God Emperor - Chapter 1102
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“Chang Wan must have passed the Life-Death Trial of Pre-Saint and practiced the Saint Look. Zhang Ruochen is in danger now!”

Human monks outside the oasis all worried about Zhang Ruochen.

The Three Trials of Pre-Saints, “Four-Nine Trial, Eight-Nine Trial, Life-Death Trial,” were more dangerous one after another.

Especially the last Life-Death Trial. More than half the people would die from it. Without the strong accumulation, who dared to try to pass it?

After Chang Wan passed the Life-Death Trial, he would have broken the last limit and would become a saint.

All living creatures envied him and found him lucky to become a saint and rise above them.

“The Saint Look is made of the Rules of Saintly Way, Zhang Ruochen can’t resist it,” said Red Ant Beast King.

Red Ant Beast King once fought a Pre-Saint who had practiced the Saint Look. A strike of it almost killed it.

The more than 100-meter-tall Saint Look gave out dazzling blood red brilliance, like a Giant Deity King landing on the Blue Dragon Void World.

Space shook violently around the Saint Look, making layers of invisible ripples.

“Go to hell.”

Chang Wan condensed a handprint and attacked the head of Zhang Ruochen.

The Saint Look also reached out a thick arm to pat down like a blood red mountain of five fingers, landing from the sky with thick Rules of Saintly Way.

Even the living creatures standing outside the oasis felt the Qi of icy coldness blowing them backwards.

Zhang Ruochen shrank his eyes. He held the Ancient Abyss Sword in his hands and poured Holy Qi in it to activate the thousands of inscriptions in the sword and the Destruction of the Thousand-patterns.

After the Destruction of the Thousand-patterns burst out, energy waves were formed and spread up.

Luckily, the three Giant Blood Formations arranged by Immortal Vampires had activated their own Destruction of the Thousand-patterns to stop the energy wave of the Saint Look and the Ancient Abyss Sword. Otherwise, the whole oasis would have been gone.

Zhang Ruochen waved the Ancient Abyss Sword to crack into the palmprint of the Saint Look.


The earth underneath Zhang Ruochen’s feet broke into pieces. Large amounts of dust gushed up, and the powerful Qi spread out to shake the four blood red mist walls.

Chang Wan scolded, “Do you think that you can use the Destruction of the Thousand-patterns to stop my Saint Look? With your strength, how many times can you display Destruction of the Thousand-patterns?”

The Saint Look condensed power again. It pinched its fingers into a fist to hit below.

Fire came out of the fist, giving off burning energy like a falling aerolite. Before it fell on the ground, the power waves bursting from it shook the ground.

Zhang Ruochen transferred spatial power to chop a spatial crevice with one hand and hit the fist thrown by the Saint Look.


The strong collision cracked the spatial structure.

With the spatial crevice at the center, some thin patterns appeared like broken glass.

The space collapsed.

Now Zhang Ruochen could no longer control the spatial crevice, he had to retreat, in case he would be involved in the void.

After a breath, the broken space became complete again.

Normally, Chang Wan couldn’t break the space, even in the Blue Dragon Void World.

But his palm print of Saint Look had hit the spatial crevice, which was the weakest spot of the space, and cracked it.

Seeing this, surprise flashed in Prince Qingtian’s eyes. He smiled and said, “I see.”

Through the fight between Chang Wan and Zhang Ruochen, he finally found the way to crack Zhang Ruochen’s spatial moves.

“Chang Wan, come back.”

Prince Qingtian rose from his seat slowly. All 122 apertures of his body were opened, giving off bright light, as if there was a starry sky inside his body.

He stepped on a long bridge of blood Qi and walked above Zhang Ruochen, Chang Wan and Gui Wu, giving out brilliant Qi, as if the world was under his control.

Chang Wan said, “Your Highness, give me more time, I will surely take Zhang Ruochen.”

Prince Qingtian shook his head slightly, and said, “We can’t wait that long and must end this fight shortly. Let me deal with him!”

Prince Qingtian had figured out Zhang Ruochen’s intention. Human monks and savage beasts outside the oasis should have passed the word out. In a short time, beast kings and Pre-Saints would come here to deal with Qingtian Tribe.

He had to kill Zhang Ruochen before it happened.

Gui Wu and Chang Wan retreated to two critical spots. If Zhang Ruochen wanted to escape, they would run and stop him at once.

Wan Huayu stared at Prince Qingtian standing in midair, taking a breath. “I’ve heard that Prince Qingtian almost sanctified his body. I don’t expect that he has sanctified 122 apertures.”

It was always a legend that human bodies could be sanctified. After the Middle Ages, few people could accomplish it.

It was said that once the human body became sanctified, it would be more powerful than Sword Saints, who were called the best at attack.

