A Wizard’s Secret - Chapter 1042
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Chapter 1042: Controller’s Potential

Mino disappeared without a trace at once as if he had maintained a frequency similar to the world’s will and thus, able to travel through space as he wished or even merge into space.

As for Moorta, a cold smirk came over his lips now. He stretched out one huge hand, compressing the world’s will in Sky-piercing City. He was already able to shape the world’s will into a form of pressure. This demonstrated his strength. He truly might shatter the natural order and become a Free Being.


Space shattered into fragments and a figure was exposed in a flash. It was Mino.

Mino’s expression shifted greatly. He had never expected that under such circumstances, Moorta was able to find him.

“Oh no. Escape!”

Mino’s figure flashed once more and he was about to leave but Moorta was already prepared. The space within a range of hundreds of miles was promptly shattered. Mino had nowhere to hide. Moorta’s giant hand blocked out the sky as it smashed toward Mino ruthlessly.

“Mino, it’s over!”

Moorta revealed an icy smile. He was ultimately the first Sanctuary Contender of this world, the foremost contender. No matter what, Mino was no match for him.

“I still haven’t gotten my revenge. I won’t die, I surely won’t. Moorta, I’ll kill you, I’ll certainly kill you…”

Mino roared furiously and an apparition appeared before his body. That was his Power Seed. Everyone in this world had a Power Seed.

However, Mino’s apparition was not some overbearing celestial body but a gigantic silhouette instead. Upon seeing this massive outline, Merlin’s eyes narrowed. Perhaps the people of this world did not know what this outline represented but Merlin knew very well.


Merlin’s eyes flashed with amazement. He had sensed what was special about Mino. However, no matter how special Mino was, under the force of Moorta’s absolute strength, he had no way of surviving. He was bound to die.

Merlin and Aruba exchanged a glance. In particular, after seeing Naya behind Moorta, Merlin made a choice and said softly, “Aruba, now we still have a way. It’s very risky. Are you up for it?”

Aruba smiled and replied serenely, “Is it to save this Mino? Haha, since you already have a plan, I’ll surely support you. So what if it’s risky? Even if we fail, we just won’t be able to complete our mission. There’s no huge loss. At worst, Naya would be more gleeful. However, if we succeed, we’ll reap plenty of benefits…”Read more chapters at Listnovel.com

Aruba’s gaze turned toward Mino. This was someone very persistent. It was rather challenging for him to reach where he was. If Merlin lent a helping hand now, Mino would likely never forget it as long as he lived. Moreover, if he became a Free Being, Merlin and Aruba would have made another friend for life.

After a moment of consideration, Merlin and Aruba immediately made their choice to save Mino. They would support Mino instead and no longer side with Moorta.


Merlin cried. Instantly, he condensed a massive palm that covered the entire ground. It viciously smacked into Moorta’s palm. Moorta instantly felt an incomparable force as if the world’s will was shuddering.

“Who’s that?”

Moorta was already a Sanctuary Contender and dared not believe that at this moment, someone still dared to incur his wrath. Thus, he increased his strength. Sky-piercing City seemed to tremble.


Two gigantic palms collided furiously. Moorta’s expression changed greatly. He instantly felt a colossal, unstoppable force striking at him, leaving him with no way to defend.


Suddenly, “Teacher Naya” behind him made a move and shielded him. No matter what force was attacking him, it seemed unable to harm “Teacher Naya” at all.

Initially, Moorta was very apprehensive toward Teacher Naya. Now that he had witnessed Teacher Naya wielding such a miraculous technique, there was more to Teacher Naya than what he seemed and was unfathomable. It turned out that in this world, there was still someone stronger than a Sanctuary Contender like him.


Merlin saw that Naya had acted and he knew that in Bluewater World, both parties must not attack. Therefore, he immediately pulled back, brought the grievously injured Mino and left Sky-piercing City directly.

“Teacher Naya, who are they?”

Seeing that Merlin and Aruba had brought Mino away, Moorta who was still in shock and questioned Naya in a low voice. Currently, he felt that a Sanctuary Contender like him was nothing much at all.

“They? A group of contemptible clowns. They don’t matter! You’ve seen that their strength is even greater than yours. A Sanctuary Contender counts for nothing in this world. What you must do is break away from this world and no longer be suppressed by the world’s will and finally shatter the world’s natural order. In that manner, you’ll possess powers that are formidable to the extreme, becoming a noble existence!”

Naya narrowed his eyes and said softly.

“Oh? Shatter the world’s natural order?”

Moorta was endlessly stunned. Although he always had the greatest faith in Teacher Naya who had taught him so much, it was the first time he had heard such a clear description of the path ahead of him – shattering the natural order.

Finally, Moorta knew how to move forward. It was so clear in his mind. His heart had settled on this decision and he knelt with one knee on the ground. In an incomparably respectful voice, he said, “Teacher Naya, please teach me how to shatter the world’s natural order!”

“Haha, as long as you constantly gain enlightenment and do what I say, shattering the world’s natural order isn’t that difficult.”

Naya nodded in satisfaction. He had done so much. Was it not to earn Moorta’s complete trust and thus help him break the natural order and become a Free Being?

In this aspect, Moorta was smart, seizing the chance. Even though he was the number one person in this world, he was still able to lower his ego.

Maybe Moorta would become a Free Being in the future. On this point, Naya was full of confidence. To him, he was sure to win this mission.

There was a wide empty space. When Merlin and Aruba first brought Mino, there was not a single person around. Earlier, Merlin had used his powers and even attracted the attention of the world’s will. Nonetheless, this world’s will had basic judging standards. Merlin’s strength was far too formidable. Just a little of his power could shatter the entire world, so the Bluewater World’s will did not relentlessly attack Merlin.

