A Wizard’s Secret - Chapter 380
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Chapter 380: Summit 5

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In the arena, Merlin and Bergs were sizing each other up. Bergs was well-built and had a stubble formed on his face. His face appeared “weathered”, and he looked more like a normal blacksmith rather than a powerful Spell Caster.

In the Molta language, Bergs’ name meant “to protect”, and Terra Fort was a spell casters’ organization that was rather proficient in Earth-type Defensive spells. Therefore, Bergs’ strongest spell should be an Earth-type Defensive spell.

If an opponent was unable to overcome Bergs’ Defensive spell, then they would be unable to defeat him. Most of the Spell Casters in Terra Fort relied on on this strategy, focusing their efforts on constructing the strongest Defensive spells. They did not ask for powerful attacks for they must first master their most formidable Defensive spell.

Bergs’”weathered” features, along with his powerful frame, gave people an impression of good-naturedness. However, being Spell Casters, none of them was “good-natured”. The occasional glint in Bergs’ eyes indicated that he was a man of sophisticated depths.

“Wizard Merlin, I’ve heard of your infamous name long ago. You’re the most genius Spell Caster in the Dark Magic Region, a Six-Elemental Spell Caster who possesses Pandora Demon Abilities!”

Bergs spoke in a calm tone and seemed to know much about Merlin.

Merlin was rather surprised. His reputation was only known among nearby small-sized spell casters’ organizations. He did not think that there would be someone in Terra Fort, which was ten thousand miles away, who knew of him.

Perhaps it was not that Terra Fort knew of him, but that Bergs himself had actively made inquiries. If that was the case, then Bergs would be a difficult opponent for he had already made sufficient preparations for this upcoming battle.

At the moment, the second round had been concluded, save for the battle between Merlin and Bergs. Thus, a few powerful Spell Casters directed their attention toward the arena.

They might not be familiar with Merlin, but they were much better acquainted with Bergs since he was a prodigy from a medium-sized spell casters’ organization.

“This should be an easy win for Bergs, right? Bergs has abilities worthy of the third or even the fourth round. His Defensive spell can be combined with a Pandora Demon Ability – only a handful of Spell Casters can get past that!”

The majority of Spell Casters seemed to look favorably upon Bergs. As the foremost prodigy in a medium-sized Spell Caster clan, Bergs had already made a name for himself.

On a faraway platform, the Spell Casters of Miracle City were watching Merlin and Bergs, bored out of their minds. Miracle City understood Bergs rather well. Each time he battled, Bergs would cast a Defensive spell immediately, allowing his opponent to attack as much as they liked. If the opponent could break down his defenses, Bergs would surrender instantly.

This method of fighting was rather eye-catching. Nonetheless, Bergs had so far only encountered a Wizard from a medium-sized spell casters’ organization in the first round. He had allowed his opponent to use up all their moves in a series of attacks that lasted more than half an hour. In the end, they were unable to overcome Bergs’ defenses, and could only admit defeat.

This unique strategy had turned Bergs into a “highlight” of this summit, attracting the attention of many onlookers.

“Let’s see how long it’ll take for Merlin to give up the fight.”

The Spell Casters of Miracle City behaved breezily. They would join in the third round right off the bat. This was the “privilege” of large-sized spell casters’ organizations.

It was not just Miracle City who was watching. The Spell Casters of Blacksand Fort and Shadow Thorn had also directed their gaze towards the arena in which Bergs and Merlin were battling. They were largely paying attention to Bergs. After all, he was a Spell Caster who had the capability to enter the third or even the fourth round and was thus a potential opponent. The more they learned about him now, the better prepared they would be.

“Good, Merlin is now facing Bergs. How unlucky of him, haha! It’s true that Merlin has decent powers, and might have made it to the third round, but now that he’s up against Bergs, he has no hope left! Still, this is even better. Let him learn his place. He’s from a mere small-sized spell casters’ organization – did he really think that he was a genius?”

The two Spell Casters from Blacksand Fort who had brought in Spell Casters from the Dark Magic Region were still holding a grudge against the Dark Magic Region. They rejoiced in Merlin’s misfortune when they saw that his opponent was Bergs.

In the arena, Merlin’s expression remained unperturbed. With his keen senses, he was able to hear the discussions going on in the crowds surrounding the arena. Nevertheless, not the slightest change rippled across his face as he placed all his attention on Bergs.

Bergs drew in a deep breath, following which a smile broke across his hearty face. He said softly, “Wizard Merlin, if you’re able to break down my Defensive spell, I’ll admit defeat!”

With that, a large ocher light veil gradually rose over Bergs. The surface of this light veil was like calm waters, undulating constantly and causing waves of ripples.

This was the Third-level Earth-type spell, Terra Armor. Furthermore, it was a rather powerful and complicated spell among Third-level Earth-type spells. A Spell Caster who was able to construct this spell must be highly talented in spell construction.

