Beauty and the Bodyguard - Chapter 1127
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Chapter 1126 – Guaranteed

“Deputy leader, he was a middle stage Mystic class physical master, so why would he listen to me? When he was assigned to me, he was supposed to obey me. They were sent to assist me, but not to be my henchmen. I gave him a lot of nice ladies, but Boxer Lee was perverted with his taste. He liked a good woman. Actually, he only wanted to force a marriage but it was bad luck for him to have picked a woman who can fight back. He was done over with one punch!”

“An Jianwen, are you trying to lie and push away your responsibilities?” The deputy leader frowned. He found it hard to believe that a peak mid stage Mystic class fighter could be killed in one punch!

“I have the surveillance video of the whole scene, I can play it for you to watch!” An Jianwen quickly added, ” I don’t dare to lie to you.”

“Eh, then you send it to me!” The Deputy Leader listened to An Jianwen’s confident speech and speculated that he probably didn’t lie. He did not know that An Jianwen was modifying the truth of it, but from the video, that really couldn’t be seen. After all, Fighter Li was dead, and dead people couldn’t testify.

“Okay!” An Jianwen said, “Deputy Leader, what about the boxing arena? It can’t operate without anyone holding down the area, what if there is someone that can’t be dealt with?”

“You can rest assured that I will bring this up to the leader, and investigate which master to send to support you as soon as possible!” The deputy leader said, “But you can also investigate, what is the background of the person who killed Fighter LI? And what is his strength at!”

“Deputy Leader, you will send another person, but will they be like Fighter Li who was sent flying? If things get messed up, I can’t control it!” An Jianwen’s mouth smirked, “You don’t know this, but Songshan City is a place ofwith many Crouching Tigers and Hidden Dragons. There are veteran fighters everywhere, if that person stirs up trouble, then he will be easily killed!”

“Hm… I will consider this point. The new master, I will order him to listen to your command, so that he won’t start up trouble!” said the deputy leader.

“Then I can restrain them!” An Jianwen was overjoyed. This was what he wanted. There were many masters around him. If you can’t control one, then you will die easily. Now that he used Fighter Li’s death as an example, he now would have the authority to command!

“Deputy leader, I don’t think we should investigate the person who killed Fighter Li. To have killed him in one punch, it is scary to think of how strong that master would be. We shouldn’t make an enemy of these types of people! They wanted to seek revenge on Boxer Lee, and now that he is dead, they shouldn’t have any reason to seek trouble in the underground arena. So why do we want to go looking for trouble?”

“You might be right. If he really killed Fighter Li with one punch, then he is at least the strength of the peek late stage Mystic class or even someone who broke through to Earth class… If there is no deep hatred, then it is best that we don’t make enemies. However, Fighter Li’s death would have been a pity…” The deputy leader agreed with An Jianwen’s views.

“He died because of his own fault. We don’t have to avenge him! My main purpose is to make money. If we look for trouble, then do we still open the boxing arena?” An Jianwen wasn’t concerned about Fighter Li’s death at all. He didn’t even think about getting revenge for him!

An Jianwen thought that it was best not to drag down his fighting arena!

“This matter, I will discuss it with the leader. In the end, he is one of us, a firewolf gang member. If he died in vain, then he might think that Fire Wolf Gang is beneath him. If rumors start spreading, then our name could be dragged in the mud!” The deputy leader replied, “It will bring down the morale of all other brothers who risk their lives for the cause!”

“Hey… If you want to investigate, then deputy leader it is better to send more experts to investigate. I don’t dare to overstep! You know, I am just an ordinary person, I can’t participate in a master’s struggle!” An Jianwen was really not willing to provoke an enemy for Fighter Li.

He was a very lively and handsome man. He already has two kidneys. It could be said that he is a complete person. He is also running a successful business daily. Aside from making Chu Mengyao his wife, An Jianwen had nothing to ask for!

Therefore, An Jianwen simply did not want to go against those masters.

“Alright, you can focus on operating the underground boxing arena. All other matters, I will discuss it with the leader!” said the deputy leader.

Hang up the phone, An Jianwen finally breathed a sigh of relief, it seemed that he had successfully removed the responsibility off his shoulders. Since there was no evidence of who did it, he pushed the mistakes onto Fighter Li! As for Fighter Li, who was going to make Yu Yuanyuan his mistress, An Jianwen didn’t object to it, but it was Fighter Li’s fault for not investigating Yu Yuanyuan’s background.

An Jianwen made a phone call and called for Xiao Luozi.

“Master Jianwen, you are looking for me?” Xiao Luozi asked respectfully.

“Yes, let me warn you. I have told the deputy leader about the situation with Fighter Li. Now, you have to match our statements!” An Jianwen repeated what he said before, then said, “If you hear anything, say that it was pressure from the superiors!”

“Do not worry Master Jianwen, I have already marked it down!” Xiao Luozi nodded, and then he said with great admiration, “Master Jianwen, you are really talented! So now more masters are sent here to have you command them!”

“Oh, that is! Doing things in my arena, it is only expected that they should be controlled by me,” An Jianwen also felt that he was very smart. Not only did the deputy leader not assume he was responsible, but also, they were sending more fighters for him to command, “Yes, as to Yu Yuanyuan, you better send someone to notify her and Er Goudan that this was all Fighter Li’s fault. It has nothing to do with our underground boxing. With Fighter Li dead, I hope that she won’t be angry with our underground boxing ring. Do you understand what to do?”

“I understand Master Jianwen. Why don’t we give her some money, that usually get things solved!” Xiao Luozi understood An Jianwen’s methods. That Er Goudan was too strong, with one punch, he can knock down Fighter Li. These types of people couldn’t be trifled with. If he wasn’t happy one day, he could just ruin everything in his underground boxing.

“Okay… you can do it,” An Jianwen waved his hand so that Xiao Luozi can leave.

After resolving everything, An Jianwen left his underground boxing arena. It was time for him to pay a visit to Chu Pengzhan today. After the last incident, he had still not officially visited the Chu Pengzhan. No matter what, he still has his sights set on Chu Mengyao!

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