Ling Han was very strong—very, very strong.

However, even he couldn’t break through the encirclement that consisted of dozens of pseudo-Sun Moon Tier elites and three young king tiers. He was trapped all the way until someone managed to obtain the drop of Thousand Source True Fluid. Only then did those trapping him retreat.

When the fifth drop of divine fluid appeared, the other half of cultivators came over to trap him. Meanwhile, the half that had trapped him the previous day charged over to fight for the divine fluid.

Ling Han was stunned. He had actually become the enemy of everyone!

‘F*ck! You people are far too shameless!’

However, in a more distant location, those who were too weak to participate in the fights for the divine fluid all admired Ling Han immensely.

He was just a single person, yet he was powerful enough to force all of the other elites to team up and target him. In fact, they had sent half of the cultivators to trap him. Moreover, even the young king tiers had joined the alliance. What did this say about Ling Han’s strength?

Even Yang Hao hadn’t received such special treatment—he had been forced to retreat after being attacked by everyone.

Ling Han had already surpassed Yang Hao, at least in the Mountain River Tier. In fact, one could claim that he was the strongest Mountain River Tier cultivator in history.

The sixth drop, seventh drop…

The elites continued to rotate their roles, and Ling Han was confined to where he stood. Although they could only cause him minor wounds, the sheer number of cultivators meant that Ling Han was unable to move anywhere.

‘How irritating!

‘Why have you people suddenly become so united?’

Ling Han was extremely ticked off. However, the cultivators didn’t give him a chance, and they continued to rotate in their roles. When the 10th drop of divine fluid appeared, however, those who were responsible for trapping him abandoned their responsibilities. This was because there would be no 11th drop of divine fluid. If they kept their eyes on Ling Han, they would lose this final opportunity to obtain a drop of divine fluid.

Chaos descended once again.

Ling Han laughed heartily. This was exactly what he wanted. He charged toward the divine fluid, and he was able to hack an older-generation cultivator aside with each strike of his sword. If he came across a young king tier… he would simply charge through their attacks.

After a period of intense battle, Ling Han successfully obtained a fourth drop of Thousand Source True Fluid. He had created a new record.

He, a single person, had obtained almost half of the available divine fluid. This was an absolute miracle. Perhaps this was a record that would never be broken. As long as this mystery realm remained, people would mention Ling Han’s feat whenever they talked about Thousand Source True Fluid.

Anyhow, it was impossible to snatch the divine fluid from Ling Han. Who could crack his defenses?

Even the power of decrees was limited in this place. As such, Ling Han’s defenses were truly invincible.

Thus, the cultivators merely looked at him deeply before marching off into the distance. Meanwhile, many of them pondered whether they shouldn’t become acquainted with him. He was a rising prodigy, and his accomplishments in the future definitely wouldn’t be below those of Yang Hao.

“Brother Ling, we’ll meet at the promised location!”

Shen Zhu’er, He Tao, and the others also left.

King tiers were king tiers, after all. Apart from Wu Zhe, the other five king tiers had each obtained a drop of Thousand Source True Fluid. This was a reflection of their strength. However, Wu Zhe had only just reached the pinnacle level a short while ago, so his strength was far below that of the others. As such, he hadn’t managed to obtain anything.

Anyhow, the six king tiers combined had only managed to obtain one more drop of Thousand Source True Fluid than Ling Han. Thus, they naturally paled in comparison to him.

Ling Han nodded at them in reply. Them fighting over the divine fluid was a separate matter from them cooperating to open the treasure storage.

Ling Han welcomed friendly competition as long as underhanded tactics weren’t used.

“Han Lin!” Eight people appeared, seven of whom were very young. One of them was an elder—an elite who had severed his own cultivation. He had ingested a forbidden pill at this moment, and thus his power was almost at the Sun Moon Tier. A formidable aura radiated from his body.

In fact, this was already as a result of him suppressing his own power. Otherwise, his power would definitely reach the Sun Moon Tier. If that were the case, his battle prowess would undergo a qualitative change.

