Beauty and the Bodyguard - Chapter 1128
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Chapter 1127 – Something wrong with you?

He had fooled around with a lot of women in the same way. There were virgin students and young ladies, but An Jianwen was never satisfied. He still had the thought that Chu Mengyao was better in every way!

He had spent his youth growing up with her, through his countless experiences, it made him realize his love for her!

“Uncle Chu, I am An Jianwen!” He pulled out his phone as he dialed Chu Pengzhan’s phone number. He had just left the underground arena and got into his Ferrari.

“Oh? Jianwen? What’s the matter?” Chu Pengzhan asked in an uninterested tone. After his last encounter with An Jianwen, he didn’t have a good impression of him. It was very disheartening to remember how An Jianwen tried to take advantage of him when he needed help the most.

“Uncle Chu, where are you? I want to pay my respects…” An Jianwen asked.

“I’m still in the office at work. I am very busy. You don’t have to come visit me. If it is business related, then you can tell it to me on the phone,” Chu Pengzhan’s attitude was clear. He didn’t want to meet with An Jianwen.

He didn’t feel happy about it. Instead he internal cursed, ‘Chu Pengzhan you old wolf, if it wasn’t for Lin Yi, then Pengzhan industries would’ve fallen. You think you would still be able to work? Just stay home and die!’

“Ah, it is nothing serious. I just thought that it has been awhile since I have met with Uncle Chu. So I thought I should ask about your well-being,” An Jianwen politely replied. He hadn’t destroyed his standing with House Chu yet. Even if Chu Pengzhan didn’t like him, that didn’t affect him too severely.

“If that’s it, then thank you for the call,” Chu Pengzhan continued, “I actually have a lot of contracts to sign, if there’s nothing more, I will hang up?”

“Uncle Chu, regarding that last incident, I really wanted to help you. Even if you didn’t agree to my terms, I was secretly moving my funds to come to your aid. Right when I was about to intervene, Lin Yi regained his power… Ah, so that is why I was late… I hope that you don’t take it to heart about what I did…” An Jianwen explained.

“I understand, I don’t blame you,” Chu Pengzhan courtesy replied.

“That is all I wanted to hear, then I won’t continue to interrupt your work!” An Jianwen was reluctant to hang up. He originally wanted to pay respects to Chu Pengzhan then leave with him to visit Chvu Mengyao’s villa. Seems like his plan just went up in smoke. But he still wanted to visit Chu Mengyao, so then he would have to do it by himself, uninvited.

Lin Yi and his Misses didn’t expect An Jianwen to come visit at this time! Seems like ever since House Chu was in danger, An Jianwen wanted to take advantage of the situation to propose to Chu Mengyao. Lin Yi knew of this and so didChu Mengyao.

The only reason why Lin Yi didn’t seek An Jianwen for payback was because his actions didn’t have any harmful effects. His intentions were despicable, but not punishable. Even so, An Jianwen went into hiding so he was hard to find.

“Sister Yaoyao, it’s been awhile. You are becoming more and more beautiful!” An Jianwen handed over a bundle of roses to Chu Mengyao.

Chu Mengyao frowned. She was repulsed by his presence, but she still accepted the flowers. Then in an instant, she handed it over to Chen Yushu, “Yushu, here these are for you!”

“Oh!” Chen Yushu accepted the bundle of roses and passed it over to Lin Yi instead, “Here, Shield Bro, this is for you!”

“Ah…” Lin Yi caught the flowers and from the corner of his eyes, he could see An Jianwen’s sour expression.

Throughout their exchanges and encounters, Lin Yi always had the superior hand over An Jianwen. As long as An Jianwen didn’t do anything too rash, Lin Yi wouldn’t do anything to him. As for An Jianwen’s background, Lin Yi knew about it.

A single person like An Jianwen wasn’t a problem, but his background was supported by the Fire Wolf Gang! With their current situation, Lin Yi didn’t want House Chu to make everyone an enemy. With the House Xiao situation still unresolved, it wouldn’t be wise to have Fire Wolf Gang added to their list of troubles.

It wouldn’t be any trouble for Lin Yi to just pack up and leave, and return to West Star Village. In the village, he still had Old Lin and Er Goudan. Whoever came looking for trouble, would be courting death. However, it wasn’t possible for House Chu. With Lin Yi gone, how would the Missy and Chen Yushu survive?

An Jianwen had been trying to bring down Lin Yi, but was unsuccessful for a long time. Lin Yi was too strong to handle. An Jianwen had Boxer Li, but even he wasn’t confident to fight Lin Yi head on. Even Ma Zhu was beaten into being a cripple.

So An Jianwen could only swallow his pride and act like it wasn’t a big deal. He casually laughed it off, “So, won’t you let me come in and sit down? Yaoyao sis?”

“Oh right, please come in…” Chu Mengyao was a polite person. She disliked having An Jianwen around, but she had known An Jianwen for a long time. She stepped aside and allowed him in.

Once An Jianwen was inside the villa, Chu Mengyao didn’t pay attention to him. She just snuggled up to Chen Yushu and continued watching their TV series.

As for the TV series, it was all cartoon, and immediately threw An Jianwen off!

He had never watched these shows before, so there were no common interests to talk about. They had nothing in common!

“Hahaha…” Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu chuckled as they watched their cartoons.

An Jianwen frowned. Was it that funny? He lowered his pride and continued to watch along with them. He knew that if he interrupted, then he would get scolded. He could only wait until the show ended.

Even after watching for awhile, An Jianwen couldn’t understand the plot. When a comedic scene appeared, he chose to laugh at the scene with the strange character.

While he was laughing, An Jianwen realized that he was the only one laughing. Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu were silent. He was the one laughing!

Chen Yushu had been death glaring him and An Jianwen stopped his laugh immediately. He looked sheepishly at Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu.

“What are you laughing at? Is there something wrong with you?” Chen Yushu asked.

“Uh…” An Jianwen lowered his head from embarrassment.

When the cartoon finally ended, Chu Mengyao turned off the TV. An Jianwen took that as the opportunity to speak up, “Yaoyao sis, it is almost the weekend, what are your plans? Are you allowed to go out to have fun?”

“Yes, we do have plans to go out,” Chu Mengyao could tell where the conversation was heading. She was afraid that An Jianwen would invite her and Chen Yushu out for the long weekend.

“Haha, you are planning to go out too. I was thinking of the same! Let’s join up? My dad has a vacation agency at Donghai City. I could have them arrange our travel plan!” An Jianwen’s purpose of the visit was to invite Chu Mengyao out on a vacation.

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