A Wizard’s Secret - Chapter 1041
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Chapter 1041: Sky-piercing City!

The night was as dark as a deep lake. Although Merlin and Aruba had decided to go to Sky-piercing City, they had to wait until tomorrow to start their journey.

Ogman now stood before Merlin and Aruba. He had an intuition that both of them had great powers, far surpassing any contenders he had seen, so he had purposely come to them for guidance.

It just so happened that Merlin and Aruba could take this opportunity as a pretext to thoroughly understand this world’s power system. Having this comprehensive understanding would allow them to aid the people here in breaking free from this Latitude Cosmos.

“How do you usually improve your strength?”

Merlin asked Ogman calmly.

Ogman smiled. “It’s simple. I focus my thoughts and visualize the scorching sun in the sky. Then, wisps of blazing energy would slowly appear in my body, following which this power is merged into the Sun Seed, causing it to grow and flourish unceasingly. I heard that once one had reached the level of a Sanctuary Contender, the Power Seed in their bodies is practically as powerful as the actual thing they visualize.”

It turned out that this was the supernatural power possessed by the people of Bluewater World. They slowly absorbed the energy of this world’s sun or other celestial bodies.

Bluewater World had many overpowering celestial bodies, which together formed a Latitude Cosmos. By relying upon the absorption of the celestial bodies’ power, the people here gradually strengthened themselves.

Therefore, this process was inextricably linked to the entire Latitude Cosmos. Trying to break free would be immensely difficult.

“Haha, Brother Merlin, which journey to become a Free Being was smooth sailing? If there were no mishaps, no one would successfully become a Free Being. Back when I became a Free Being, it was also due to some accident. This time, we came to Bluewater World to look for a Free Being, so we’re the greatest variable. Otherwise, if this mission was easy, it won’t possibly have such rich rewards.”

Merlin nodded. Both of them were talking among themselves secretly and Ogman did not know what they were saying.

“I’m afraid that tomorrow we’ll have to trouble you to bring us on a trip to Sky-piercing City.”

Merlin calmly said to Ogman.

“This… Sky-piercing City is too far.”

Ogman was somewhat unwilling. After all, Sky-piercing City was too distant from Qatar City. The journey would take an unknown amount of time.

“Naturally, this won’t be a fruitless errand for you.”

A smirk tugged at Merlin’s lips. Thereafter, he stretched out one hand, exuding an invisible force. Although he did not unleash the Illusory World, he could still affect Bluewater World.

“Hum hum hum.”

The air seemed to vibrate. Strands of scorching energy swiftly gathered in Merlin’s hand in a growing amount. Ogman was incomparably shocked.


After Merlin spoke, this blazing energy instantly flew toward Ogman and entered his body. At the same time, Ogman felt the Power Seed in his body expanding at a rapid pace. This pace of progress was something he had not even dreamed of for it was inconceivable.

One time, two times, three times… Five times!

His Power Seed had expanded five times in a short instant. Moreover, nothing was compromised and his foundation even grew sturdier. He waved his hand and could sense the abundant energy in his body that seemed inexhaustible.

A change like this truly caused Ogman to feel as if he was in a dream. He found it difficult to imagine that Merlin’s single wave could increase his capability five times over.


Merlin narrowed his eyes and asked.

“Very well… I’ll bring both of you to Sky-piercing City.”

Ogman did not hesitate at all and immediately agreed.

Merlin and Aruba did not hesitate too. They left immediately, hurrying toward Sky-piercing City. On their way, both of them constantly learned more about Moorta from Ogman.

Moorta was known as a legend and was the only Sanctuary Contender in this entire world. He could practically be called the only “god” of this world.

Merlin and Aruba’s expressions grew more solemn. Ever since they understood that fact, it seemed like Moorta was truly the person most likely to become a Free Being in Bluewater World.

“It looks like we must hurry even more. Otherwise, Naya might already have influenced Moorta significantly.”

Currently, they could nearly confirm that Naya was surely near Moorta.

The distance between Qatar City and Sky-piercing City was far indeed. Merlin and Aruba used a full month to reach Sky-piercing City. Of course, one of the main reasons for this was that Ogman was too slow.

In this period, Merlin had even constantly helped Ogman to replenish his strength. Throughout their journey, Ogman had reaped many benefits, so he was endlessly delighted.

“Sky-piercing City should be up ahead.”

Merlin followed Ogman’s gaze and saw that there was a city in the distant sky. Nonetheless, it was built high up in the clouds. From a distance, it looked like a city in the air and appeared very mystical.

A trick like this was not even worth mentioning to Merlin and Aruba but for someone in a Latitude Cosmos to have such an ability was not too shabby. This Sky-piercing City was constructed by Moorta, which showed that his capability had reached an unimaginable stage.

“I’m afraid I can’t get into Sky-piercing City.”

Ogman shook his head. A low-level contender like him could not enter Sky-piercing City at all. Only those high-end contenders could go in. Ogman could not even fly through thin air. Otherwise, their journey would not have taken such a long time.