Why did people say that those with a power of nine stars couldn’t battle against Sun Moon Tier elites? Why did they need to possess a power of 10 stars?

This was because this one-star difference signified a dramatic difference in strength.

If one didn’t reach 10 stars, they could only be called pseudo-Sun Moon Tier elites.

“You’ve done very well!” the elder said, an arrogant expression on his face.

‘Who are you people? You make it seem as if we’re familiar, and you’re even speaking as if you’re my senior. That’s a little too shameless, don’t you think?’

“Young Master is very satisfied with you!” the elder continued. “Now, you can hand the three drops of Thousand Source True Fluid to me!”

‘Oh, so they’re people from the Gao Faction.’

Ling Han finally understood the situation. No wonder they felt so good about themselves—they were the subordinates of Gao Huang! He couldn’t help but chuckle, and say, “Do you guys have brains? Why must I hand the divine fluid over to you?”

The elder humphed, and said, “Han Lin, don’t think that you’re invincible in this mystery realm. If I unleash my true might, your measly power won’t be able to stop me!”

Gao Huang had only been making a casual remark when he said that he wanted Ling Han to obtain three drops of Thousand Source True Fluid. In reality, he would have been satisfied even if Ling Han were only able to obtain a single drop. However, who knew that Ling Han was so freakish? He had actually managed to obtain four drops of divine fluid! Even the elder could barely believe this.

The elder was called Shi Ming, and he was a senior member of the Gao Faction. He had entered this Yellow Spring Mystery Realm several times, though he had never managed to obtain a drop of Thousand Source True Fluid. If he were able to return with three drops this time, he would naturally have made a great contribution. He had no future to speak of—he had already severed his own cultivation—but he still had many descendants. If he were able to make such a large contribution, they would probably be looked after well by the Gao Faction. In fact, they would have an incredibly bright future in front of them.

For the sake of his descendants, he had to force Ling Han to submit.

Ling Han smiled faintly, and asked, “Are you threatening me?”

“This isn’t a threat; this is the truth!” Shi Ming humphed, and said, “If I unleash my true might, my battle prowess will advance to the Sun Moon Tier. It’s just that I might also be killed if I wield such power here.”

“Oh, are you saying that you’re not afraid of death?” Ling Han asked.

Shi Ming laughed loudly, and said, “Who isn’t afraid of death? However, I’m willing to fight to the death. But… are you?”

He had already placed all of his hopes in his descendants. Thus, he was willing to die in order to pave a smooth path for them.

Ling Han sighed, and said, “I’ve just realized that you’re fairly pitiful. You’ve been a dog and a servant all your life, and you’ve never been able to live for yourself.”

“Don’t change the topic!” Shi Ming pointed at Ling Han, and said, “Immediately hand over three drops of divine fluid. I’ll allow you to keep a drop for yourself. You’re still young, and you have many more chances to enter this place. In fact, you can enter many other ancient sites. There’s no need to lose your life here.”

Ling Han shook his head with a smile, and said, “Since when did bandits become so understanding? However, it’s a pity that you can’t change your nature as a bandit no matter what you say!”

“Since you’re so stubborn…”

Shi Ming took a deep breath as a resolute expression appeared on his face.

He was going to unleash power at the Sun Moon Tier to suppress Ling Han, even if this meant being targeted by the restrictions of this mystery realm.

He was willing to die to achieve his aims!

“…I’ll send you on your way!”


Shi Ming unleashed an attack, and power at the Sun Moon Tier surged into the surroundings. Over 100 intertwining divine patterns instantly materialized in the air.

This was a qualitative change!

Even those at the pinnacle level of the Mountain River Tier could only wield 99 divine patterns. Only those who had advanced to the Sun Moon Tier could wield over 100 divine patterns. The only difference was that there was a qualitative difference between divine patterns at the Mountain River Tier and divine patterns at the Sun Moon Tier. Meanwhile, divine patterns at the pinnacle level of the Mountain River Tier were identical in quality to those at the Sun Moon Tier.

The complexity and power of divine patterns were determined by the Regulations of heaven and earth. The higher one’s tier, the higher the quality of their divine patterns.

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