A Wizard’s Secret - Chapter 1040
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Chapter 1040: The Number One Person in this World!

On their journey, Merlin and Aruba were asking about people with supernatural powers. Nonetheless, it was a shame that besides Lady Andelin, no one else knew anything.

As for Lady Andelin, she did not elaborate much and seemed unwilling to talk about it.

“Lady Andelin, to tell the truth, we wish to look for people who have extraordinary strength like us.”

Merlin might as well come clean with Lady Andelin. Both of them had displayed their greatest powers and were mistaken by Lady Andelin to be contenders with supernatural powers.

Andelin hesitated slightly before finally nodded. “After returning to Qatar City, I’ll invite Sir Ogman. At that point, you can discuss this with Sir Ogman.”

Sir Ogman that Lady Andelin spoke off was her fiancé’s friend, who was also a contender with supernatural powers.

Merlin and Aruba nodded. Thus, they escort this batch of goods without worry.

Lipa City was a good distance away from Qatar City, so they walked for a week before finally reaching Qatar City. Qatar City appeared much smaller and less prosperous than Lipa City. Even so, the influence of Lady Andelin’s clan in Qatar City should be second to none. Having returned to Qatar City, they no longer had to worry.

Lady Andelin had made arrangements for Merlin and Aruba then said to them, “Please wait a moment. I’ll inform Rogge so that he’ll bring Sir Ogman to meet you two. It’ll take around a few days.”

Merlin nodded. Lady Andelin’s fiancé was surely not in Qatar City. Waiting for a few days was nothing to them.

“Alright, we’ll wait here for a few days.”

After Lady Andelin left, Merlin and Aruba immediately began their discussion.

“Aruba, we’ve come to the era of Bluewater World. We’re very late. Naya is certainly one step ahead of us. If he finds someone who might become a Free Being, there’d be trouble.”

Merlin was somewhat worried.

Aruba was silent for a moment before saying, “So what if he does? It’s not that easy to become a Free Being. At the very least, it’ll take decades. At most, more than a millennium. There’s plenty of time, so we don’t have to panic.”

Merlin nodded. They had scanned their surroundings upon entering Qatar City but did not discover anyone with supernatural powers. Everyone was ordinary.

It looked like in Bluewater World, there was only a pitiful number of those with supernatural powers.

“We’ll wait then.”

Now, they had no other way but to wait. Otherwise, even if both of them could easily annihilate this world, trying to find someone who could become a Free Being was exceedingly difficult.

“Lady Andelin, what’s up with the two of them?”

In a hidden room, an old man asked in a troubled tone. He had always felt rather anxious toward the two mysterious men Lady Andelin had rescued this time.

Lady Andelin thought about it for a moment before saying calmly, “They only wish to look for people with supernatural powers. We don’t have to pay them any mind. When Sir Ogman arrives after a few days, it’ll naturally be resolved.”

At the thought of Sir Ogman’s mystical strength, an expression of ease blossomed over the old man’s face. He had great faith in Ogman.

“I’ll inform Sir Ogman.”

With that, Lady Andelin immediately sent someone who swiftly left Qatar City.

Time passed by in a flash. Merlin and Aruba had waited in Qatar City for a few days. They had been closely monitoring the changes in Qatar City but did not notice anyone special with supernatural powers.

“Honorable sirs, Lady Andelin invites you to the living room.”

Suddenly, a guard came to their residence and passed on this invitation to Merlin and Aruba.

“Has he arrived?”

Merlin and Aruba exchanged a glance, noticing the delight in each other’s eyes. Therefore, they stood up at once and went to the living room with the guard leading the way.

As soon as they entered, they directed their gaze at an incomparably handsome man with short, golden hair.

This youthful, good-looking man seemed to exude a “sunny” aura, causing one to feel intimate and warm. This was a very natural feeling.

Nevertheless, only Merlin and Aruba distinctly perceived that in his body, there was vaguely a mystical power that was constantly emitting traces of energy.

“Someone with supernatural powers!’

They exchanged a glance. At last, they had met someone in this world with supernatural powers. Moreover, being a Free Being and a Controller themselves, naturally, they could tell with a glance that the supernatural powers possessed by the other party originated from the massive strength in his body. This strength was closely linked to this world’s will for it was a supernatural power born in this world.

It was like when Merlin was a Spell Caster, he was closely bound to the Void Zone.

After seeing Merlin and Aruba, Lady Andelin introduced hurriedly, “This is Sir Ogman.”

There was another man in noble clothes beside Sir Ogman. However, Merlin and Aruba had disregarded him right away and he appeared somewhat resentful.

Later, they gradually learned that this nobleman was Baron Rogge, Lady Andelin’s fiancé, and Ogman’s friend.


Ogman’s gaze fixed firmly upon Merlin and Aruba as well. He felt that these two people were suffused with endless mystery. They look as if they did not have a powerful presence but like an abyss, one would not dare to go near them.

“You two are…?”



Merlin and Aruba spoke bluntly. As long as they found someone with supernatural powers, their job was easier.

“I’ve heard from Lady Andelin that you two are looking for me? What’s the matter?”

Ogman sensed that Merlin and Aruba were not simple so he asked directly.

Merlin merely smiled. “We just want to know – among everyone you know, who’s the strongest?”

“The strongest?”

Ogman sized up Merlin with a puzzled look and answered curiously, “Who wouldn’t know? The number one person in this world is the Sanctuary Contender Moorta. Rumor has it that he has gained enlightenment about the Sanctuary. Each ofo his movement contains momentous might. No one is a match for him.”


The eyes of Merlin and Aruba brightened. This number one person in this world was very possibly the contender who might become a Free Being, whom Sir Tyron had mentioned.

Most of those who wished to become a Free Being of a Latitude Cosmos were generally the foremost contenders in their world. Only a foremost contender had the most chance of becoming a Free Being.

“In this case, we’ll have to look up this Moorta. Perhaps Naya is one step ahead of us but we should still be in time. It’s not too late…”

Merlin and Aruba immediately made their decision. They would look for Moorta.


Ogman seemed somewhat hesitant and rather uncertain.

“However what? Ogman, say whatever you have to say.”

Merlin noticed Ogman’s hesitant manner and asked in a low voice.

Ogman was momentarily silent before he finally took a deep breath. “However, the latest rumor claimed that someone had challenged Moorta three times. Though this person had failed, they still kept coming back and did not die. Someone who can escape with their lives from Moorta’s hand mustn’t be that simple, let alone escaping three times.”

“Oh? There’s someone like this?”

Merlin and Aruba exchanged a glance. Initially, they wanted to look up Moorta directly but they could not guarantee that he would become a Free Being.

Now that a mysterious person who had challenged Moorta was mentioned, things became more complicated.

“Where’s Moorta?”

“Sky-piercing City!”

Merlin and Aruba decided to visit Sky-piercing City first to meet Moorta. They would see if he had the potential to become a Free Being. More importantly, they had to determine where Naya was.

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