A Wizard’s Secret - Chapter 766
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Chapter 766: Trump Card


Merlin flew out from his room, and spotted Arcane Wizard Setoh in the sky. It was not an avatar but the real Arcane Wizard Setoh.

“Wizard Setoh.”

Merlin greeted respectfully.

“Wizard Merlin, it’s about time. Let’s go, bid farewell to the other two Arcane Wizards!”

Merlin trailed behind Arcane Wizard Setoh, flying into the distance. In a short moment, they had reached a splendid living room. Currently, there were no other Spell Casters, save for Arcane Wizard Ceci and Arcane Wizard Augustus.

“Setoh, Legend Glory, are you ready to leave?”

Augustus glanced at Merlin and Arcane Wizard Setoh, asking calmly.

“That’s right, we’re ready.”

Arcane Wizard Setoh replied softly.

Merlin hesitated before finally taking a step forward. “Three Arcane Wizards, I shall leave behind the warships of the Atlan civilization which I had control. I believe we can easily control the Atlans, using them to operate the warships, thus increasing our strength!”

Merlin was leaving behind the warships he had controlled.

Augustus nodded with a hint of a smile. Naturally, he knew how powerful these warships were. Merlin was able to leave them here, which would truly increase the Spell Caster civilization’s strength.

“Moreover, I’ve consolidated an avatar but it’s not a Maxim avatar but a Mind avatar! He even possesses a portion of my Mind Control power. So, even after I’ve left, this Mind avatar can replace me, wielding the technique of Mind Control.”

Merlin’s words made the three Arcane Wizards gasped in surprise as they turned toward him in a hurry.

Merlin laughed, after which a figure suddenly split from his body. This figure was dressed in the same clothes, and even had the same force. Not even the three Arcane Wizards could differentiate him from Merlin.

“Haha, not bad at all. We’re worried that after you leave, what would we do if the Atlan civilization suddenly makes an attack. Now it seems like we’ve worried for nothing. Merlin, can you condense more avatars like this one?”

Augustus recognized the value of Merlin’s avatar at a glance. In sufficient numbers, was it not equivalent to having additional Mind Power Masters with Mind Control?

However, Merlin shook his head with a bitter smile. “I wish to create more avatars too, but for now, I can only condense one. I might be able to condense more in the future, but not now. If I do so, I would lose more than I gain.”

Augustus was slightly disappointed but he was after all an Ultimate Arcane Wizard. Naturally, he knew that with an avatar like this, even one was rare and precious. How could one possibly create more avatars so casually?

“Very well, Wizard Merlin. You’ll go with Setoh. The three of us will help conceal your force. The Lord God of Light won’t discover your stealthy departure. Moreover, you still have this avatar. Haha, this time, when you all leave secretly, you’ll be much safer.”

The three Arcane Wizards knew that the Lord God of Light hated Merlin to his core. Naturally, they had thought of a countermeasure. After all, if Merlin was constantly scrutinized by an ultimate existence, it would be troublesome.

With Merlin’s Mind avatar, they could fool the Lord God of Light, which would increase the safety of Setoh and Merlin’s departure.

The three Arcane Wizards joined forces to utilize the power of the natural order, unceasingly sealing it over Merlin. Soon, Merlin’s Maxim fluctuations had vanished completely.

As long as Merlin did not mobilize his Mind Power to cast Hallucinating spells, even if he was near the Lord God of Light, he would not be detected through his force.

“Alright, we’re absolutely safe! We hope that you’ll be successful in this endeavor…”

Arcane Wizard Setoh’s avatar was leaving with Merlin. They were carrying the hopes of the three Arcane Wizards. The current situation could only be maintained for a period. Ultimately, the Spell Caster civilization would be unable to hold off the alliance of three forces.

Therefore, they could only hope for the support of other powerful civilizations!

“Merlin, let’s go.”

At an unknown time, another black-robed Arcane Wizard Setoh had appeared by Merlin’s side. Nonetheless, this was not the real Arcane Wizard Setoh but a Darkness avatar of his.

