A Wizard’s Secret - Chapter 908
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Upon seeing Stedman’s eager, impatient look, Merlin laughed. He had not mobilized so much power of the Illusory World in vain. He had helped Stedman, who was finally showing signs of condensing a Mind Heart.

“Go on, condense the Mind Heart. You’ll truly embark upon a larger path of the Void Zone.”

Merlin waved his hand lightly and Stedman’s consciousness was instantly sent out of the Illusory World. To condense a Mind Heart, one had to be completely focused, without a single trace of distraction.

“Heh heh, Merlin, are you satisfied with Stedman?”

Titus stood smiling at one side.

“Satisfied? I’m satisfied with his attitude indeed.”

Merlin flashed a rare smile. Aptitude and such stuff, at his level, was not a concern. Back in the Spell Caster civilization, many had reached the stage of the Illusory Heart, but Merlin had not guided them so passionately.

The key point was Stedman’s attitude. He was tenacious and unwavering, being very persistent. As long as he took one step at a time, his future accomplishments would not be insignificant.

Moreover, if he had condensed the Mind Heart, Stedman’s path would widen. This was an immense path that would lead directly to the preeminent contenders of the Void Zone.

After Stedman’s consciousness had left the Illusory Subspace, he looked around once more. It was still a barren and lifeless dimension but this was perfect for Stedman to condense his Mind Heart.

“Mind Heart!”

Stedman slowly closed his eyes, his entire mind submerged in his Awareness. He began to gradually activate all his Mind Power, recalling the numerous enlightenments he had obtained in the illusion.

Becoming enlightened about the Mind Heart was an essential evolution to any Mind Power Master. With the Mind Heart, Mind Power was no longer intangible as it gained the ability to interact with the material plane.

Although this ability was still very limited at this point, it could ultimately interfere in the material world. This transformation was a type of evolution.

The Mind Power in Stedman’s Awareness started to spin around wildly. Stedman did not mind this at all, still immersed in that mystical sensation as if his Mind Power could do anything and was omnipotent!


A thunderous rumble sounded in Stedman’s mind. In this instant, Stedman felt as if the entire world was at a standstill. In his mind, Mind Power crashed around like a storm as if even he could not control it.

“It’s done!”

In the Illusory World, Merlin and Titus noticed the changes in Stedman. Merlin and Titus had an unsurpassed understanding of Mind Power Masters. Seventh-level Mind Power Masters having condensed the Mind Heart – how would they not notice a transformation like this?

“Haha, Merlin, Stedman’s finally succeeded in condensing the Mind Heart. Only now has he truly stepped onto the path of the Mind Power system, and become your disciple!”

Titus laughed heartily, and Merlin was pleased too. In particular, this indicated that the Mind Power system Merlin had refined was not limited to the Spell Caster civilization. Other foreign civilizations, as long as they had Mind Power, could cultivate it too.

This was a supreme cultivation method which could be practiced throughout the Void Zone. Just this alone was something the Spell Caster system could not compare to.

Nonetheless, Merlin was more concerned about whether Stedman, having condensed the Mind Heart, would undergo any special changes. After all, he was the first foreign member to cultivate the Mind Power system.

With this in mind, Merlin’s colossal Mind Power swiftly entered Stedman’s Awareness.

In Stedman’s Awareness, his Mind Heart was condensed. Currently, it could protect its master, so the massive Mind Power immediately retaliated.

However, before Merlin’s Mind Power, forget about Stedman’s recently condensed Mind Heart, even Eighth or Ninth-level Mind Power Masters who had grasped Hallucinating spells or formidable existences who had reached the stage of the Illusory Heart, could not even stand a blow. In terms of Mind Power, there was no one at all who could resist Merlin’s Mind Power.

Even so, Merlin did not want to attack Stedman. Once his Mind Power struck, Stedman’s freshly condensed Mind Heart would collapse.

Thus, Merlin cried out hurriedly, “Stedman, don’t be afraid. It’s me!”

“Oh? Teacher?”

As expected, Stedman lowered his guard, allowing Merlin to observe his Mind Heart.

Stedman’s Mind Heart was no different from the Mind Hearts condensed by those in the Spell Caster civilization. The Mind Heart gathered all of Stedman’s Mind Power and could interact with the material plane.

