A Wizard’s Secret - Chapter 910
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Chapter 910: Dead End!

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In a remote region of the Void Zone, there were many dimensions, but ultimately no powerful civilizations were produced.

Up until a few millennia ago, these weak civilizations had formed an alliance called the Glory Alliance, with the Spell Caster civilization functioning as its core. As a result, this remote territory gradually grew prosperous.

In particular, the Spell Caster civilization, in the past millennia, had given birth to three ultimate existences consecutively. Today, they had five ultimate existences, along with formidable, unique Mind Power Masters, and a terrifying Slothful Beast.

Based on this lineup of forces, the Spell Caster civilization had become entirely worthy of being called the greatest civilization in the Glory Alliance. Therefore, the regions at their periphery, even foreign civilizations that were further away, had voluntarily come to the Glory Alliance. Gradually, the Glory Alliance was slowly integrated into the civilization system of the Void Zone.

The Glory Alliance no longer ruled its own corner. Instead, it was thoroughly merged with the colossal civilization system of the Void Zone.

At the moment, the Spell Caster civilization’s core, the most affluent Glory City, received a stranger from a foreign tribe.

“This was Teacher’s homeland?”

This person wore strange clothes, and had a head full of blonde hair and purple eyes. In Glory City where people came and went, he stood out somewhat. Nonetheless, in recent times, Glory City had seen an influx of foreign creatures. There were no beings more peculiar than the ones here, let alone this stranger from a foreign tribe.

This stranger was Stedman who had traveled a long way to locate the Spell Caster civilization after much tribulation. From the Sky Saint Dimension, he had taken over two millennia to reach here.

Fortunately, he had the Canaan Boat. Otherwise, he could not possibly have found the Spell Caster civilization so soon.

Currently, Merlin and Titus who were in the Illusory World had also fallen silent. Through Stedman’s eyes, they had observed the current prosperity of the Spell Caster civilization. With five ultimate existences, it was undoubtedly the foremost civilization among the countless surrounding civilizations.

Furthermore, the present Glory Alliance was not just for a show. As other civilizations slowly became acquainted with the remote territory of the Glory Alliance, the connections in the Glory Alliance grew closer each day. To external parties, the Glory Alliance was practically one body without any internal distinctions. This was the outcome that Merlin had most hoped for back then.

“Merlin, today, the Spell Caster civilization is safe and sound, rising each day as it gradually flourishes. Even without you, the Spell Caster civilization could survive. Isn’t this all you hoped for in the past? Isn’t this all you hoped to witness?”

Titus let out a long sigh as he said in a low voice. He knew that Merlin had never stopped worrying about the Spell Caster civilization. By now, it was perhaps Merlin’s only concern.

“That’s right. Even without me, the Spell Caster civilization still flourishes!”

Merlin glanced at the Void Zone. After all, the origin of the natural order of the Void Zone was the core of a Latitude Cosmo. The Spell Caster civilization did not violate the natural order of the Void Zone, so they would never be treated by the Void Zone as the Vestigial Tribe, and would not be annihilated by it.

The Void Zone merely wanted to deal with Merlin himself. In other words, the Void Zone wanted to deal with Merlin’s Illusory World. Only the Illusory World was the greatest threat to the Void Zone!

“Merlin, is there anything else you still haven’t let go of?”

Titus’ voice was full of solemnity. He knew that Merlin’s visit to the Spell Caster civilization was for the sake of letting go of his concerns.

“There’s nothing I can’t let go now…”

Merlin did not visit the Wilson clan or any of his old friends. To him, these were no longer concerns. What he had been worried about was the Spell Caster civilization.

Now, with the Spell Caster civilization flourishing day by day, without being implicated by Merlin, his final worries had vanished.

Titus’ expression suddenly turned nervous as he asked softly, “Merlin, have you decided to take that step?”

Titus understood Merlin the most. In so many years, over millennia, even if Merlin did nothing, his Illusory World would still expand rapidly.

Previously, the Illusory World had reached one percent of the Void Zone. Currently, after millennia of accumulation where the Illusory World grew frantically, by now, it was equivalent to one-tenth of the Void Zone.

