End of the Magic Era - Chapter 506
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This time, the young woman displayed the peak of her martial and magical power.

Seeing this terrifying scene, Thorne was soaked in cold sweat.

She was truly holding nothing back…

Thorne had felt powerless when she only struck him with a physical attack, so he clearly couldn’t contend against her. But now, she was using a perfect combination of both of her powers. Just how terrifying would it be?

Sure enough…

The Mafa Merlin cast several Flame Flashes in a row and arrived in front of the young woman, raising his magic staff above his head as a terrifying mana fluctuation was emitted.

‘It’s over… Really over…’

Even in his mind, Thorne couldn’t help but see the scene of the young mage being torn apart by hundreds of Frost Lances, drenching the woman with his blood.

He didn’t dare to look…


But just as he was about to close his eyes, he saw the young mage casting five Flame Flashes at crafty angles, dodging the hundreds of Frost Lances. This gorgeous scene was simply incredible.

But what was even more incredible came afterwards.

The huge gem embedded at the tip of the young mage’s magic staff burst with a dazzling light. Countless faint runes appeared along the length of the staff as it swung through the air.

At the same time, two dazzling red and blue lights rose up with a bright disk behind the young mage. The lights suddenly intensified and countless spells poured out of the disk, turning into a huge sea of spells surging towards the young woman holding the Frost Lance.

At this time, Thorne saw a panicked expression on her face; she had always remained calm before this.


The fire spells released by the young mage were magnificent and dazzling, seeming as if they would never stop. As the deafening explosions echoed, the young mage stopped casting and turned around, using a Flame Flash to quickly regroup with the others.

The surroundings regained their calm as they looked dazedly at the sea of fire, speechless for a long time.

“It’s actually over…” Thorne was the first to break the silence. He was slowly relaxing as he wiped the sweat off his forehead. But he had a very complicated expression as he looked at the young mage.

He really hadn’t expected it to end like this.

“Not yet…”

Thorne heard a calm voice and he instantly froze. The one who said those words was actually Mafa himself. “What… What do you mean? Don’t tell me… she is still alive?”

The others were shocked speechless when they heard that.

How could someone survive being trapped in that sea of fire?

Just watching from afar made them nervous. It would be hard to survive near there, even for high-rank Archmages and Sword Saints.

After all, they had bodies of flesh.

“She has yet to die…” Lin Yun smiled bitterly with a heavy expression. He was looking at that sea of fire while frowning. A terrifying power was slowly recovering there.

“How could it be!?” Thorne shouted.

But then, a loud rumble could be heard as countless flames soared up. That sea of fire was scattered by that power as a Dragon Roar echoed, followed by a hair-raising aura.

The floor of the palace shook.

It was a Dragon Roar!

After being stunned for a moment, everyone soon recovered. They had indeed heard the voice of a Dragon.

Their enemy was a true Dragon!

If the young woman was a Dragon, then it wasn’t surprising for her to be proficient in both the martial path and magical paths.

After all, almost every Dragon had innate casting abilities due to their bloodline, as well as innately terrifying strength. They could casually crush opponents that should be on the same level as them.

After the Dragon Roar echoed, it didn’t take long before a gargantuan silhouette appeared before them. Sparkling and translucent white scales kept emitting white mist, which was extinguishing the flames it touched.

Although it was a hundred meters away and looked like a realistic ice sculpture, everyone could still feel that tangible pressure…

“Heavens, it really is a Dragon…”

Thorne couldn’t help holding his breath when he saw it, beads of sweat dripping from his forehead.

He felt a chill when faced with such a terrifying enemy.

Fortunately, the Dragon had fought him in human form. Had she been in her original form when they clashed, Thorne wouldn’t have ended up with a mere thumb-sized hole in his chest.

Among the Dragon Race, most Dragons knew a few transformation spells, but very few would turn into humans. As Noscent’s rulers during the 2nd Dynasty, their arrogance made them disdain this practice. Furthermore, their strength would be greatly limited in human form.

This was the true reason Thorne was sweating.

He really hadn’t expected that they would encounter so many dangers on this planar trip. Even a Dragon appeared!

Just from the shaking of his body, he could tell that it was an adult Dragon!

After Charles The Emperor shattered the Throne of Life, the huge Dragon Race only existed in name in Noscent. Their glory had vanished like smoke, but numerous mages often mentioned Dragons with a trace of respect.

Dragons would appear in most stories. But of course, the ones most often mentioned were the Chromatic Dragons, as well as the powerful Dragon God who would end up being killed during the peak of the Magic Era by that group of mages.

Currently, although some Dragons existed, they were pitifully sparse. A portion of them were the descendants of the Chromatic Dragons, while the rest were from other races.

To alchemists, any Dragon was like a treasure house.

When they became adults, their whole bodies would become treasure. Blood, scales, fangs… They were all precious alchemy materials that would make any alchemist crazy.

But even in this era where the Dragons had faded away, the mages who dared to provoke Dragons were mostly just greedy, and they had to pay an extremely expensive price for their greed.

If they could help it, no mage would want to face an adult Dragon. Only existences like Jouyi and Harren, who had touched upon Extraordinary power, or those who had reached the Heaven Rank, had enough firepower to defeat adult Dragons.

“What should we do… What can we do?” Thorne was panicking, but he still turned around and smiled at Lin Yun, even though that smile was unpleasant. “High Mage Merlin, what do you think…”

Thorne, the experienced Commander, was extremely worried. He had personally experienced the power of this Dragon, and that was back when it was in human shape. Now that he could see the mountain-like silhouette and feel that overbearing aura, he truly thought of fleeing.

But he was Thorne Merlin, not Lahn Merlin…

“There is no other way…” Lin Yun had a heavy expression. He simply shook his head and said, “We thoroughly infuriated her, fleeing is impossible. Our only way out is to do our best to defeat her…”

Indeed, their situation was that bad.

If they chose to flee, their group would have to scatter, but they had explored deep into the plane. It would take them an entire day to escape back to their own plane.

Even Thorne wouldn’t be able to evade the pursuit for that long, let alone the others…

Lin Yun was completely confident in escaping with his Magic Tools, but his original goal was to get the two Chromatic Dragon Crystals. He wouldn’t give up at such a critical juncture.

Moreover, he might never have the chance to get those two Chromatic Dragon Crystal if he didn’t defeat this Dragon.

They had to fight, but this Frost Dragon wasn’t easy to handle.

In fact, when the young woman appeared, Lin Yun’s Magic Array was able to capture the aura of a Frost Dragon. Any Dragon in human shape would be unable to cover up their unique draconic aura, and thus, they were easily recognizable. But there were clearly special circumstances this time.

It was due to this particular place’s environment. Every corner of this ice plane was filled with ice elements, covering the unique frost aura of the Frost Dragon. Thus, apart from Lin Yun with his Magic Array, no one had been able to realize it before the young woman actually transformed.