Therefore, Merlin’s surrounding was currently very tranquil.

In front of them, Mino wore a blank look. He still did not know what had happened. The so-called number one contender, the only Sanctuary Contender of this world – Moorta – was sent flying in one blow by the stranger before him.

Although Mino was gravely injured then, he could see everything clearly. These two mysterious men and the other enigmatic person that emerged behind Moorta – that was true power.

“Who are you? I could even feel the world’s will trembling as if it was fearful of you two.”

Mino’s Power Seed had a unique trait indeed. It was able to sense the world’s will. This was Bluewater World’s will. Faced with Merlin and Aruba, of course, it would tremble. With their capabilities, even if they dished out a smidgen of their power, it was enough to tear the Bluewater World apart.

“How nice. We’ve saved your life. Shouldn’t you thank us? Plus, without us, you won’t have a chance at revenge in this life anymore.”

Merlin said with a stiff smile. His words sent Mino into deep contemplation.

“Tell us, what bad blood is there between you and Moorta? You’ve challenged Moorta time and again. There must be something that triggered you to do so.”

Merlin first wanted to understand what had happened between Mino and Moorta to better be able to help Mino.

Mino clenched his fist tightly and said in a low voice, “Moorta, he used to be one of my teachers but somehow, he learned of how special the Power Seed I condensed was and he attempted to rob my Power Seed. Haha, still, he didn’t know of how magical my Power Seed was, so I escaped. However, Moorta held my family hostage and in the end, even massacred the few hundred people of my entire clan until no one was left. I must avenge them!”

Upon mentioning Moorta, Mino’s hatred was evident in his eyes.


Suddenly, Mino fell to his knees before Merlin, saying softly, “Both of you are noble contenders, even more powerful than Moorta. I hope you can teach me and make me even stronger, giving me a chance to kill Moorta myself!”

Mino knew to seize this opportunity too. He knew that Merlin and Aruba were possibly the only ones who could assist him in this world.

“Oh? Our strength is formidable indeed but for you to get your revenge, it won’t be that easy. You must carry out the revenge yourself!”

Merlin’s mouth stretched into a smirk.

Mino’s face brightened with joy as he said hurriedly, “As long as Moorta will be killed, I don’t care what method is used.”

“Haha, Aruba, let’s guide this young fellow together then.”

Merlin and Aruba started laughing loudly. As he looked at Mino, Merlin felt like he was staring at himself when he had still been weak. Now, he somewhat understood why Aruba liked to travel around various Latitude Cosmoses.

As a spectating visitor, it was very relaxing to watch the weak growing up and the busy ones slaving in their tasks. Some were outstanding and some were lackadaisical in their work.

Presently, Merlin felt this way. Although he had a mission, he still had the attitude of an observer in his treatment of the entire Bluewater World.

This was until he met Mino. Now, he felt that he was looking at his past, weak self.

“Mino, there might not be much time left for you. By Moorta’s side, there’s also a contender like us, who might even be stronger than us. He’s guiding Moorta as well so your time is very limited too.”

Merlin narrated everything to Mino in detail. These matters must be told to Mino too.

“Come on then. Activate your Power Seed and let us take a closer look at what’s so magical about it.”

Merlin and Aruba became excited once more. They had decided to help Mino because of Mino’s Power Seed, which was completely different from the Power Seed of the average person in this world. It had immense potential.


At last, Mino unleashed his Power Seed completely. Instantly, an apparition of the world emerged once again before the eyes of Merlin and Aruba. This was Bluewater World’s silhouette.

“This… This is the world’s outline?”

Aruba and Merlin took in deep breaths and they looked rather excited. This was the outline of the world. If Mino truly succeeded, he would not be a mere Free Being but rather… A Controller!

Controller – maybe this was something not even Sir Tyron had noticed. The Bluewater World had the chance to produce a Free Being and a Controller. This was somewhat inconceivable, even outrageous.

Nonetheless, a Latitude Cosmos could not possibly give birth to a Free Being and a Controller at the same time. After all, this would be contradictory. Free Beings had to shatter the natural order to become Free Beings.

As for Controllers, they must control the world’s natural order. If the Free Being had shattered the natural order, how could the Controller control the natural order? Therefore, if both Moorta and Mino progressed ceaselessly, only one of them could succeed.


After a long moment, Merlin heaved a long sigh. Beside him, Aruba laughed and said, “Haha, Brother Merlin, I’m afraid I’ll have to trouble you this time. This young fellow has the potential to become a Controller. You’re a bona fide Controller, so having you instruct him would be most fitting.”

“What’s a Controller? Free Being?”

Mino was curious. From what Aruba had said, Mino had heard many unfamiliar words that he had never heard before at all.

“Controllers and Free Beings – it’s very simple. You must have a slight understanding of this world? This is a colossal Latitude Cosmos and the world’s will takes care and manages everything using the world’s natural order. A Free Being is one who had broken the natural order and transcended the Latitude Cosmos while a Controller would replace the world’s will to control the world. Your Power Seed is an outline of the entire world and is tightly linked to the Bluewater World. This is miraculous but it’ll also help you get the chance to become a mighty Controller!”

Merlin spoke clearly and Mino understood. After all, his Power Seed was the outline of the entire Bluewater World. He was often in contact with the world’s will and naturally knew what replacing the world’s will would entail.

At that point, he would become the sole master of an entire world. Moorta, being a mere Sanctuary Contender, was still under a world, totally unable to contend against an entire world.

At that point, forget about one Moorta. Even ten Moortas would be useless against him.

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