A Wizard’s Secret - Chapter 1043
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Chapter 1043: A Millennium

Becoming a Controller was not that easy. Back then, Merlin had gone through many hardships before finally, under coincidental circumstances, become a Controller.

However, there was no way to replicate a coincidence like that. Even if Mino returned to the Almighty Beast World, he could not possibly replicate Merlin’s miracle. Therefore, each Controller had a unique point.

Mino’s unique point was the Power Seed he had condensed, which was the Bluewater World’s outline. There was a special connection between him and the Bluewater World.

“Mino, how did you condense your Power Seed?”

Merlin was now more concerned about Mino’s Power Seed. This was related to how Mino would control the Bluewater World’s will, replace it and become a Controller.

Mino carefully recalled what happened and said softly, “Since young, I’ve always had a very special ability which is to see things that ordinary people can’t see. Like the sun – I could vaguely see the entire body of the sun. Therefore, when I consolidated the Power Seed, the strongest celestial body was not the sun but it’s the entire world. I could vaguely see the outline of this world and was deeply stunned by it. Thus, I tried condensing my Power Seed in the form of the world’s outline. This was a far-fetched hope but unexpectedly, I succeeded. After condensing the Power Seed, my strength was great indeed and I’ve obtained mystical powers. I could merge with the space of this world and even the world’s will was intimate with me.”

Upon listening to Mino’s explanation, Merlin nodded. Each Controller was shaped by accidents and Mino already had his first accident by now – he was already connected to the entire world’s will long ago.

Mino’s special talent allowed him to take the first step. Even so, this was far from being enough. Even if Mino continued like this, it would be impossible for him to become a Controller.

“Mino, to become a Controller, you must devour the world’s will. How do you think your current strength compared to the entire world?”

Merlin asked calmly.

Mino did not even have to think before he replied, “Even if my strength is enhanced a hundred or a thousand times over, I’m still lacking by far compared to the world. There’s no basis of comparison at all.”

That was right. Mino was very honest. His current strength, even if enhanced a hundred or a thousand times over, was insignificant compared to the entire Bluewater World. Relying on this bit of power to devour Bluewater World and replace its will was nothing more than a pipe dream.

“What must I do?”

Mino asked. Now, Merlin was somewhat stumped. Based on Merlin’s plan, to become a Controller, one’s own capability must be sufficiently formidable.

In the past, Merlin had to deal with materializing the Illusory World as reality. This was very challenging. However, for Mino, due to his special link to the Bluewater World, he could devour the world’s will directly when his strength was great enough. Therefore, he was much more fortunate than Merlin.

Nonetheless, the accumulation of strength required time. In this respect, Merlin and Aruba could lend a hand but there was still no guarantee.

“This is a race against time. Mino, I hope you’re faster than Moorta. Otherwise, if he shatters the natural order first, you’ll lose your chance.”

Presently, Merlin had no other option but to race against time. This needed an accumulation over a lengthy period. Merlin could assist Mino and even be extremely helpful but even he could not predict whether they would ultimately succeed.

In particular, there was Moorta who was similarly progressing at a rapid pace with Naya’s assistance.

“Aruba, let’s do everything we can to help Mino improve his Power Seed.”

Aruba nodded. Thus, Merlin began to mobilize the Illusory World in his body to forcefully plunder the power of the Bluewater World. He even let Mino enter his Illusory World to experience this entire world.

Under such circumstances, Mino’s progress was swift as well. He gradually learned of a Controller’s might and the difference between a Controller and a Free Being. What he had to do now was nothing more than strengthening the Power Seed in his body continuously.

Time passed quickly. In ten short years, Mino had already reached a stage that many people could not even hope for in their lifetime – Sanctuary!

Sanctuary – this was an indicator that the Power Seed had started to make contact with the world’s will, even contend against it slightly. It was just like Moorta back then, who had so much power of the world’s will in Sky-piercing City.

Of course, due to Mino’s unique Power Seed and his special connection to the Bluewater World, Mino as a Sanctuary Contender was far stronger than most Sanctuary Contenders.

His Power Seed was powerful enough but to go against the entire Bluewater World, there was still a huge disparity. He still must constantly and diligently accumulate his strength.

Ten years, twenty years, fifty years, a century, five centuries…

Merlin and Aruba had stayed in the Bluewater World for over a millennium. To Aruba, maybe a millennium was merely the blink of an eye. Whenever he casually visited a Latitude Cosmos, time would be calculated with ten millennia as a unit.

However, to Merlin, a millennium was a very long time.


Merlin and Aruba watched Mino who was below the peak. Currently, he was sitting cross-legged on a large stone. There was a vague, absolute force field forming over his body and the terrifying apparition of the world was circling him.

This was the result of Mino’s diligent work over a thousand years. He currently maintained a caved-in void around himself at all times. If he unleashed his full strength, saying that space over ten thousand miles would collapse would not be exaggerating. His powers had grown so fast that there was no way to curb him completely.

“Merlin, what do you think of Mino now? Can he contend against the Bluewater World’s will?”

Aruba asked with a laugh.

Merlin’s manner was not so relaxed. He looked up at the sky. There, he sensed a trace of uneasiness from the world’s will.

“Aruba, have you sensed that the Bluewater World’s will feels uneasy? As the world’s will, it knows more about everything that happens in this world than we do.”

Merlin said softly.

“The world’s will is uneasy? I didn’t sense that. Merlin, do you mean Moorta and Naya?”

Aruba immediately thought of Moorta and Naya. After all, during the past thousand years, Naya and Moorta had been too quiet. There was no news of them as if they had vanished completely.

However, Aruba and Merlin knew that Naya and Moorta would not possibly disappear. Naya was still a Minor Cosmos Absolute Being. Nurturing Moorta whose qualifications were excellent in the first place would be a piece of cake.

Therefore, in the past millennium, Naya surely had been sparing no effort in helping Moorta to accumulate power that could shatter the Bluewater World’s natural order. Now, Merlin was rather worried that Moorta had gathered enough strength, which was why Bluewater World’s will would feel vaguely uneasy.

“That may be so. Naya can’t possibly have done nothing all this while. Merlin, I think we must quick. This fellow, Mino – his talent isn’t bad and in a millennium, he’s almost there in terms of contending against this world’s will but it’d still be very difficult for him to devour the world’s will.”

Although Aruba was not a Controller, he knew how formidable a complete Latitude Cosmos’ will could be. If it was not for Mino’s special connection to this world’s will, then no matter what, he could not possibly devour Bluewater World’s will. After all, even a Minor Cosmos Absolute Being like Merlin could not possibly devour a complete Latitude Cosmos’ will.


At this point, the sky shuddered. Everyone could distinctly feel it. At the same time, the Bluewater World’s sky began to crumble inch by inch.

“Oh no, Moorta is shattering the world’s natural order!”

Merlin and Aruba exchanged a glance, their expressions changing greatly.

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