“What’s so strange?” Shui Yanyu drew out a bamboo chair and sat down as she enjoyed this astonishing serenity.

There was the sound of wind and leaves, peace, and serenity here, causing her to forget the disputes of the outside world.

“I say, Wife, have you stayed so long in the Imperial Capital that you have become dumb?” Ling Han asked, grinning.

“I don’t want to speak with a damn pervert!” Shui Yanyu closed her eyes, looking like she was about to take a catnap.

Ling Han snickered, walked over, and picked her up off her seat. Then, he sat down himself, held her in his arms, and began exploring the secluded, beautiful scenery of her body without any reservations.

“Wu…” Shui Yanyu released a moan in embarrassment. This guy was really too bad. Now, her weaknesses had already been “gripped” tightly in his hands, and he could instantly cause her will to crumble, causing her to sink into that captivating yet embarrassing ***** sensation.

“Wife, this place of yours seems to have become bigger!” Ling Han said quietly by her ear. “Would that be my credit?”

Shui Yanyu rolled her eyes angrily at him. Wasn’t it because he was fond of playing around with that place? And he dared call it a credit! Pei, damn pervert!

“Remove your dirty hand!” She made a pretense of aloofness.

How could Ling Han be willing to retreat? Now that he had occupied those two high ‘peaks’, he still continued to switch from one to another, intending to divide his attention equally and treat them both the same to avoid one being bigger than the other, affecting the aesthetic quality of it.

Every time he said that, it would naturally result in Shui Yanyu rolling her eyes at him as she used her fists to punch him.

“Wife, have you really not found anything strange about this place?” Ling Han kissed her slender snow-white nape. A hint of fragrance entered his nostrils, her snowy skin smooth and glowing. Whether it was the touch of his hands, or his lips, it was indescribably wonderful.

Shui Yanyu only felt her whole body had gone completely soft as she groaned miserably in her heart. Repeatedly, this damn pervert would take liberties with her; how much longer would she be able to maintain her reservedness? She was probably about to raise her white flag in surrender, and take the initiative to share a night of pleasure with this damn pervert, wasn’t she?

“With you doing this to me, how would I be able to think properly?” she asked in annoyance.

Ling Han couldn’t help but feel his heart flutter, and said, “The word ‘doing’ is really well said. It made me suddenly want to further discuss the meaning of life with you.”

“Damn pervert!” It was apparent that Shui Yanyu’s art of insulting others had not improved much. It had only increased from one word to two words, but the main style was practically unchanged.

Ling Han laughed loudly. “You have stayed too long in the Imperial Capital, so you do not know how dangerous the outside world could be. True, the Imperial Capital is filled more with power struggles than anything else, and you would not be qualified to be drawn into such disputes, either.”

“You speak as if you understand everything!” Shui Yanyu quickly grabbed Ling Han’s hand. This guy actually wanted to untie her robes; he was really too perverted!

Ling Han squeezed her ‘peaks’ lightly, and easily crumbled the resistance of this seductive beauty. He admired Shui Yanyu’s beautiful, naked body. It was as white as jade, but also seemed to be carved out of ivory, beautiful without equal.

“Wife, don’t you think that this place is too strangely quiet?”

“What’s so strange about it?” Shui Yanyu practically moaned. As a breeze blew past, her hair waved slightly, and her jade-like skin reflected a magnificent glow under the moonlight, captivating the heart and soul.

“From the moment we entered the village, not one person spared another look at us,” Ling Han said.

“Didn’t they already explain? After coming here, everyone has left behind their previous identities, and only wishes to enjoy a life of peace.” Shui Yanyu, on the other hand, did not find anything odd about that.

Ling Han smiled, and said, “It is one thing to enjoy a life of peace, but if a group of strangers suddenly appeared in your home, at the very least you would pay some attention to it. You would definitely not ignore them altogether.”

