A Wizard’s Secret - Chapter 1037
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Chapter 1037: Devouring the Almighty Beast World

Aruba had not gotten very far when Merlin caught up to him.

“Merlin, why did you come?”

Upon seeing Merlin, a delighted expression shone on Aruba’s face. After all, Merlin was brought to the Central Region Controllers Alliance by Aruba personally and also originated from Ruba Region. They shared the closest bond between them.

Merlin shook his head and exhaled slowly. “Aruba, even if you want to complete the mission, you don’t have to rush.”

Until now, Merlin still did not understand why Aruba was so impatient and even acted somewhat reckless in finding trouble with Naya.

Seemingly reading Merlin’s thoughts, Aruba explained calmly, “Among the two people killed by Naya, one of them had once saved my life. If not for him, I would’ve died a long time ago.”

It turned out to be such. It was not surprising that Aruba’s reaction was different compared to the other three Free Beings and was unable to stay calm.

“Merlin, you don’t have to come.”

“Haha, both of us are a Free Being and a Controller who came from the same region. You and I are now like blood brothers. There’s no longer any concept of you or me.”

Merlin gradually learned of the close connection between Free Beings and Controllers from the same region. Their bond was almost like father and son or brothers. They were interconnected with each other.

After all, most of the Latitude Regions could only give birth to a Free Being or a Controller. Giving birth to two was honestly unheard of. Therefore, having two Free Beings or Controllers was considered extremely precious.

“Very well, let’s go now.”

However, Merlin shook his head. With a glint in his eye, he said, “Before that, I want to go somewhere!”

Aruba was filled with incomprehension but seeing the determination in Merlin’s eyes, he could only agree. Hence, both of them flew at maximum speed toward Ruba Region.

Both their flying speeds were very fast especially Merlin, due to the number of Latitude Cosmoses he had devoured. Therefore, the Illusory World was now a true Minor Cosmos. Naturally, mobilizing the power of a Minor Cosmos, Merlin was faster than Aruba.

Aruba was also astonished. He knew that Merlin must have received some benefits in the Central Region Controllers Alliance but since Merlin did not elaborate, he did not ask further.

So, after a while, Merlin and Aruba finally arrived at Ruba Region. At this point, Aruba finally could not help but ask, “Brother Merlin, why did you return to Ruba Region?”

“To look for a Latitude Cosmos!”

Although Ruba Region was quite vast, Merlin had already recognized some parts. Thus, he found the Almighty Beast World quickly. Currently, the Almighty Beast World was still the same as it was before. There was nothing special about it. Even Aruba could not tell that this was a desolate world that would soon collapse.

From the outside, neither a Free Being nor a Controller could see if the world’s will existed. It could be investigated only by wading deep into the Latitude Cosmos.

The Almighty Beast World did not seem incomplete. However, Merlin knew that this was a Latitude Cosmos without any will, which was the Controllers’ favorite type of world.

Controllers could easily devour a Latitude Cosmos like this. Previously, Merlin did now know that he could integrate the Almighty Beast World into his Illusory World. However, it was still not too late. The reason Merlin came was to integrate the Almighty Beast World in the Illusory World.

“Brother Merlin, are you going to devour this Latitude Cosmos?”

Watching Merlin’s actions, Aruba had a vague idea of what Merlin wanted to do. Merlin wanted to devour this Latitude Cosmos. Nonetheless, despite being a Free Being, Aruba knew that for a Controller to devour a Latitude Cosmos, it must be an incomplete Latitude Cosmos.

On the other hand, this Almighty Beast World was a complete world. How could Merlin devour it?

However, Merlin appeared confident. He did not explain further, but said, “Aruba, take a few steps back. I’m going to devour this Latitude Cosmos now!”

Although Aruba was still perplexed, he listened to Merlin and stayed away from the Almighty Beast World.

Once Merlin saw that Aruba had gone a distance away, he took a deep breath and looked at the Almighty Beast World with a complicated gaze. Regardless, he wielded the Illusory World.


