A Wizard’s Secret - Chapter 909
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The Sky Saint was an existence on par with ordinary Legends and, bolstered by the dimension, was comparable to Legends with three or even four Maxims.

However, a formidable existence like the Sky Saint was now unable to extract himself from Stedman’s illusion. He was deeply submerged within, and did not even realize it at all.

“Mind Power Masters are really powerful!”

On the other hand, Stedman’s consciousness was clear and sober. As he watched the Sky Saint who was caught in the illusion, Stedman was endlessly impressed. He was now merely an Eighth-level Mind Power Master, only having just mastered Hallucinating spells. Even so, he could easily trap the Sky Saint in an illusion, which showed that Stedman’s current strength was countless times more formidable than when he was in the Purple-eyed Tribe.

Nonetheless, Stedman did not forget that he was looking for a Speed treasure. Therefore, in the illusion, he gradually drew out the Speed treasures owned by the Sky Saint.

“A Canaan Leaf? It’s incubated by the entire Sky Saint Dimension for countless years and then nurtured by the Sky Saint for countless years more. Tsk tsk, how impressive. A treasure like this – I wonder how its speed is like?”

After Stedman had learned about the treasure nurtured by the Sky Saint, he did not kill the Sky Saint. He merely wanted to obtain a Speed treasure, which did not mean killing the Sky Saint.

Therefore, Stedman brought the Sky Saint along with him, making sure he was always enveloped in the Mind Power, and thus always in the illusion, unable to extract himself.

Following that, Stedman followed the directions to the location of the Canaan Leaf given by the Sky Saint in the illusion, and came to a gigantic, natural fissure in the Sky Saint Dimension.

This fissure seemed bottomless to the eye, exuding a chill. Nevertheless, in the fissure, there was a tree that grew horizontally. This tree was similar to the Tree Tribe’s Mother Tree but lacked the Mother Tree’s mighty force. Plus, it grew horizontally, and was extremely peculiar.

The gigantic tree was bare in other places, having produced nothing. It was not lush with foliage either, merely producing one leaf.

This leaf was massive. It had clear veins and was verdant in color, and emitted a unique force. The huge leaf had grown into the shape of a boat, hanging on the tree as it absorbed the nutrients from the large tree.

“This is the Canaan Leaf!”

Stedman was amazed as well. It was his first time seeing a mystical giant tree like this. In the Purple-eyed Tribe, though they had many wondrous treasures, there had been nothing as wondrous as this Canaan Leaf.

From the Sky Saint’s words, Stedman knew that the Canaan Leaf was almost at the end of being nurtured. Moreover, the Sky Saint had even used the Dimension Core of the entire Sky Saint Dimension to nourish the Canaan Leaf endlessly for thousands of years. It was the Sky Saint’s most valued treasure.

Now, the Canaan Leaf was already completely nourished and mature, equipped with various magical powers.


Stedman quickly approached the Canaan Leaf and swiped with one hand. The formidable power of his blood erupted. This Canaan Leaf looked gigantic and was very heavy too. Stedman’s heavy blow was merely able to shake the Canaan Leaf slightly, without managing to pluck it.

“Come off!”

Stedman used even more strength. Instantly, the entire massive tree began shuddering as the fissure grew even wider. At last, under Stedman’s powerful exertions, the Canaan Leaf was finally plucked.

Nonetheless, after Steadman had plucked the Canaan Leaf, the gigantic tree swiftly withered at a visible speed, and every branch broke off. The Canaan Leaf was the heart of this tree.

“Canaan Leaf – I’ll test its speed!”

Stedman quickly flew atop the Canaan Leaf. This was something the Sky Saint had dreamed of, and prepared for millennia, expressly for when he roamed the Void Zone.


This Canaan Leaf was easy to use as well, not even requiring much effort from Stedman. This Canaan Leaf could automatically replenish its energy. Stedman only had to engrave his consciousness into the Canaan Leaf to gain complete control.

A green beam of light flashed by. When Stedman paid closer attention to his surroundings, he found that he was on the other side of the dimension. Its speed was outrageous.

“Not bad, not bad. It’s truly a wondrous treasure!”

Merlin and Titus in Stedman’s body, upon seeing the Canaan Leaf’s speed, also had their eyes gleamed brightly. Such impressive speed was only slightly slower than the Vestigial Tribe’s Aurora warship.

It looked like the wonders of the Void Zone were something Merlin could not imagine by far. It could produce such treasures.

“Haha, to think that even in such a rural place we can get a treasure like this. How unexpected. It looks like Stedman has some luck.”

Merlin had some understanding of the path of fortune. A life form born in a dimension, for instance, would gradually grow and become strong. Each time it encountered danger, there would be some miracle. Alternatively, it might receive benefits that resolved the danger.

This was a good fortune. Nonetheless, this was merely a fortune of a dimension. As for Stedman who could obtain a treasure like the Canaan Leaf in such a remote dimension, he was supported by the fortune of the Void Zone.

Merlin examined with his Mind Power. Although Stedman had become a Mind Power Master, the threads of the power of the natural order entwined around his body had not lessened. Instead, they had increased in number.

This was the link to the origin of the natural order of the Void Zone. Similarly, the more threads of the natural order there were, the closer the link was. This was a fortune. While wandering in the Void Zone, one would occasionally encounter inconceivable discoveries and benefits.

Of course, Merlin did not mind whether Stedman was equipped with fortune. It was good that he had a fortune. This meant that the Void Zone did not notice anything different about Stedman. Naturally, it did not know that Merlin was hiding in Stedman’s body. Merlin was still safe for now.

Moreover, a fortunate Stedman, in searching for the Spell Caster civilization, would have fewer difficulties.

“Wake up! Sky Saint, thanks for your Canaan Leaf, haha…”

Stedman roused the Sky Saint from the illusion, following which he had boarded the Canaan Leaf. As he laughed, he raced out of the Sky Saint Dimension in the blink of an eye.


The Sky Saint was infuriated but upon consideration, he had realized that he was completely caught in Stedman’s illusion. If his opponent had attacked, he could not have evaded.

Therefore, after weighing the matter, he did not chase after Stedman. Furthermore, even if he did, Stedman who possessed the Canaan Leaf was not someone the Sky Saint could catch up to.

“This Canaan Leaf is so wondrous, and it bears a striking resemblance to a large boat. I might as well call it the Canaan Boat. Now, I own an impressive treasure!”

Stedman was filled with delight. By controlling the Canaan Boat, he turned into a green streak of light, swiftly flying into the depths of the Void Zone.

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