There was a tradition in the Star Sand Martial Arts Academy. That was, the senior disciples would establish dominance over the new disciples and take them a notch down.This was because those who could enter this academy were all supreme prodigies. At the very least, they were all king tiers.

Which king tier wasn’t proud and haughty?

Thus, they needed to take these new disciples a few notches down. They needed to make them realize that there were heavens beyond the heavens!

Cultivating in the Star Sand Martial Arts Academy for 1,000,000 years… What kind of concept was this? Moreover, some of these senior disciples had already cultivated here for more than 1,000,000 years. Perhaps they had been here for two, five, or even 10 million years!

The man leading them was called Yi Gaoning, and he was a disciple who had entered the Star Sand Martial Arts Academy 3,000,000 years ago. At that time, he had also been a young king tier. However, because he had cultivated for several million years less than the older disciples at that time, he had naturally suffered a brutal initiation upon entering.

He had advanced to the Eternal River Tier 700,000 years ago, and thus he was naturally brimming with confidence and feeling as haughty as could be.

Moreover, the senior disciples who had “bullied” him at that time had already left the Star Sand Martial Arts Academy. Meanwhile, those who hadn’t left… were all more powerful than him. He wouldn’t dare to provoke them. Thus, he turned his attention to these new disciples of the academy.

It had already become a tradition to take new disciples down by a notch.

Yi Gaoning pointed at the dog flap. This entrance hadn’t been dug out recently. Rather, it had already existed for hundreds of millions of years. Each new disciple would be forced to crawl through this dog flap, regardless of whether they were a supreme king tier or not. Before Eternal River Tier elites, they were as weak as could be.

In any case, this dog flap wouldn’t be the end of the new disciples’ torture. There would still be many more things waiting for them. This was going to be a long and unforgettable day for the new disciples.

His Eternal River Tier aura rippled through the surroundings, sinister and mighty. So what if these new disciples were king tiers? They couldn’t help but shudder in apprehension.

However, there were two exceptions—Ling Han and Empress Luan Xing.

They were both at the pinnacle level of the Heavenly Body Tier, meaning that their power had already reached the low extreme of the Eternal River Tier. Moreover, their battle prowess… was on par with those at the late stage or even peak stage of the low extreme.

Trying to suppress them with an Eternal River Tier aura? Perhaps a Saintly aura would be more effective.

“Hmm?” Yi Gaoning’s eyes widened in surprise, and he instantly raised the might of his aura one-hundred-fold.

A senior disciple stepped forward, pointing at the new disciples and roaring, “What are you all standing there for? Hurry up and crawl in!” He was slightly weaker than Yi Gaoning, and he was only at the consummate level of the Heavenly Body Tier. By the looks of it, he couldn’t reach the pinnacle level, either. Otherwise, he would be a rank three king tier. However, before this recruitment cycle, even the Star Sand Martial Arts Academy hadn’t been able to recruit a single rank three king tier.

To say nothing of rank three king tiers, even rank two king tiers were pitifully rare. Thus, this person was most likely a rank one king tier. Moreover, he had probably become a rank one king tier through reaching the pinnacle level of the Mountain River Tier.

“Hurry up! Or perhaps you want Senior Brother Yi to use force?” another person shouted.

In the past, these people had all crawled through the dog flap and been “tortured” by their seniors. Thus, they were naturally burning to take their anger out on someone. When the new disciples arrived, they could naturally unleash all of their negative emotions and bad memories on the new generation of disciples.

“Why?” one of the new disciples asked in indignance. “This is the Star Sand Martial Arts Academy! Do you people dare to make trouble?!”

“What a joke. Since you know this is a martial arts academy, you should also know that might is right!” one of the seniors said with a sneer. “If you don’t want to be beaten daily, then obediently crawl through this dog flap. Otherwise, what awaits you is a fate far crueler than this!”

“Forget about it. Let me tell you a story.”

He started to tell the new disciples a story. Indeed, not every new disciple would yield to the older disciples and obediently crawl through the dog flap. Some of them would resist, yet these people would all be suppressed. They would then be forced to comply. There were also some who chose to flee from the older disciples and seek help from the teachers of the academy.

However, this would be useless.

There was no shortage of Eternal River Tier elites among the disciples, with some of them even at the high extreme or consummate level. Thus, what could the teachers do about them? These older disciples could choose to ignore them! As such, seeking help would lead to an even crueler fate. Those who sought help would be stripped naked, and then forced to crawl through the dog flap. This was even more humiliating. However, this was their only option if they wanted to be let free.