Although it still was not completely on par with the Void Zone, this level of strength was sufficient. Merlin had enough power to directly confront the threat of the origin of the natural order.

After so many years of meditation, Merlin knew that it was impossible to materialize the Illusory World as reality solely based on meditation over dozens of millennia.

The only way was to gain a thorough understanding of the origin of the natural order, and severe his links with it. Only by severing his links to the Void Zone, might Merlin’s Illusory World truly evolve or be materialized as reality.

This was Merlin’s deduction. Although presently his body was made up of Mind Power, completely reliant on the Illusory World, there was still a thread of the power of the natural order, binding him to the distant origin of the natural order. Despite the fragility of this link, it still was not severed.

Merlin wished to materialize the Illusory World as reality. In that case, he must not have the slightest connection to the origin of the natural order. Thus, he must cut off all links!

“Before taking that last step, I’d better do a favor for an old friend. He’s been in Glory City for so many years, and must be feeling suffocated to death…”

A calm smirk passed over Merlin’s lips.


Stedman who was outside received Merlin’s message. Therefore, his figure flashed, and he immediately flew into Glory City!

In the vast Glory City, people went to and fro. It was extremely busy. The Spell Caster civilization maintained an attitude of openness, so many foreign tribes were allowed to enter Glory City.

Nonetheless, the Glory City was ultimately the Vestigial Tribe’s confinement dimension. Even for some ultimate existences, upon entering Glory City, they would be cut off from the power of the natural order instantly, incapable of mobilizing it.

Even so, this did not alarm these foreign contenders. Conversely, they were even more interested in coming to Glory City, to see this mythical confinement dimension of the Vestigial Tribe.

In Glory City, the centermost place was named the Glory Tower. According to rumors, the Glory Lord, who was the foremost contender of the Spell Caster civilization or even the Glory Alliance, stayed in this Glory Tower. However, he had not moved for a few thousand years.

A simple hibernation for some ultimate existences might even be calculated by ten thousand years. The Glory Lord had not shown himself for a few millennia did not arouse anyone’s suspicion. After all, the Slothful Beast he had left behind was not just for decoration.

Most people had heard of the Glory Lord’s past achievements and other rumors. Many contenders from foreign tribes even came due to this reputation. Nevertheless, other than the Glory Lord, there was another mighty existence in Glory City that was revered by all. This was the Glory Lord’s most faithful companion other than the Slothful Beast – the black cat Didimoss!

Although the black cat Didimoss was not an ultimate existence, due to his special relationship with the Glory Lord, no one in the Spell Caster civilization dared to look down on him.

Glory City had even prepared a large venue, expressly for the black cat Didimoss, to be used as his exclusive residence. It was not far from the Glory Tower.

Sir Didimoss did not have many hobbies. His only interest was to eat various things. As long as he could eat, he did not care for much else.

Moreover, his appetite was astonishing. He liked all sorts of delicious dishes. Of course, he also liked some powerful existences. Therefore, in so many years, the black cat Didimoss had grown even more swollen and fat, but no one dared to neglect him.

Recently, for example, the black cat Didimoss had taken a liking to the Bluewater Tribe’s green-juice fruit. This delicious fruit which contained large amounts of energy, was a constant favorite of Didimoss. Therefore, Glory City had already sent out some Spell Casters for the sole purpose of bringing back more green-juice fruit for the black cat Didimoss.

“O tasty green-juice fruit. Tsk tsk, all of you have done well. You may leave.”

The black cat Didimoss shook his bloated, obese body, and stretched out his sharp claws, seizing a massive green-juice fruit. As he took in the fragrance of the fruit, he felt an incomparable thirst.


A purple figure suddenly raced toward his main foyer.

The black cat Didimoss looked up abruptly. Though he was just a cat, he was not an ordinary one. By now, his position in Glory City was not inferior to an ultimate existence. This palace belonged only to him. Without his permission, no one was able to enter as they pleased.

“Who’s there? Barging into the great black cat Sir Didimoss’ palace is a serious crime!”

The black cat Didimoss bore an impressive and lofty manner as if he looked down upon this stranger. It was a comical sight.