“Alright, since we’ve reached Sky-piercing City, you’ve done your best. This is your reward.”

Merlin once again gathered a tremendous amount of the sun’s energy and directly boosted Ogman’s Power Seed many times over. This was forcibly stretching Ogman’s limits. With his potential, he would never become such a powerful master in his lifetime but with Merlin’s forceful boosting, he had already broken past his limits.

Furthermore, in the future, if Ogman was diligent and lucky, he could even go one step further and reach unlimited potential.

“Haha, thank you, honorable sirs!”

Ogman was wild with joy as his respectful gaze followed Merlin and Aruba who rose up in the sky, flying toward Sky-piercing City.

Sky-piercing City was shrouded in a layer of cloud. From a distance, it looked very hazy but once they got nearer, they exchanged a glance, both sensing the seriousness in the other’s expression.

It turned out that above Sky-piercing City, they had already detected the intense will of Bluewater World. This indicated that Moorta might already be in contact with the world’s will. If his strength was further increased and his opportunity arose, he might break free from the restriction of the world’s will and become a Free Being.

“It’s Moorta! We must hurry up and immediately go and see him.”

A grave look came over Merlin’s face.

“Swoosh swoosh.”

Both of them swiftly flew into the clouds of Sky-piercing City. As soon as they entered, Merlin and Aruba sensed something different. Around them, the world’s will seemed to be observing them at all times, giving them immense pressure.

Of course, this pressure was nothing. After all, they could easily wipe out a Latitude Cosmos. Why would they fear a mere will of the world? This meant that Moorta had contacted the world’s will for a long time. His capability was immeasurable and might already be right behind a Free Being.

Sky-piercing City was very spacious and the population was sparse. After all, only those few masters could enter this place.

“Where’s Moorta? I’ll ask someone at random.”

Just as Merlin was about to make his inquiries, two vast, enormous bursts of energy fluctuations spread out in all directions and they even contained a trace of the world’s will.

“Could it be Mino challenging Sir Moorta again?”

“Mino had challenged Sir Moorta a few times but Sir Moorta is a Sanctuary Contender, the only one here. How can Mino be a match for him?”

“His previous escapes were all extreme flukes. This time, I’m afraid Mino won’t be so lucky.”

Merlin and Aruba exchanged a look. Naturally, they had paid attention to all these talks. They immediately thought of that mysterious person Ogman mentioned who had continuously challenged Moorta and escaped unscathed every time.

Now, it appeared that this must be “Mino”.

“There’s no time to waste. Let’s have a look.”

Merlin’s heart leaped. Now was the best time to observe whether Moorta had the potential to become a Free Being.

Therefore, Aruba and Merlin quickly flew toward the center of those fluctuations. Currently, it was not just Aruba and Merlin. Many contenders who were originally in Sky-piercing City also headed toward the center of the battle.

Soon, Merlin spotted the violent battle fluctuations ahead. Waves of immense sun energy swept out in all directions just like an actual sun and viciously crashed into a thin, frail man.

This man did not look old and his energy fluctuations were very peculiar. They were not from any celestial body but still had an astonishing force.

Nonetheless, compared to the mighty power of the sun, it was lacking by much. There was even an essential gap.

Naturally, Moorta had the upper hand. He was a Sanctuary Contender and his aura could even suppress the world’s will. Merlin and Aruba both felt rather incredulous upon seeing a contender like this. This was the final, key stage to becoming a Free Being.

“Naya is right behind Moorta! Indeed, Naya had reached out to Moorta before us. Now, he had already gained Moorta’s trust. It’d be very difficult for us to approach Moorta now. Even if we can earn his trust, he’s about to take the crucial step. Even if we join in now, after he’s become a Free Being, our position in his heart wouldn’t match up to Naya by far. Won’t it be a waste of effort then?”

Aruba’s analysis was very pertinent. If they “joined” Moorta now, they would be suppressed by Naya completely and only waste their efforts. It must be known that this mission was all about the Free Being’s own decision. Naya had been by Moorta’s side for so long. It was impossible that Merlin and Aruba could easily topple Naya’s position by showing up now.

“If we can’t select Moorta, who can we pick?”

Merlin mumbled softly. At this point, he was looking at Mino who was bitterly holding on with a determined look. This man had fallen into a complete disadvantage now. The Power Seed in his body was nearly used up.

If he did not have any techniques left, it would be difficult for him to escape death.

“Moorta, I’ll come back again.”

Mino clenched his jaw. Mysterious fluctuations emerged all around him. They seemed to fit well with the fluctuations of the world’s will.


Mino’s figure appeared in thin air. He vanished before everyone’s eyes as if he had never appeared.

“He’s escaped again? Mino’s ability is truly unusual!”

The surrounding people were still gasping in amazement but it seemed that they were no longer unfamiliar with Mino’s ability. Mino had escaped using the same trick the past few times.

“Still trying to escape this time?”

Moorta who had remained calm all this while suddenly broke out into an icy smirk.

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