A Wizard’s Secret - Chapter 1038
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Chapter 1038: Bluewater World

The distances between Latitude Regions were extremely far. For some of the further Latitude Regions, flying for thousands or tens of thousands of years was not considered uncommon.

The distance between Ruba Region and Polo Region was not considered far. Perhaps, it could even be considered near. It only took one or two years to fly there.

Merlin and Aruba almost did not stop along the way and soon arrived at Polo Region. This Latitude Region looked very mesmerizing. Every single Latitude Cosmos exuded astonishing power.

Latitude Cosmos also differed with one another in terms of strength. For example, the Almighty Beast World was much weaker than the Void Zone but the Void Zone was considered negligible among the countless Latitude Cosmos.

The Latitude Cosmos in Polo Latitude Region was mostly similar to the Void Zone. However, some Latitude Cosmoses were far more powerful than the Void Zone. Just their auras alone astonished Merlin.

Merlin’s Illusory World was undoubtedly a Minor Cosmos by now. It was the size of sixteen ordinary Latitude Cosmoses. In Polo Region, it was impossible to find such an enormous Latitude Cosmos.

“The Polo Region used to be a very prosperous Latitude Region. If not for Sir Tyron’s watch over the Polo Region, I’m afraid this place would’ve descended into chaos a long time ago.”

Aruba remarked sadly.

“Right, we better look for Bluewater World soon. Perhaps Naya has already achieved some progress in Bluewater World.” This mission was to enable a person in Bluewater World to successfully become a Free Being. It was not an easy task but they must not allow Naya to continue occupying the upper hand. Otherwise, their presence would be meaningless.

“Okay, Bluewater World is very easy to find. It’s the biggest Latitude Cosmos in Polo Region!”

Aruba searched for the Latitude Cosmos with familiar ease. Hence, both of them began to search along the way. After about half a month, they finally saw an incomparably large and radiant Latitude Cosmos amid the black void.

This Latitude Cosmos was about two to three times the size of the Void Zone back then. It was a true giant. On its surface was a faint bluish glow.

“This Latitude Cosmos is almost entirely made up of the sea. There’s only a small landmass that’s why it’s called Bluewater World. Let’s go, this Latitude Cosmos is Bluewater World.”

Aruba said with certainty. Thus, Merlin did not hesitate. Together with Aruba, he flew into the enormous Latitude Cosmos.


The moment they flew into this Latitude Cosmos, Merlin felt a massive pressure surging toward him from every direction as though crushing him. Even the Illusory World in his body was almost exposed.

However, Aruba had previously reminded Merlin that upon entering a Latitude Cosmos, he must stay relaxed and not put up any resistance. Otherwise, the formidable power of the Illusory World would easily destroy this Latitude Cosmos.

Merlin was not the only one under pressure. Aruba also had to withstand the same pressure. However, Aruba was a Latitude Traveler who had stayed in countless Latitude Cosmoses, so he had plenty of experience. Even if the entire Latitude Cosmos tried to crush him, as a Free Being, his strength was exceptionally immense. He was able to escape the bondage of a Latitude Cosmos alive. What then was this smidgen of pressure?

Both Merlin and Aruba did not struggle. Therefore, after a while, the Latitude Cosmos felt that it was completely unable to defeat Merlin and Aruba. In that case, it would not waste its strength. It retracted its powers and Merlin and Aruba no longer felt the suppressive pressure.

Although the suppressive pressure had subsided, this Latitude Cosmos’ will was still watching Merlin and Aruba closely. Both Aruba and Merlin were considered to be invaders. Although it could not defeat them, it could still monitor their every move. If they were to attack the Latitude Cosmos, then it would attack them at all costs.

Seeing that Merlin was somewhat uncomfortable, Aruba appeared very good-natured. He grinned. “Brother Merlin, do you feel a little uncomfortable? Haha, it’s annoying to be watched constantly, right? Back when I first entered other Latitude Cosmos, it was the same as I would be watched at all times. However, this is the nature of a Latitude Cosmos. Any Latitude Cosmos with a will would respond the same way. When I entered the Void Zone, I was also watched closely in this manner. As long as you don’t cause any major harm to this world or its essence, even if you stir-up some conflict, the Latitude Cosmos’ will won’t do anything to you.”

Aruba was very experienced regarding Latitude Cosmos’ will. The Latitude Cosmos’ will was merely an instinct. It knew that Merlin and Aruba were dangerous intruders but it also knew that they were very powerful.

The Latitude Cosmos’ instincts would pay close attention but not act recklessly. As long as Merlin and Aruba did not cause any problems that could threaten the Latitude Cosmos, the Latitude Cosmos’ will would not deal with the “invaders”.

Merlin nodded and temporarily ignored the discomfort. He looked around this Latitude Cosmos. Currently, they were standing above a large sea. Everywhere he looked was the sea. There was not a single piece of land, not even a small island.

“I guess it’s Bluewater World. Everywhere is made up of the sea.”

Aruba sighed.

“We can rip space apart and travel via subspace.”

Merlin looked out at the vast sea which stretched endlessly. It looked very big and unending.

“Rip space apart? Although space is quite solid, we can certainly rip through it easily. Nonetheless, tearing up space might cause a misunderstanding with the will of this world. If it tries to get rid of us, then it won’t be worth it. We should fly toward the landmass slowly.”

Aruba explained in detail, the aspects to be observed in a Latitude Cosmos. After all, they did not intend to destroy this Latitude Cosmos but merely to help a contender become a Free Being. Hence, they must not trigger any “misunderstanding” between them and the world’s will.

Merlin nodded in agreement. Together with Aruba, he flew swiftly. Fortunately, both of them were supreme existences who had surpassed a Latitude Cosmos, so their speeds were inconceivably fast. All in all, it was just a little slower than traveling via subspace.

The two of them began to see some islands. As time went on, more islands appeared, which was a sign that they were getting close to land.

“Look, there’s a huge landmass in front. It looks like we’re almost there.”

The landmass was indeed huge. Similarly, it seemed to stretch endlessly. If there was a person who could become a Free Being, he or she must be on this landmass.

As they got nearer, people began to appear on the landmass. There were also some ships at sea, enduring the huge waves as it slowly steered forward.

Among them, there was a large ship that was being bombarded by the huge waves. It seemed like it would sink at any time.

Aruba had an idea. He looked at the large ship and said, “Brother Merlin, for us to find the contender who might become a Free Being, we must forge a new identity. Remember, the most important thing for a Latitude Traveler is to be completely assimilated into this Latitude Cosmos and become a part of it.”

Merlin looked at the large ship and faintly understood Aruba’s meaning. He smiled. “This ship then. I understand!”

Once he finished speaking, massive gales began to blow and huge waves appeared in the surrounding sea. No one noticed that, behind the massive gale, two figures dove quickly into the deep sea…

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