This was tradition, and no one could be exempt!

Even the mighty higher-ups of the Star Sand Martial Arts Academy had suffered this brutal initiation when they had first entered the academy.

After hearing these stories, the resolve of the young king tiers started to waver. They had heard a few well-renowned names—these were mighty figures who were rumored to be at least at the high extreme of the Eternal River Tier. However, even they had suffered this fate upon entering the academy. They had also been forced to crawl through this dog flap.

Now, however, they were all mighty and paramount. They were the most powerful disciples, disciples whom even the teachers didn’t dare to provoke.

‘I guess I’ll crawl in. This is tradition, after all.’

The king tiers all lowered their proud and noble heads, crawling through the dog flap one after another. However, this wasn’t the end. Rather, this was just the beginning of an entertaining show. Since the new disciples had already bowed their heads and abandoned their dignity, their resistance would only become weaker and weaker as time passed.

Smiles stretched across the faces of the older disciples, and they chuckled in delight as they pointed at the new disciples. Meanwhile, some of them wore expressions of recollection. It was as if they could see a shadow of themselves on the bodies of these new disciples.

However, they had finally pushed through that torturous period. Now, it was they who were suppressing the new disciples!

There were only 100 new disciples, so even if their movements were slow, how long would it take for all of them to crawl through the dog flap?

“Hmm? Why are you three still standing there?” a senior disciple asked as he glared at Ling Han and the others. The other king tiers were all lining up before the dog flap, with seven or eight of them still yet to crawl through. However, these three new disciples remained standing where they were, calm and composed as if this had nothing to do with them. It was as if they were watching a show.

“What else should we be doing?” Ling Han asked with a smile.

“Come over here and line up! Then crawl through the dog flap!” the senior disciple replied.

“You don’t even know how to crawl through a dog flap?” another senior disciple asked with a cold sneer. They all felt a rush of excitement upon seeing the king tiers being humiliated. Perhaps this was also one of the reasons why this “tradition” hadn’t been abandoned even after so many years.

“I genuinely don’t! Why don’t you people demonstrate it for me? After all, I’m sure you all have a lot of experience,” Ling Han replied with a casual smile. There wasn’t a hint of anger on his face.


However, his words managed to enrage all of the senior disciples.

He was clearly opening up old wounds. The older disciples had all been mentally scarred by this, and it was only through becoming the oppressors themselves that they could wash away their humiliation. Regardless, their experiences were still a torturous stain in their memory.

Yet, Ling Han had actually dared to mention this?

He was asking for a beating!

A senior disciple stepped forward, saying, “There are always some difficult disciples. By the looks of it, it’s you three this time.” He swept his gaze over them. However, his gaze suddenly stopped when it arrived at Empress Luan Xing. His jaw involuntarily dropped, and there was a stunned expression on his face.

Her demeanor was far too intoxicating. Even though he hadn’t witnessed her appearance, his heart was already starting to race. It was beating so fast that it seemed like it were about to jump out from his chest.

“Master, I’ll deal with them!” Jiuyao said as he stepped forward. During the competition in the Sunken Abyss Valley, he hadn’t had the chance to battle against the other powerful elites. Thus, he was itching to fight at this moment.

Ling Han pondered for a moment before nodding and replying, “Go ahead.”

After receiving the benefits from the Sun Stone, Jiuyao had already advanced to the middle stage of the low extreme of the Heavenly Body Tier. Meanwhile, the senior disciple before them was also only at the low extreme of the Heavenly Body Tier. Even though he was at the peak stage, Ling Han was confident that Jiuyao wouldn’t be at a disadvantage.

“Come battle!” Jiuyao was burning with fighting spirit. He wanted to see just how powerful the disciples of the Star Sand Martial Arts Academy were.

“Junior Brother, this senior brother will give you some guidance today. Even if we’re both king tiers, I’ll show you just how large the gulf between us can be!” His body shuddered, and a black mist started to flow out from beneath his feet. This black mist then enveloped both him and Jiuyao.

This was one of his ultimate techniques. This black mist could obstruct his opponent’s vision and senses, thereby reducing their battle prowess by at least 50-60%.


A brilliant light suddenly exploded from within the black mist. This light was like the sun, and it instantly dispersed the thick cloud of black mist.

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