However, even though Terra Armor was a formidable spell, it was still slightly inferior to Merlin’s Perfect Armor. After all, Perfect Armor was one of the strongest Third-level spells constructed by members of the royal family. The resources of the royal family were still greater than many large spell casters’ organizations, and they could be considered a first-rate spell casters’ organization.

“Buzz buzz buzz.”

Very soon, the ocher layer of Terra Armor gradually turned color as it became faintly translucent. Merlin perceived that there was some other power.

“Pandora Demon Ability?”

Merlin narrowed his eyes slightly. He himself had cultivated many Pandora Demon Abilities and had an unparalleled familiarity with the presence of Pandora Demon Abilities. Earlier, the presence of Pandora Demon Ability had appeared within Bergs’ Terra Armor. This meant that Bergs possessed a Pandora Demon Ability which could be fused with spells.

Bergs was counting on this Pandora Demon Ability which was fused with Terra Armor in addition to the Defensive spell itself which Terra Fort specialized in. He had a special method to reinforce his Defensive spell. It was not surprising that Bergs was so confident, allowing his opponent to attack as they liked.

If one did not have an extraordinarily strong attack, one would have no way of overcoming Bergs’ Defensive spell!

“Wizard Merlin, go ahead, cast your strongest attack. If you can break down my Defensive spell, I’ll surrender automatically!”

Bergs was covered from head to toe in Terra Armor and spoke in a booming voice.

“Break down your Defensive spell?”

Merlin carefully observed the Defensive spell Bergs was using. It was powerful indeed. If he wanted to overcome it by force, Merlin would have to use Fiery Collapse in addition to the Third-level spell, Condensed Fire, exploding with his terrifying might. Only then might he defeat his opponent’s defense.

Nonetheless, this was only the second round of the summit. If he utilized his greatest strength, it would be like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. In reality, it was not difficult for him to defeat Bergs.


Without a word, Merlin immediately raised a hand and pointed toward Bergs.


A gigantic black vortex instantly appeared behind Bergs. This black vortex formed a wide opening as it consumed Bergs’ Mind Power at a frantic pace, causing him to fall into an illusion.

“Darkness Vortex? No, it’s Darkness Vortex enhanced by Darkness Heart!”

Below the arena, Lania of Abyss Fort was watching. When Lania was facing Merlin, he had cast Darkness Vortex. Although it was the same Darkness Vortex, Merlin’s spell was obviously much stronger than Lania’s. The sheer force of the vortex itself was something Lania could not compare to.

When he observed closely, he saw that it was because Merlin’s Darkness Vortex was enhanced by Darkness Heart. Even Sixth-level Mind Power would have no way of resisting Darkness Vortex when it was cast by Merlin.

Bergs’ face shifted abruptly. His spell was formidable in addition to his Pandora Demon Ability, and there were not many who could overcome his defenses. Therefore, he should be able to break through to the third or even the fourth round.

However, his battle strategy had a weakness, and its fatal flaw was Darkness Wizards!

Darkness Wizards could cast Darkness-type Hallucinating spells, trapping him in an illusion. If Bergs was caught in an illusion, then it did not matter how strong his Defensive spell was, because he would be unable to cast it at all.

Perceiving this significant change in his environment, Bergs saw that he was situated in a barren desert. Of course, he knew what this meant – he was trapped in an illusion. He was in danger at all times for a simple Fireball from Merlin would be able to defeat him.

“I surrender!”

Bergs was decisive. Although he was unwilling, his Defensive spell currently gave him no advantages. Darkness Wizards were a rather scary bunch. If Abyss Fort was able to produce many Spell Casters who had Darkness Heart like before, it would definitely be a powerful spell casters’ organization, a force which no one must underestimate.

Bergs had admitted defeat, so Merlin immediately dispelled Darkness Vortex. In that instant, the enormous vortex in the arena gradually dissipated before finally vanishing without a trace.

As Darkness Vortex dissipated, Bergs recovered his senses once more. As he looked at Merlin’s relaxed manner, he appeared rather helpless as he said in a low voice, “Wizard Merlin, although I knew that you’ve constructed Darkness-type spells, I didn’t think that you would have mastered it to such an extent… With your Darkness spells alone, you’re already equipped with powers to enter the third and fourth round. I’ll gladly surrender!”

Naturally, Bergs was able to see that Merlin had a Darkness-type Pandora Demon Ability. With the enhancement of Darkness-type Pandora Demon Ability, Darkness Wizards would gain the upper hand, becoming powerful Wizards! As long as one did not have formidable Mind Power, one would have no way of resisting the illusions of Merlin’s Darkness spell. Once one was trapped in the illusion, one was basically helpless.

Therefore, Darkness Wizards were merely average and not a big deal, but if their spells were combined with Pandora Demon Ability, Darkness Wizards immediately became one of the scariest Spell Casters!

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