Merlin nodded, after which the three Arcane Wizards combined forces to wield the power of the natural order, which instantly enveloped Merlin and Arcane Wizard Setoh’s Darkness avatar, sending them outward…


In the pitch-black icy Void Zone, a dazzling beam of light flashed out of nowhere, encasing two black-robed figures.

“Where is this?”

Merlin frowned as he asked. He had never come to this place.

“We should still be within the territory of the Spell Caster civilization.”

Beside him, the black-robed Arcane Wizard Setoh spoke in a cold voice.

Merlin did not find this strange. After all, this was Arcane Wizard Setoh’s Maxim avatar, which inherited the cold nature of Darkness element. Therefore, even his voice was icy.

“We’re still within the Spell Casters’ territory?” Merlin carefully perceived his surroundings, his Mind Power swiftly expanding outward. Still, he did not see any dimensions. In the Spell Caster civilization, most dimensions were close to each other. It would not be so empty that there was not a single dimension.

“This is near the God Alliance, usually guarded by Augustus! The gods’ power is to arouse zeal in people’s hearts. They rely upon the spirits of millions and millions of creatures to become strong. Thus, any dimension close to them would more or less be affected. That’s why the dimensions here have been moved away by Augustus, leaving only Augustus Arcane City. Nonetheless, because a war with the Atlan civilization has erupted, Augustus Arcane City was moved as well, so of course, this place is empty.”

Although the black-robed Setoh’s voice was frosty, he was not much different from the real Arcane Wizard Setoh.

“Even Arcane City was moved away… Without Wizard Augustus keeping watch, surely the God Alliance will become restless and eager?”

Merlin thought to himself. The Spell Caster civilization now faced danger on all sides. Before this, they could grow so rapidly because of the support of the three Arcane Wizards.

Currently, once the war had erupted with some powerful civilization and the three Arcane Wizards were not there to keep an eye, the surrounding formidable civilizations would stir restlessly. The most dangerous one was the God Alliance.

Fortunately, the God Alliance was not a unified entity. Therefore, for a short while, it would not be the Spell Caster civilization’s opponent.

“Wizard Setoh, did the three Arcane Wizards not prepare for this at all? Back then, if I hadn’t broken through to the Illusory Heart and couldn’t control minds, wouldn’t the situation have collapsed completely?”

Merlin thought back to the battle back then. There was no Spell Caster who would not suffer post-traumatic stress. At that point, faced with the Atlan civilization’s warships, and the combined fighters from the Rock Tribe and the Light Believers below ultimate existences, the Spell Caster civilization did not have the upper hand, and was even in a losing position.

It was when Merlin had broken through to the Illusory Heart and controlled minds that altered the unfavorable situation in one stroke!

“Prepare? How could we possibly be unprepared? However, this preparation is connected to you.”

“Connected to me?”

Merlin shook his head, confused as to how the Spell Caster civilization’s crucial trump card could be linked to him.

“Back then, if you didn’t break through, we can only send out Didimoss in advance. Didimoss is a living creature which reverses the natural order. In the past years, under the focused nurturing of us three Arcane Wizards, he has improved rapidly at an unimaginable pace. Moreover, his innate ability is even more fearsome. We have no way of knowing how terrifying Didimoss would become in the end. For now, he truly can reverse, in one move, the course of events below ultimate existences!”

“So it’s Didimoss…”

Merlin had not seen Didimoss for a long time. Back then, Didimoss was taken away by Arcane Wizard Setoh. Merlin knew that the three Great Arcane Wizards wanted to nurture Didimoss singularly.

However, he had never expected that Didimoss would be so highly valued by the three Arcane Wizards. He did not know how amazing the current Didimoss would be.

“Please be rest assured. When we return to Arcane City, you’ll be able to meet Didimoss once more.”

As if he could sense Merlin’s thoughts, the black-robed Setoh said in a low voice.

“Return to Arcane City? That’s right, we’ll surely be able to return to Arcane City!”

Merlin glanced toward the direction of Arcane City, then followed behind the black-robed Setoh. They swiftly headed toward the depths of the black icy Void Zone…

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