The Illusory World descended. An incomparably huge power unfurled, much bigger than any of the Latitude Cosmos in the vicinity.

“What… Such an enormous world!”

Even Aruba, who had retreated far away, could feel the unparalleled pressure. Especially when he saw Merlin’s world, Aruba’s jaws dropped. Such an enormous world was comparable to a Minor Cosmos. Before Merlin went to the Central Region Minor Cosmos, his abilities were certainly not so powerful.

Aruba wondered what happened to Merlin in the Central Region Controllers Alliance.

The unequaled Illusory World descended and immediately wrapped around the Almighty Beast World. Based on the current size of the Illusory World, the Almighty Beast World was naught but a speck.

Nevertheless, integrating the Almighty Beast World was slightly troublesome. If this was an unknown Latitude Cosmos, Merlin could save himself the trouble and simply crush it. That method would allow it to integrate into the Illusory World swiftly.

However, the Almighty Beast World had people whom Merlin knew. Thus, he could only employ the slowest method, which was using the power of the natural order to slowly and gradually integrate the Almighty Beast World.

This method was indeed the slowest but the damage to the Latitude Cosmos was the least. Even then, Merlin could sense the earth-shattering changes in the Almighty Beast World.

Merlin simply tried to protect the Holy Dragon Empire as much as he could. As for the other places, he could not care less.

Time ticked by. Soon, a month had passed. Merlin’s Illusory World shook slightly. Then, amid the dark universe, a huge planet appeared.

The Almighty Beast civilization did not perish but reappeared in Merlin’s Illusory World and melded into one. Presently, Merlin’s Illusory World contained all kinds of civilization, almost too many to count. This was another uniqueness of Merlin’s Illusory World. He had constructed the Illusory World based on the natural order of the universe from his past life.

Of course, the Illusory World was very vast. Therefore, the chances of different civilizations bumping into one another were extremely unlikely. Unless, one day, a super civilization was born and was able to explore the Illusory World. Perhaps, then, they would encounter other civilizations.

However, for such a civilization to be born or developed, it would take a very long time. Perhaps hundreds of thousands of latitude years or perhaps even longer.

After devouring the Almighty Beast World, Merlin’s Illusory World expanded greatly. Following the expansion of the Illusory World, the unique trait of “Creators” began to manifest. The Illusory World continued to expand without devouring anything.

Naturally, the speed of such an expansion was much faster than devouring a Latitude Cosmos.


As soon as Merlin retracted the Illusory World, Aruba flew rapidly toward him. Aruba looked at the spot where the Almighty Beast World was. It was now empty. Aruba almost could not believe his eyes.

“Merlin, you’re probably the Absolute Being of a Minor Cosmos now, right?”

Earlier, Aruba had sensed that Merlin’s Illusory World had become a Minor Cosmos. It was no longer comparable to an ordinary Latitude Cosmos.

Merlin smiled. “It’s all thanks to Sir Tyron for rewarding me with some incomplete Latitude Cosmoses that I managed to grow the Illusory World into a Minor Cosmos. However, compared to Naya, I’m still far behind.”

Merlin was also telling the truth. While his Illusory World now qualified as a Minor Cosmos, it was at most equivalent to sixteen Latitude Cosmoses. Meanwhile, Naya’s was comparable to thirty-six Latitude Cosmos.

Between the Minor Cosmos, there were also size disparities. Considering Naya’s countless years of accumulation, his world was of course, more powerful than Merlin’s.

Aruba shook his head and said, “Naya has become a Controller for goodness knows how many latitude years. How can you compare to him? Look, your current abilities are already much stronger than mine. I remember when I was still in the Void Zone, you were just a weak little chap. I didn’t expect that you’ve grown to such a degree.”

Aruba felt amazed thinking of Merlin’s appearance back in the Void Zone.

“Anyway, let’s go to Polo Latitude Region.”

After Merlin had integrated the Almighty Beast World, he and Aruba departed from Ruba region and flew toward the Polo Latitude Region.

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