Wan Huayu knew a little about “body sanctified,” as her father, Wan Zhaoyi had practiced the sanctified body and was undefeatable in his state. It was a secret that people didn’t know.

Only the other four people on the Five Heroes List could compete with Wan Zhaoyi. Few of the rest of the saints of his state could take one move of Wan Zhaoyi.

Prince Qingtian had sanctified 122 apertures. His power must be unimaginable. Maybe only Master Lidi and Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon could win against him with body strength.

“It has become like this. Why doesn’t Zhang Ruochen retreat? What’s he doing there?”

All human monks felt confused. Zhang Ruochen had a chance to flee before…why did he stay in the camp of Qingtian Tribe?

Now he was totally surrounded. If he was caught by Prince Qingtian, even if he wanted to retreat, he couldn’t.

What they didn’t know was that Zhang Ruochen had reached a critical moment of improving his state. Holy Qi operated around his whole body rapidly, and rumbling noises sounded in his lower abdomen.

But it was always a little from cracking the last gate.

“I can’t retreat. I have to fight. Only if I can push myself to the extreme can I cultivate the potential of my body to reach the Eighth Level Half-Saint.”

Zhang Ruochen clenched his teeth. Flames gushed out from his pores to envelope his whole body.

Chi Chi.

Soil couldn’t stand the high temperature of Zhang Ruochen’s body and turned dark, beginning to melt.

“Zhang Ruochen, I don’t know why you didn’t run away. But now that we’ve come here, you can stay here forever!”

The voice of Prince Qingting was indifferent. But in the next moment, the Qi of him turned cold and ruthless. He turned into a blood red shooting light which fell from the sky, and hit above Zhang Ruochen’s head.



Zhang Ruochen raised his arms to show the giant shadows of Blue Dragon and Blue Elephant, as if the Taigu Divine Dragon and Hell Divine Elephant showed up and collided with the palm of Prince Qingtian.


The handprint of Prince Qingtian was very powerful and left a 30 meter long handprint in the ground.

The handprint sank in the earth and pushed Zhang Ruochen in it as well.

Looking from the ground, only a black handprint pit could be seen.

Nobody knew how deep the pit was.

Immortal Vampires, humans, and savage beasts were all shocked. Luckily, all living creatures onsite were powerful figures. Otherwise, they would have been frightened to lay their bellies on the ground.

Wan Huayu used her spiritual power to detect, and found that Zhang Ruochen and Prince Qingtian had sank more than 100 meters deep. The two strands of power still collided with each other.

There were crevices showing in the dozens of kilometers long oasis. The whole ground was about to crack.

More than 130 meters deep, Zhang Ruochen still raised his arms to resist Prince Qingtian’s palms. His feet stood in the hard rocks, and finally he stopped falling.

Zhang Ruochen’s organs were severely hurt and he kept spitting blood.

“You are powerful as you can resist my strike.”

Prince Qingtian used his palm power to suppress Zhang Ruochen, then poured Holy Qi to his eyes. His pupils turned into two scarlet red fireballs.

Two fire columns gushed out from the pupils and hit Zhang Ruochen’s head.

At the critical moment, Zhang Ruochen shook off Prince Qingtian’s suppression and displayed a spatial move to rush to the ground.

Chi Chi.

Two light columns hit the rock layer in the bottom and melted the rock into boiling magma.

“He can display an art move like spatial move. It seems my suppression wasn’t great enough.”

Prince Qingtian smiled and used a body move to run out of the ground.

When Prince Qingtian was about to get out from the ground, Zhang Ruochen ripped the space. He played three dozens of meters long spatial crevices and chopped him.

Prince Qingtian didn’t move, but stepped forward. He threw both his palms and left two giant palm prints to collide with the three spatial crevices.


The two hand prints and three spatial crevices broke at the same time and smashed the space around into a chaotic belt.

Even Zhang Ruochen had to retreat in such a situation.

“Your spatial attack won’t work on me, Zhang Ruochen.”

Prince Qingtian made his way around the broken Spatial Belt and appeared on top of Zhang Ruochen. He hit another palm and made a series of explosive sounds. His speed was nine times faster than the speed of sound, leaving no chance for Zhang Ruochen to display his spatial move.

Zhang Ruochen had to reach out his arms to take the strike.


Zhang Ruochen felt that he was hit by an iron mountain. He couldn’t stop himself from sinking backwards. He kept falling until he hit the rock at the bottom, more than 100 meters deep.

Mud kept piling up on the ground, and soon formed a small mountain.

Outside the oasis, all human monks’ faces lost color. They realized that the worst thing might have happened. Was Zhang Ruochen still alive?

Prince Qingtian was too strong. Even if an army launched a fight on him, he would destroy them as well.

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