Shui Yanyu was slightly stunned, her beautiful eyes suddenly snapping open. Yet, she discovered that her upper body was completely bare. That damn pervert was currently admiring the curves of her body, her high ‘peaks’ and deep ‘valley’. Immediately, she flushed in embarrassment, and quickly pulled her clothing over to cover herself up.

Yet how could such beautiful scenery be covered? Instead, her half-covered image increased the temptation she posed, causing Ling Han to swallow repeatedly. He suddenly had the urge to carry this seductive beauty into the house and begin his ‘conquest’.

However, Shui Yanyu currently was just a bit embarrassed. After all, now that Ling Han had taken advantage of her so many times, she was slightly used to it as well. She said, “It is indeed a bit odd.”

“Furthermore…” Ling Han continued with a serious face. “Have you discovered that there is not one child in this village? I have looked over, and this place has not only elderly. There is a considerable number of young people too.”

“Leaving behind their battles and aggression did not mean that they would leave behind even that as well.”

“Just think about it, if we farm in the day, besides ‘having fun’ at night, what else could be done here?”

Shui Yanyu’s small mouth gaped. She had indeed been shocked.

This guy’s previous words had caused a bit of a chill to race up her spine, but why had he suddenly jumped onto that topic? What kind of logical thought process did he have? True enough, he was a pervert by nature, and she had not addressed him wrongly.

But when she thought further, she felt that Ling Han’s words were very logical.

It was a peaceful village, but why were there no children?

In the real countryside, it should be young people working in the field while the elderly were sitting the courtyards, and the children would be playing around in the village.

“Damn pervert, can you stop moving around? You’re touching so much that I can’t think properly!” Shui Yanyu could not help but exclaim in annoyance. This guy’s large hands had been ‘wreaking havoc’ on her breasts all this while, causing her to feel flustered.

“I swear by my conscience, I merely want this pair of sisters to grow bigger quickly!” Ling Han declared seriously as he gripped her breasts.

“S-shameless!” Shui Yanyu was about to pass out. How did she end up with such an undependable man?

Ling Han laughed, and finally retreated as he said, “Then we’ll wait until night when it’s all quiet…”

“Even if I die, I will not let you have your way!” Shui Yanyu had gotten a scare, thinking that this guy had finally lost his patience and was planning to devour her. In truth, she actually was prepared for that kind of thing to happen, but she was a woman, after all. No matter what, she had to be reserved.

Ling Han was startled, and shook his head as he said, “You ****, what is your head filled with? I was saying, when it’s night and quiet, we’ll go out to take a look around, and see what’s going on.”

Shui Yanyu finally realized that she had misunderstood Ling Han, and couldn’t help but blush furiously. However, when she saw the mischievous grin on Ling Han’s face, she knew that this guy had definitely baited her into it. She couldn’t help but stretch out her hand and pinch heavily the soft flesh at Ling Han’s waist.

“You, damn, pervert!”

The couple was lovey-dovey for a little while longer, and finally stood up reluctantly. After tidying up their attire, they quietly walked out the doors.

“Yi, where are the both of you heading at such a late hour?” They had just exited their side courtyard when they saw Cui De come out of the shadows, riding a white elephant. This white elephant was naturally a puppet as well. It was six metres tall, and as its trunk waved around, one would find it difficult to distinguish if it was a real elephant in the darkness.

“The scenery here is so beautiful and quiet, so we wanted to take a walk,” Ling Han answered.

“Hehe, the people here are fond of quiet, particularly at night. It would not be nice to disturb the others when they rest.” Cui De shook his head. “The two of you had better return quickly to rest as well.”

Shui Yanyu’s hand shook slightly, and she was just about to draw out her divine sword, yet Ling Han stretched out an arm to curl around her slender waist, and his hand tightened its grip. She had already developed a kind of tacit understanding with Ling Han, and knew the latter was signalling her to be patient.

“All right, we will go back,” Ling Han said with a smile, and shook his head slightly at Shui Yanyu.

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