355
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Zhang Ruochen started to contemplate what Ling Feiyu had said.

To be a saint sword, one didn’t just practice their sword techniques, but also their state of mind. If his or her state of mind couldn’t be improved, they’d never become a sword saint.

Ling Feiyu said, “How many lifetimes of memories and saintly way comprehensions have you integrated?”

“Six,” Zhang Ruochen said.

Ling Feiyu nodded calmly and said, “Not bad. With that experience, it’ll benefit your future refining heaps.”

Zhang Ruochen stayed silent for quite a while, and then, he said, “We spent three hundred years together in our sixth lifetime, and we made lots of unforgettable memories. Do you still remember them?”

Ling Feiyu was softened for a little bit, but then, she sharpened again. “Everything is illusory in ‘Seven Lives and Seven Deaths Map.’ What’s the point of talking about this?”

“Have you ever liked me?”

Zhang Ruochen stared at Ling Feiyu’s eyes, but Ling Feiyu dodged the eye contact immediately. She looked back to the plum blossoms and snow on the tree and said, “Why did you ask me this?”

“Because I did!”

Zhang Ruochen didn’t want to lie to himself, and he said his true feelings.

Ling Feiyu clenched her fist very tightly, and she couldn’t even breath smoothly anymore. Apparently, she got really emotional.

Zhang Ruochen then said, “I didn’t dare integrate the memories from the seventh lifetime. Can you tell me what happened between us in the seventh lifetime?”

“Then never do that, because there’s no point.”

Ling Feiyu couldn’t stay calm anymore as she felt as if she were being dragged to the ‘Seven Lives and Seven Deaths Map,’ and the memories flooded back.


Ling Feiyu spit blood out.

Only now did Zhang Ruochen realize how badly Ling Feiyu had been wounded. He held her waist, took out a Spring Pill and fed it to her.

Ling Feiyu felt the warmth coming from Zhang Ruochen’s palm. She shot a glance at him, but she didn’t try to get away in the end, nor did she attack Zhang Ruochen.

If it were another guy touching her waist, he might’ve been killed already.

“Did you get the wound from fighting Spiritual King Saint Ancestor?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

“I was hit by a four-trial ghost king he cultivated, but I annihilated that four-trial ghost king, and I stabbed him with my sword also, which means I’m still stronger than him.”

Ling Feiyu was a very proud woman. Even if she was injured, she had to deduce who the winner was.

Ling Feiyu was injured because she was trying to protect Concubine Lin, so Zhang Ruochen still felt sorry. He said, “Spiritual King Saint Ancestor, isn’t it? I’ll go kill him tonight.”

“Don’t be impulsive. He’s already lost the four-trial ghost king, so he won’t be my match after I heal.”

Only after becoming a saint king could one realize the gap between saint kings and saints. The gap couldn’t be bridged simply by body constitution and weapons.

Ling Fengyu was worried that Zhang Ruochen might lose his calm to get revenge.

“With Spring Pill, I’ll recover in three days’ time, then we’ll go annihilate all the powers the Ancient Ghost Cultivation Race and Ancient Necromancy Race left in Central Empire City,” Ling Feiyu said.

Spring Pills were indeed incredible healing medicines. However, to those who had greater cultivation, their healing power would diminish.

For saints, injuries would be healed in an hour after taking Spring Pills, no matter how severe the wounds were. However, for saint kings, it would take a much longer time.

“Okay, then we’ll let them live for a few days more,” Zhang Ruochen said.

With Saint Figure Rune, Zhang Ruochen was confident that he could defeat Spiritual King Saint Ancestor, but he wouldn’t be able to stop him from running.

If he did it after Ling Feiyu was healed, then they would have a much higher chance of killing Spiritual King Saint Ancestor together.

Fighting a saint king was a huge incident. If he was able to kill Spiritual King Saint Ancestor, it would shock the entire world and make the saints rethink ‘Zhang Ruochen.’

Zhang Ruochen asked Princess White Li to keep watch on Mingjing House and to tell him if the Ancient Ghost Cultivation Race and Ancient Necromancy Race made any move.

After three days, Zhang Ruochen refined the second saint medicine and reached the pinnacle level of an upper-class saint. He felt that he had countless powers inside his body.

Zhang Ruochen then took out Xuanhuang Pill and swallowed it, trying to make it to Xuanhuang Realm.

Only after comprehending Xuanhuang Qi and turning his saint Qi into Xuanhuang Qi could he reach Xuanhuang Realm.

Xuanhuang Qi was also called Xuanhuang Saint Qi, which was one of the saint Qi. However, it had better quality than ordinary saint Qi.

After swallowing Xuanhuang Qi, Zhang Ruochen didn’t need to try to comprehend the essence of Xuanhuang Saint Qi. The saintly way rules that gushed out of the pill were the essence of Xuanhuang Qi, which merged with Zhang Ruochen’s saintly way rules.

Xuanhuang Pill was made by a mind power supreme saint, which meant Zhang Ruochen was being guided by a mind power supreme saint now.

After comprehending the essence of Xuanhuang Saint Qi, the first trace of Xuanhuang Saint Qi was formed in Zhang Ruochen’s body.

And then, the second trace, the third trace…

More and more Xuanhuang Saint Qi was formed in Zhang Ruochen’s body, but it would take a longer time for him to convert his holy Qi into Xuanhuang Saint Qi.

“I reckon I’m halfway to becoming a Xuanhuang Saint now.” Zhang Ruochen smiled.