This was the uniqueness of a Mind Heart!

“Mmm, Stedman, work on strengthening your Mind Heart. There should be no issues with you condensing one.”

Following that, Merlin rapidly exited from Stedman’s Awareness. After all, that was a Mind Power Master’s most important place, which should not be entered lightly.

After Merlin had returned to the Illusory World, Titus asked anxiously, “How was it? Were there any problems?”

Merlin shook his head. “Everything went smoothly. It looks like the Mind Power system we established is a cultivation method applicable throughout the Void Zone. It’s just that to condense an Illusory World, not anyone can do it. I wonder if anyone in the current Spell Caster civilization has created an Illusory World?”

It had now been a few thousand years since Merlin had left the Spell Caster civilization. Merlin was in the dark regarding the Spell Caster civilization’s current stage of development.

However, Merlin knew very well that achieving the second evolution and condensing the Illusory World could not be done in a short time. Even Merlin had taken a shortcut by inheriting Titus’ Illusory World. Only then had he condensed his Illusory World.

“He’s condensed a Mind Heart. Following this, with our attentive guidance, it won’t be long before Stedman understands Hallucinating spells and become an Eighth-level Mind Power Master. Hehe, at that point, most Legendary existences would be no match for him. Who knows, we might soon get a Speed treasure and head back to the Spell Caster civilization as soon as we can.”

Titus could see that Merlin still cared about the Spell Caster civilization deeply, wishing to hurry back as soon as possible.

Just as Titus had predicted, after Stedman had condensed the Mind Heart, his Mind Power grew in leaps and bounds. Furthermore, there were Merlin and Titus, the two greatest beings in the Mind Power system. With their pointers, Stedman merely used eighty years to become enlightened about Hallucinating spells.

By now, most Legendary existences were no longer a match for Stedman. His achievements in the Mind Power system had far exceeded his achievements with his Purple-eyed blood. Stedman had become a pure Mind Power Master.

“Teacher, there’s a dimension ahead. It looks like it has a master but the dimension isn’t that impressive so its master is probably not that strong. I’ll like to try and see if I can ‘borrow’ some Speed treasure from them?”

Stedman was hopping with eagerness. After his Mind Power had reached the realm of Hallucinating spells, he had not fought with anyone for a long time, and did not know if it was effective.

Now that he came across such a dimension, it was the perfect test subject.

In the Illusory World, Merlin considered this proposition before nodding. “You’re somewhat slow indeed. Go on then. However, if you’re no match for them, then flee quickly!”

Merlin gave a warning, and allowed Stedman to go. Nonetheless, he and Titus retained a close watch over Stedman from the Illusory World.


Stedman sped up as he swiftly flew toward that glowing dimension. Soon, he was near the dimension, following which he stopped and observed the dimension carefully.

This gigantic dimension was not much different from the Purple-eyed Dimension. Moreover, the wills in the dimension were not that powerful. The master of the dimension should be comparable to an average Legend.

Still, if one waged war in an opponent’s dimension, the intruder’s strength would be restricted, sometimes even only able to unleash half of their power. Conversely, the master of the dimension would be supported by the dimension, becoming more formidable.

However, Stedman was unafraid. He was a Mind Power Master. Unless his opponent was one as well, and a stronger one than him, the advantage of occupying a dimension would not suppress him.

As he thought of this, Stedman no longer hesitated and stepped into the dimension.

The Sky Saint was the most powerful being in the Sky Saint Dimension, controlling the entire dimension.

Initially, the Sky Saint was born in this weak dimension but gradually grew stronger step by step, ultimately surpassing his predecessors. Having reached his current level, controlling the Sky Saint Dimension, his strength was quite formidable.

He had watched over the Sky Saint Dimension for up to eight thousand years. Ever since he controlled this dimension, the Sky Saint Dimension had a belated fear. Fortunately, there were no dimensions or powerful foreign civilizations around the Sky Saint Dimension. Otherwise, before he had become powerful and controlled the dimension, he would have been at risk.

Any powerful existence could easily control the Sky Saint Dimension. Luckily, the Sky Saint had controlled the Sky Saint Dimension by now. Bolstered by the power of the dimension, he could deal with most foreign contenders.

