In the Immortal Realm, there were various kinds of cultivators with special abilities.

The most commonly seen, and possessing the highest status, were naturally alchemists. That was because if you did not have a weapon, you could still buy a piece of Godly metal, and no matter how much you tormented it, you would still be able to forge a usable weapon with it.

Then, with constant use over a long time, your own martial intent would be instilled in this weapon. In fact, it could completely be used like a God Tool itself; furthermore, it would be a God Tool that only belonged to you.

… In the Immortal Realm, the definition of a God Tool was a weapon that anyone could activate, possessing power on the Immortal level.

Thus, the difference between a weapon that one had personally nurtured and a God Tool was that one could only be used by yourself, and would only be a piece of trash in anyone else’s hands, whereas the other could be used in anyone’s hands as long as they possessed enough power to activate it.

We’re getting off topic. Weaponsmiths naturally belonged to the category of cultivators with special abilities. They could engrave unique formation patterns on weapons, as well as other complicated objects, so that the weapons would have great power like cultivators themselves.

Because of that, weaponsmiths did not have a low status, either. Every cultivator would desire a weapon that they were better at using. Besides, weaponsmiths could also create armor. With the increase in defenses, one would only have endless possibilities brought by being alive, after all.

Aside from them, there were also formation masters. The great formation of the Imperial Capital, for example, was created by a formation grandmaster. Their status was extremely high in the Joint Peace Planet. Even the Three Great Emperors would be very respectful when in their presence.

Next was a group of cultivators with special abilities that belonged to a very rarely seen group, such as diviners, astrologers… and puppeteers!

Puppeteers could make an inanimate object look like it was alive. In the Imperial Capital, the creations of puppeteers could also be seen, such as a very small number of horse-drawn carriages, wherein the horsepower were not Demonic Beasts, but rather puppets.

Those comprised of weaponsmithing, formation techniques, and there was even some alchemy in the mix, which made it extremely complicated.

Hence, there were pitifully few puppeteers. Those puppet-drawn carriages in the Imperial Capital were not produced in this era, but rather merely remnants from who knew how long ago.

Thus, when they saw three people mounting puppets suddenly appear on the island, Yang Tiecheng and the others were naturally astonished.

This was a deserted island, and furthermore, there was a shockingly colossal pit here. Now, even puppeteers had appeared. This was really too bizarre.

“Hahahaha, I never thought that guests would come to this island!” the young man on the lion said. “We sensed some movement previously, and thought that something had gone wrong with with the mechanical birds. We never imagined that there would actually really be guests.”

Yang Tiecheng, as the ship captain, was naturally unwilling to delegate his responsibility to others. With clasped hands, he said, “We have encountered a storm, and drifted here. May I ask what exactly this place is?”

“This is Earth’s Core Island,” the young man on the tiger replied, smiling. He pointed at the deep pit on the side. “We call this Earth’s Core Cave, and apparently, it can reach the core of the planet. Oh, right. I am Guo Xiuwen, and these two are my junior brothers, Ning Tai and Tong Yulong.”

“Greetings, everyone!” Ning Tai and Tong Yulong both clasped their hands in greeting.

Ling Han and the others gave their names as well, introducing themselves.

“So you have encountered the attack of a Demonic Beast, which crashed into your ship, and that is why you have floated here.” Guo Xiuwen nodded, and continued, “This island is a place for living in seclusion, and the people on the island have no intention to barge into the outside island. Instead, men would farm, whereas women weave as we enjoy a life of peace.”

“Everyone, please come to rest at our village first. We’ll see if we can build a ship for you all and send you off,” Ning Tai continued.

“However, we are already accustomed to peace, so we request you all to keep the location of this island a secret and not leak it out, leading to the destruction of our peaceful lives,” Tong Yulong continued.

Yang Tiecheng and the others nodded in response.

“We still have three companions… ” Though Yang Tiecheng was not fond of Luo Wu and Fan Yong, as the ship’s captain, he was still responsible.

“Understood, we still have two of our junior brothers who have headed over. You can meet them at the village,” Guo Xiuwen said, smiling.

Yang Tiecheng nodded.

“Everyone, please come with us.” Guo Xiuwen moved the tiger he was riding on, and slowly headed downhill.

They all followed behind him, and after walking for about an hour, they finally passed through the dense jungle. A valley appeared ahead of them. The sides of the valley were steep, with mountains in all directions, and there was only a very narrow and small entrance.

One man guarded the pass, and even 10,000 wouldn’t be able to break through!

This thought flashed past in Ling Han’s head. As long as a single elite was here as overseer, then even if there was an army outside, they would not be able to enter. However, at the same time, as long as there was an elite blocking the way here, the people inside would not be able to come out as well.

The entrance was not guarded. Instead, there were only two stone statues: one was an eight-legged spider, whereas the other was large bird whose wings were stretched out. One could see how robust its claws were as they were even wider than a human arm.

They entered into the valley, and instantly, the valley became wide, revealing a beautiful picture.

This place had multiple farms, which formed a circular pattern, and in the middle, there was a very, very large village. The bridges, flowing water, and houses were filled with the beauty of the countryside.

Seeing this scene so abruptly would cause one to forget the cruelty of battle and the bloody reek of power, and only feel at ease and absolved of worries.

“This is a really good place!” Yang Tiecheng said sincerely. “Would I be able to enjoy my retirement here in future?”

Guo Xiuwen laughed, and replied, “If Brother Yang decides to live in seclusion, why not? However, I have to remind you all, please forget your identities as cultivators after coming here. We strictly forbid fighting here, and no matter if you are in the Heavenly Body Tier or in the Shattering Void Tier, in this place, you would only be a farmer or a weaver.”

Everyone nodded. Every place had its own rules. A powerful dragon couldn’t defeat a snake in its nest 1 , what more when they were freeloaders.

In the farms, they could see people guiding cows as they plowed the land, and there were some transplanting rice seedlings as well, looking busy yet relaxed.

They walked on the small path between the farms, and entered into the village. There were a few scattered people walking on the streets. The majority stayed indoors, with some watering their plants, and some sunbathing. There was also smoke rising from cooking, with the whole place appearing incredibly peaceful and serene.

“The people here are fond of quiet, so I would ask all of you not to disturb others. After everyone came here, they have forgotten who they previously were,” Guo Xiuwen reminded once more.

After walking some more, they came to the center of the village. There was a manor that occupied a large area; it was about the size of a third of the whole village, and was surrounded by walls.

The main doors were open, and a huge courtyard appeared as soon as they entered. Limestone tiles were laid out there, making it appear a bit like a martial training court, though not one person was training.

“Everyone, I will first make arrangements for your accommodations. My master is fond of creating various rare, unusual objects, and every time he embarks on a project, it could take him quite a number of days. Thus, you may have to wait for a good number of days to be able to see him,” Guo Xiuwen said apologetically.

Everyone said they did not mind. If they did not get help, they would be drifting for who knew how many days in the large, empty sea before finally being able to return to the marine routes of the Yang Clan. Hence, they would not mind waiting a few days here.

Guo Xiuwen led them to the eastern part of the manor. There was a large number of small courtyards here, and he allocated them to everyone respectively. After all the arrangements were done, Luo Wu, Fan Yong, and Liu Ying were also led here by two young men.

Those two young men were Guo Xiuwen’s junior brothers. One was called Cui De, and the other was called Bu Zhengyun.

Ling Han and Shui Yanyu stayed in one of the courtyards. Anyways, with the Black Tower, they did not care about the condition of their accommodations.

At this time, the sky had darkened as well.

“Extremely strange!” Ling Han said.