The saint Qi in Zhang Ruochen’s body was at the same level as Xuanhuang Saint Qi after being purified by Divine Fire Jingmie. Although he hadn’t made a breakthrough yet, Zhang Ruochen had already had the power of Xuanhuang Realm.

Zhang Ruochen decided to go out since he couldn’t reach Xuanhuang Realm temporarily. He invited Ghost King Bloodmoon, Guoguo, Monster Ape, Huang Yanchen, and Qing Mo out of the Universe World.

Everyone gathered together to discuss how to deal with the Ancient Ghost Cultivation Race and Ancient Necromancy Race.

Zhang Ruochen’s plan was to take action tonight.

Inside Mingjing House, Feng Yinying had been wanting to take action a long time ago, yet he was stopped by Tianming Corpse Emperor.

Tianming Corpse Emperor had come back two days ago, but instead of helping Feng Yinying, he stopped her from going to the heir mansion, which pissed off Feng Yinying as she waited longer.

“If you’re not going to do anything, then at least don’t stop me.”

Feng Yinying didn’t want to wait anymore. She gathered all the great beings from the Ancient Ghost Cultivation Race and Ancient Necromancy Race and decided to make attacks tonight.

“I stopped you because I don’t want you to get killed.” Tianming Corpse Emperor finally started to explain himself and opened his shiny eyes.

He looked like an eighteen-year-old handsome boy, and his eyes looked like two blue jades. His skin was smooth and glossy, and there was spiritual Qi around him. Ordinary people couldn’t sense the corpse Qi from him at all.

“Why?” Feng Yinying asked.

Tianming Corpse Emperor said, “If I’m correct, Zhang Ruochen should’ve arrived in Central Empire City already.”

Feng Yinying was astounded. She said, “It was he who injured Lisheng Elder and Linggu Elder, wasn’t it? How do you know he’s arrived in Central Empire City?”

“If Zhang Ruochen has already learned that we’re going after his mother, how could he not come back to Central Empire City? There’s no news about him in the north anymore, which means he left the north. Isn’t that quite obvious?” Tianming Corpse Emperor said.

Feng Yinying said, “Why is he still in the heir mansion instead of fleeing with his mother?”

“Obviously, he wants to fight us,” Tianming Corpse Emperor said.

“Him? Does he really think he’s able to fight us?”

Feng Yinying sneered and said, “If I were him, I would choose to escape Central Empire City to save my life.”

“Perhaps he has set up in the heir mansion to capture you,” Tianming Corpse Emperor said.

After calming herself down, Feng Yinying found that what Tianmint Corpse Emperor said made perfect sense. If Zhang Ruochen had really arrived and established lots of formations around the heir mansion, she would suffer if she just trespassed without serious considerations.

Feng Yinying said, “Are you saying what we’d better do now is to wait until Zhang Ruochen comes attack Mingjing House, then we’ll have the advantage?”

“That’s right. Now we’re just going to see who’s more patient,” Tianming Corpse Emperor said.

Feng Yinying smiled and said, “I’m not as patient as you. I’ll spread the news of him being here tonight and force him to make attacks.”

“Stupid. You’ll only scare him away by doing that. You’d better team up with some families from the Ministry of War to attack the heir mansion first,” Tianming Corpse Emperor said.

Feng Yinying said, “Team up with them? Even if we manage to capture him, they’ll get most of the valuables, and Zhang Ruochen will be thrown into jail, then we’ll gain nothing. Don’t you want Zhang Ruochen’s Five Elements Chaotic Body and God’s Destiny?”

“Which is why this is only a mediocre plan. The best plan is to wait until Zhang Ruochen makes his first move. I reckon Ling Feiyu is already healed, so tonight might be the night they make an attack.”

Tianming Corpse Emperor was almost impossible to figure out. It seemed that he could understand everything in the world.

Feng Yinying said, “Spiritual King Saint Ancestor isn’t healed yet. Perhaps he can’t fight Ling Feiyu.”

“Why are you scared? Do you think the formation around the house is only for decoration? Even saint kings might not be able to walk out safely if they trespass. Besides, I have a trump card with me. If they trespass in this place, they will never make it back,” Tianming Corpse Emperor said confidently.

Meanwhile, Zhang Ruochen had also fully prepared himself. First of all, he sent a signal flare to Martial Saint Canglan to tell her that Tianming Corpse Emperor was hiding in Mingjing House.

Huang Yanchen frowned and said, “Martial Saint Canglan indeed owes you a favor, but she works for the imperial government after all. Are you sure she’ll help you fight Tianming Corpse Emperor?”

“Martial Saint Canglan and Wan Zhaoyi work together, so they definitely wish that they can annihilate Tianming Corpse Emperor as soon as possible. All she needs to do is to break the formation protecting Mingjing House. She doesn’t need to fight Tianming Corpse Emperor herself. I reckon she’ll still help with such a small favor,” Zhang Ruochen said.

Huang Yanchen said, “What if she attacks both you and Tianming Corpse Emperor when we’re both crushed?”

“I’ve considered that. There’ll be someone powerful enough to hold her back.”

Zhang Ruochen put his hands behind his back, looked to the sky and said, “Now, we’re just going to wait until dawn. This will be a night of bloodshed.”

Zhang Ruochen needed to be extra careful as he was going to fight an emperor, so he mobilized all the powers he could.

Man proposes and God disposes.

Now it was time to see whose plan was better.

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