Nonetheless, the Sky Saint, who knew the boundless immensity of the Void Zone, was still worried sick at heart, especially since no one as strong as him had been born in the Sky Saint Dimension. Even if he wished to leave the Sky Saint Dimension, he was held back by many considerations. Therefore, he had always stayed in the Sky Saint Dimension.

“Among the few prodigies I’ve lately taken note of, I wonder if there’ll be someone who will finally reach my current level, to replace me in guarding the Sky Saint Dimension.”

In his palace, the Sky Saint let out a long sigh. In the past centuries, he had observed some prodigies. There were some with excellent aptitude, but none had been able to reach his level.


Suddenly, a peculiar fluctuation appeared in his palace.

“Who’s there?”

The Sky Saint’s heart leaped in fright. He had controlled the entire Sky Saint Dimension and would immediately know of any changes. However, a stranger had now entered his palace without him noticing.

Very soon, a purple glow flashed in the main foyer, revealing a blonde, purple-eyed foreign creature. He must be from a foreign tribe because not only his appearance was different but also his force was different.

In particular, this purple-eyed foreign creature’s force was not inferior to the Sky Saint at all. This induced a jolt in the Sky Saint’s heart. He knew that this stranger was a contender from the Void Zone who was equal to him.

Nonetheless, the Sky Saint was not afraid. He was supported by the dimension, and his opponent would surely be suppressed in his dimension. Thus, that person’s overall strength could not compare to his own. By relying on the support of the dimension, the Sky Saint had triumphed over three foreign contenders who were wandering in the Void Zone.

The blonde, purple-eyed foreign person was Stedman, of course. It was the first time he was seeing a foreign tribe contender who looked similar to himself, so he was curious too, sizing up the other party.

“Who are you? What business have you in my Sky Saint Dimension?”

The Sky Saint’s tone was vaguely uncourteous. No one would feel friendly toward someone who had barged in suddenly like this.

“The Sky Saint Dimension? So this is called the Sky Saint Dimension. Your Majesty, I’m called Stedman. I was roaming the Void Zone and saw this dimension, so I wanted to borrow a Speed treasure.”

Conversely, Stedman’s manner was very cordial but his words caused the Sky Saint’s expression to shift greatly.

“Hehe, since you’ve been roaming the Void Zone, naturally, you would know the etiquette. You didn’t come to seize my Sky Saint Dimension but you don’t harbor good intentions either. We don’t have any Speed treasures in our Sky Saint Dimension!”

The Sky Saint’s voice contained his thinly veiled rage. A random foreigner roaming in the Void Zone had come to demand a treasure. Why would he hand it over?

In terms of a Speed treasure, the Sky Saint had one indeed. This was a treasure produced in the Sky Saint Dimension and was only discovered incidentally by the Sky Saint after he had controlled the dimension. Thereafter, it was nurtured by the Sky Saint for five thousand years. He had prepared this for when he left the Sky Saint Dimension one day and made his way in the Void Zone. How could he easily hand it over to a foreign creature of unknown origin?

“You don’t have one? Then is Your Majesty willing to let me search for it in the Sky Saint Dimension?”

Stedman felt it was best to be clear. He did not wish to resort to force in snatching the treasure directly, even though he intended to seize the treasure indeed.

“How impudent! Go back to where you came from!”

The Sky Saint boiled up with fury, and instantly mobilized the power of the dimension. Boundless energy came from all sides to crush Stedman, suffocating him.

Stedman’s capabilities were not shabby. Based on the Purple-eyed Tribe’s power from their blood, he was comparable to most Legends, similar to the Sky Saint. However, the Sky Saint controlled the entire dimension, and Stedman was suppressed by the power of the dimension. Therefore, Stedman’s power of his blood could not be put to much use.

Fortunately, Stedman was now an Eighth-level Mind Power Master who had attained the stage of Hallucinating spells!


It was Stedman’s first time using his Mind Power. Tremendous Mind Power immediately surged up and transformed into a giant net, wrapping the Sky Saint within.

The Sky Saint also felt a sense of danger but it was already too late. His consciousness turned blank all at once as he descended into Stedman’s illusion

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