Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 2513
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Chapter 2513: The Changes with the Pingtian Empire

The wide streets of the imperial capital of the Blood Sun Empire in the southern region were especially busy. Cultivators of various shapes and sizes constantly flowed through the streets, producing a buzz of activity.

A middle-aged man in white robes slowly made his way through the streets. Beside him was a slender, veiled woman in a purple dress.

Even though her appearance was concealed, it was possible to tell that she was a beauty from her wonderful figure and enchanting eyes.

The two of them were naturally Jian Chen and Shangguan Mu’er.

“After being gone for a few decades, the Cloud Plane has actually changed so drastically. The former ruler of the southern region, the Blood Sun Empire, has actually yielded to the Four Symbols Alliance, becoming one of their subsidiary organisations…” On the streets, Jian Chen sighed in amazement.

After arriving in the southern region, he gained a clearer understanding about the situation there, including the Tian Yuan clan.

The Blood Sun Empire of the southern region remained, and they were still governed by the same imperial family. The only difference was that they now served someone else.

On the other hand, the Tian Yuan clan was a supreme existence in the southern region, where even the Four Symbols Alliance that the Blood Sun Empire served dared not offend them.

Of course, many people on the Cloud Plane were confused about why the Tian Yuan clan possessed such great status. Ninety-nine percent of them had no idea about the secrets hidden within. All they knew was that the Tian Yuan clan possessed a Chaotic Prime.

Only the Grand Primes of the two alliances knew that the Chaotic Prime was a divine general from the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng. Since Ming Dong did not want to disclose it, the peak experts naturally did not make the secret public.

Even though they were proud and basically possessed supreme authority on the Cloud Plane, they all were fearful of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng.

“Fortunately, Ming Dong arrived on time and is watching over the clan, or who knows whether the clan would still exist right now,” Jian Chen murmured to himself as he felt very fortunate. He obviously knew that the glory the Tian Yuan clan possessed all came from Ming Dong.

Jian Chen and Shangguan Mu’er departed from the imperial capital of the Blood Sun Empire. Since he knew that the Tian Yuan clan was fine, Jian Chen was not in a hurry to return immediately. Instead, he caught a monstrous bird several hundred meters in length and rode it with Shangguan Mu’er, admiring the scenery as they made their back to the Pingtian Empire.

The journey was not smooth. They regularly encountered rather powerful beasts or bandits trying to rob them. Even Overgods would not necessarily be able to survive the journey.

Moreover, that was one of the reasons why many cultivators chose to use teleportation formations. Not only was it fast, but it was also safe.

Jian Chen and Shangguan Mu’er finally arrived at the Pingtian Empire after a long journey. The Pingtian Empire had expanded to several times its size back then.

Of course, the Pingtian Empire had not been waging wars. Instead, a few divine kingdoms nearby had been devastated by the Empyrean Demon Cult back then, reducing them to ownerless lands. Naturally, the Pingtian Empire absorbed them.

Below the monstrous bird was a fortress that stretched from one side of the horizon to the other. It was extremely extravagant as if it had split up the earth itself. Powerful energy pulsed within the fortress.

Not only could the fortress defend, but it even possessed quite impressive offensive power.

“That’s quite extravagant,” Jian Chen was secretly surprised as he looked at the fortress at the edge of the Pingtian Empire.

He could tell with a single glance that the fortress had been personally set up by a Primordial realm expert. It had consumed a vast quantity of materials, and the powerful formations and various methods of attacks could not have come from a Godking.

Just the resources that this single fortress took up was more than several years of wealth for some divine kingdoms.

Jian Chen and Shangguan Mu’er rode the bird and directly flew over the fortress.


However, at this moment, a voice boomed out from the fortress like thunder.

The bird that Jian Chen had captured was only an early Godking. It had been frightened by the voice. If it were not for Jian Chen, it probably would have turned around and flown off already.

Three figures charged into the sky from the fortress. They all gave off the might of Godkings, and they stopped Jian Chen and Shangguan Mu’er.

One of them was a late Godking, while the other two were mid Godkings. Looking at their murderous manners, they were clearly vicious people who had crossed through mountains of corpses and seas of blood to get to where they were today.

“Don’t you know the rules of our Pingtian Empire? No matter what organisation you come from, you must pass through the gates, or it’ll be treated as provoking our empire,” said the burly late Godking.

Jian Chen was clearly surprised. He had never thought that even the Pingtian Empire would become so powerful and dignified in just a few decades.

Regardless of the organisation, they had to enter through the gates. Did that not include the two supreme rulers of the Cloud Plane, the Four Symbols Alliance and the Righteous Alliance?

Since when did the Pingtian Empire become so powerful that they could demand for this?

Shangguan Mu’er also blinked. She was rather confused. Was this still the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian she once knew?

“Who set this rule? The emperor of the Pingtian Empire?” Jian Chen asked. The rulers of divine kingdoms were normally referred to as divine kings, but once they gained a Primordial realm expert, they would basically be called emperors.

“It obviously wasn’t the emperor who set this rule. This rule was personally set down by the vice-leader of the Tian Yuan clan,” said the Godking coldly.

Jian Chen was stunned. Since when did the Tian Yuan clan have a vice-leader?

“Who’s the vice-leader?” Jian Chen asked.

The Godking frowned. “You talk too much. If you want to enter the Pingtian Empire, you need to follow the rules of the Pingtian Empire and enter through the gates. Otherwise, you are provoking our Pingtian Empire.”

As the Godking said that, another Godking led a group of Overgods and flew over with their chests held high. They did not approach the gates and flew through the air instead, passing into the Pingtian Empire smoothly.

“Why can they enter directly and I can’t?” Jian Chen asked as he looked at the group.

“Hmph, don’t you see their uniform and the identity token hanging from their waists? They’re members of the Tian Yuan clan, so there’s obviously no need for them to follow that rule,” said the Godking. He had become rather impatient.

Jian Chen nodded in understanding and said, “In other words, as long as you belong to the Tian Yuan clan, there’s no need to follow these rules.” Jian Chen stared at the Godking and smiled mysteriously. “Actually, I’m a part of the Tian Yuan clan as well.”

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