A Wizard’s Secret - Chapter 1039
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Chapter 1039: New Identities

“Lady Andelin, the waves are too choppy. You should return to the cabin first. I’m afraid you might be swept into the sea by the waves.”

On a large ship, many people were regarding the storm with worried expressions. Faced with such a huge storm, no matter how sturdy a ship, it could still be overturned.

“I won’t leave. I’ll stay watch right here. This batch of cargo is extremely important to us. There mustn’t be any problems.”

A beautiful lady in a white dress was currently biting her lip with a determined plastered across her face. Although there was a tinge of fear in her eyes at the massive storm, yet she had no choice. The cargo on this ship was too important. Without them, her clan would be finished and forever would not recover.

“Lady Andelin, as long as the ship doesn’t sink, we’ll do our best to protect the cargo. God bless us, please let the storm subside…”

The old captain looked at the port ahead. Although it was not too far away, due to this storm, the distance seemed to stretch for an eternity. He was worried to never to arrive at their destination. Perhaps, if the storm was any worse, they would all be buried at sea.

This was the power of nature that none of them could resist.


Suddenly, huge waves slammed against the board. Subsequently, the storm subsided. The sea, which at first seemed like the end of the world judging by the vicious gale, calmed in an instant. The wind and the water stood still, not a ripple in place.

“This… The storm has stopped. Lady Andelin, we’re safe.”

The crew was very excited. They had been afraid during the storm, scared that they would be swept into the sea and die without a proper burial.

A tiny smile appeared on Lady Andelin’s beautiful countenance. The arduous task of trafficking this cargo had finally succeeded.

“Very well, return to Lipa City immediately.”

With Lady Andelin’s order, the large ship started and steered toward the port in a distance.

“Captain, Lady Andelin, we found two people in the sea.”

Shocked, Lady Andelin looked down abruptly. There were indeed two people struggling in the sea. They seemed to be dying. If they were not rescued, they would die.

“Maybe they were swept into the sea during the storm or lucky survivors of a shipwreck. What do we do?”

“Save them, save both of them, hurry!”

Of course, Lady Andelin would not leave them to die, so she immediately ordered her men to rescue the two men. Many of them threw ropes at the two men and proceeded to pull them onto the ship.


Upon being rescued, the two men plopped onto the ship, looking like they had just escaped a close brush with death.

After a long time, both of them were well-rested, so they slowly stood up and looked at the beautiful lady. They said softly, “We’re very grateful to the beautiful Lady Andelin for saving our lives. Otherwise, we would’ve died at sea.”

“Oh? What are your names and where did you fall from?”

“I’m Merlin and this is Aruba. Our ship has sunk. At first, we had a raft to float on the sea but unexpectedly, there was a huge storm and we were swept here.”

These two people were none other than Merlin and Aruba. The first thing they had to do in an unfamiliar Latitude Cosmos was to create a reasonable identity and assimilate into this world. This was the experience that Aruba had accumulated after visiting countless Latitude Cosmoses.

“I’m sorry to hear that. You don’t have to worry. We’ll soon reach Lipa City. Then, you can go to Lipa City.”

“Thank you, beautiful lady.”

With that, Merlin and Aruba had seamlessly assimilated into this world as two sailors who had fallen into the sea but luckily survived.

The two of them had a hot bath and were given clean clothes. They even stayed in a room in the cabin.

In the room, the two did not continue to pretend. Between the two of them, they were able to employ protective measures to prevent outsiders from hearing them.

“Brother Merlin, have you discovered anything yet? This world doesn’t seem to have a particularly powerful existence.”

Aruba said with a frown. He already looked around the ship but there was no one with very powerful abilities. All of them were ordinary people.

How could such a world give birth to a Free Being?

“Perhaps there’s no powerful person on this ship. We’ll go ashore and check.”

Merlin, on the other hand, was not concerned. Back when he first arrived at Blackwater City, he was also surrounded by Normies. Even a Spell Caster like Old Man Etha was considered mysterious and rare.

This world was probably similar. Those who held mysterious and powerful abilities were hidden, so it was not easy to encounter them.

“Alright, we’ll search ashore and see.”

Aruba was used to spending thousands of years in a Latitude Cosmos. For him, this was a familiar process.

After some discussion, they left the cabin and began to talk to the crew members. All of the crew members were very talkative so Merlin was able to find out many things effortlessly.

Firstly, this world contained individuals with supernatural powers. However, this type of individuals were painfully rare. Ordinary people would not meet them. Coincidentally, Lady Andelin’s fiancé had a friend with such supernatural power, so all of them had seen one.

Upon mentioning this supernatural power, all the men were excited and the floodgates opened. However, there was not a lot of useful information.

“It looks like we should follow Lady Andelin.”

Merlin and Aruba exchanged a glance. They would become Andelin’s subordinates and slowly approach this person with supernatural power.

Soon, the large ship docked. Several carriages were already waiting at the port. The numerous boxes of cargo were immediately loaded into the carriages by the ship’s crew.

This batch of cargo was Lady Andelin’s lifeline so there could not be any errors.

“Both of you, this is Lipa City. This is a port city and businesses are highly prosperous. Here, it should be very easy for you to find a job. Then, you can slowly find your way back home…”

Besides docking at Lipa City, Lady Andelin’s cargo still had to travel to another city.

Merlin and Aruba looked at one another. They had already decided. Hence, Merlin stepped forward and said, “Lady Andelin, as a show of gratitude for saving us, we’re willing to help escort your shipment.”

“My shipment? I already have so many guards…”

Before she could finish speaking, Merlin shook his head. “If there’s any danger, they may not be able to ensure your safety but we can!”

Following that, Merlin unleashed a bit of power. Suddenly, without anyone realizing, Lady Andelin felt like her entire body was tied up. She could not move a muscle.

Momentarily, a shocked expression dawned on Lady Andelin’s face. She opened her mouth but could not say anything.

Mysterious power… This was true mysterious power. Lady Andelin had met some of the supernatural individuals with mysterious powers but they were very difficult to find. Unpredictably, the two men whom she happened to rescue at sea were one of these mysterious individuals with supernatural powers.

Thinking of this, Lady Andelin of course nodded. “Thank you for your kind offer. Alright, you may become the deputy commanders of my guards and escort this shipment to Qatar City.”

“Thank you for your generosity!”

With that, Merlin and Aruba became the deputy commanders of Lady Andelin’s guards and began to escort the important shipment from Lipa City to Qatar City.

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