Nonetheless, the black cat Didimoss realized that the guards outside had not noticed this figure. This was abnormal.

“Mind Power fluctuations? You’re a Mind Power Master? Moreover, you’ve reached the stage of Hallucinating spells at least!”

The black cat Didimoss had noticed the unique characteristic of this figure, which exuded Mind Power fluctuations. Moreover, these were not weak, even reaching the stage of Hallucinating spells. In Glory City, he would be an Eighth-level Mind Power Master!


Stedman’s expression was rather odd. As he stared at this bulging black cat before him, he felt puzzled. Nonetheless, he dared not underestimate this black cat at all, for the cat emitted a force that made Stedman feel an intense sense of danger. If it were not for Teacher Merlin’s intentions, he would not have dared to approach the black cat Didimoss so easily, no matter what.

“Hmm? Who are you?”

The black cat Didimoss was mystified. Only that particular figure from his memories would use such a tone in speaking to him. However, this person before him was not that person from his memories. Even his force was different. The black cat Didimoss had confirmed that he was not mistaken.

The black cat Didimoss immediately exuded his formidable force as his eyes grew incomparably sharp, abstruse like black holes.

“Didimoss, it’s been so many years. You still haven’t changed!”

The voice coming from Stedman had changed. In that instant, the black cat Didimoss’ eyes widened quickly. This tone, this voice, even in this manner, they were all so familiar!


“Didimoss, I’ve returned! This is Stedman, a disciple I took on. Now that I’ve returned, it’s time to bring you out. I have a way to help you resolve your dead end!”

The one who spoke was Stedman, but in truth, it was Merlin who controlled Stedman.

Of course, this required Stedman’s consent. Only then could Merlin manipulate Stedman’s body so easily, though not for a long time. This was to gain the black cat Didimoss’ trust.

“Merlin, it’s really you?”

The black cat Didimoss immediately leaped onto Stedman’s shoulders, looking closely at Merlin. His senses were extremely sharp. This current Stedman made him feel that same old familiar sensation.

“Haha, it’s really you, Merlin. You’ve finally returned!”

The black cat Didimoss spoke in elation. He had been alone in Glory City. Even though he was respected by all, he had roamed through the entire Glory City and was bored by now. Naturally, he wished to go out.

However, he would face a dead end, and thus dared not exit so casually. Otherwise, once the dead end had descended, he had no guarantee of surviving it.

“I’ve come back, Didimoss. Rest assured, you can ride out your dead end safely.”

Merlin had controlled Stedman to gently stroke the black cat Didimoss. The feeling of ease took him back to the times in the Dark Magic Region. However, the Merlin from that period would never have imagined this present day.

“Merlin, I believe you. I’ve stayed long enough in Glory City!”

The black cat Didimoss’ expression was filled with joy. He had long wished to exit Glory City. Since Merlin was confident of helping him neutralize the dead end, that was naturally the best news.

The black cat Didimoss had nearly unconditional trust in Merlin.

Merlin nodded and the black cat Didimoss leaped onto his shoulder. With that, he exited the foyer in one step and flew directly away from Glory City.

At this point, Merlin had retracted his consciousness, allowing Stedman to bring the black cat Didimoss away. He knew that what followed was another decisive battle with the origin of the natural order of the Void Zone!


A purple figure, whose speed was neither slow nor fast, had already flown out of Glory City. In that instant, the Void Zone immediately gathered its fearsome power of the natural order.

Moreover, it swiftly revealed the origin of the natural order. The tremendous pressure made Stedman unable to move.


An unprecedented mass of origin of the natural order had formed at the highest speed, just like a gigantic eye. Even the black cat Didimoss was trembling at this point. He had hidden in Glory City for so many years. As his own strength grew, likewise, the force of the dead end had grown constantly.

Currently, the black cat Didimoss’ dead end had reached a point where he was in despair. If it were not for Merlin’s personal assurance, the black cat Didimoss would not have taken a single step out of Glory City.

However, there was no way to retreat now. The power of the origin of the natural order instantly engulfed the black cat Didimoss, cutting off all of his escape routes!

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