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Chapter 3027: The Man Behind It AllTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationGu Xijiu grabbed his hand tightly as another realization struck. “Your soul is here as a whole! You did not even leave one small fragment behind to guard your body!” She felt an abrupt surge

Chapter 1123 Loving and Doting You with My Life 23It was lively at the wedding venue.Shi Guang changed into the red cheongsam that was made for her. It was embedded with an elegant black side and the intricate flower patterns were sewn upon with sophistication. When worn, it was a shocking beauty.Sh

It was called the Death Gate, but it was actually just a black hole that was spitting Death Energy above the tomb. The heartbeat which came from deep within the tomb also got stronger and stronger. Everyone exchanged glances with one another and knew that the Death Witch would revive in just a few b

Chapter 1621: Acting (B)“Are you lying? You can’t lie like this, right?” Fan Jinzhe was angered and his eyes opened wide, “It only cost one thousand yuan to buy a new tire. Are the materials you use to patch a tire more expensive than a new tire?”“The rarer it is, the greater the value!” Little Ma s

Chapter 1620: Acting (A)“Boss, did you call for a tow truck? I’m from the Niu Lao San Auto Repair Center!” The skull-vest guy walked over with a smile and said to Little Wang.Before Little Wang could speak, Fan Jinzhe came over quickly, “It’s me. I made the call. Our tires were punctured by nails. C

Chapter 1253 I Wish You WellOnly when Klein was about to reach the end of the flight of stone steps did the two Silver Knights guards outside the Giant King’s Court react.They turned their heads as the orange glow behind their visors flashed twice, as though it was confirming the identity of the vis

 Shan Bing felt anxious and quickly followed behind.  The only one left behind on the spot was Che Mei Han.  Brother Wei has been dragged away?  What should I do?  Che Mei Han began to panic. She simply did not know what to do. She did not even sense that the pain on her face had already disappeared

Chapter 1269 Nicholas DouSenior White said, “Well, you still have one day to prepare it.”Song Shuhang said, “I see. I got quite a bit of stuff from my trip to the Beast Realm, perhaps I can pick out a suitable gift from that.”Besides, regarding Doudou’s wedding, he was more concerned about who the g

Above the sea, hundreds of thousands of saber Qi filled with killing desire covered the heavens and the earth. Su Mo wore a severe expression on his face. There was no way he could escape the attacks all around him. He could only concentrate his efforts on defending himself, since there was no way t

Su Mo got rid of all distractions from his mind and concentrated his attention on uniting the Spiritual Soul and Martial Soul. Nie Qian and Han Ying felt helpless as they did not know what Su Mo’s plan was. Since they had tried their best to warn Su Mo, they had done what a friend could do. As time

Volume 3: Chapter 4: lucky Bastard! Qin Yi, who lost a lot, didn’t want that plan to fail. In any case, he had to take the shot.Gradually, one day passed, Qin Yi sat in front of the Portal, sleepless all night.On the second day, when the sun rose, Li Yuanli’s voice suddenly sounded in Qin Yi’s mind.

At this moment, he received a message from Mu Zi that their second expedition to the fairy-tale secret realm was going to happen soon. Aiolos went there again alone, and needless to say, things didn’t end well. The three brothers decided to join forces again. Furthermore, Wang Zhong had almost gone

“Lin Ran, how dare you splash that cup of coffee at Jiaoyang! Aren’t you afraid of offending the Chu family, Haixing Corporation, and…” Without waiting for that friend of Chu Jiaoyang to finish her words, Lin Ran splashed the coffee right at her. Splashed with the steaming hot coffee, Chu Jiaoyang’s

Su Yue bent over to place her down. Her short legs carried her faster than a rabbit as she chased after Yan Wenxin and the rest.Beibei casually walked beside Su Yue. When they got outside their room door, Xuxu opened it and all the little fellows squirmed into it.Beibei suddenly grabbed Su Yue’s han

Xuxu let her cry for a while before pulling her into her embrace. She consoled, “All right. Don’t cry anymore.” She patted her back gently, consoling her.Ah Sheng was right. She was bound to find out one day.And all along, this was what she was most worried about. She was afraid that Su Yue could no

Chapter 2022 Lei Zonglie“s DeathThe Fist King finally reached the most critical point. Han Te and Liu Li pricked their ears, and Li Yao condensed his soul, not missing a single detail.“At that time,” the Fist King said, “he was being hunted and heavily wounded. He was almost somewhat deranged when h

[The ’Small Magic Machines Production Method’ has been acquired.][Small Magic Machines Production Method][Rating: AncientA production method for a magic machine suitable for human control.Learning Condition: Five craftsman level production skills or one legendary production technique. Weight: 1]It w

Chapter 462 Pseudo DomainWell, this group of kidnappers was worried that it was so dangerous to break into the villa, where there were a lot of people, to abduct the woman. Now there were two women, so they chose them. Anyway, they did not know who Ding Ning’s woman was.As a result, Ye Huan and her

Chapter 2372 You are Duan Ling Tian?“What a formidable force!”“So this is the strength of a Four Tribulation Bodiless Celestial? How strong!”“Although we can’t see their movements, based on their attacks that rip holes in the void, it’s evident that they’re extremely strong!”The group of people from

Chapter 1474 Kanuo“s NewsA blood-colored light quietly disappeared into the dense forest. A cloud of black gas gradually condensed into a human form.“Fortunately, I had some contingencies. Otherwise, this life would have been considered lost in Tiderain City! However … my injury is too severe. Witho

Chapter 1009 Who Did It?Two Heaven Rank powerhouses were floating in the sky. One of them was very tall, his body emitting a dense glaring aura comparable to the Great Tribal Chief.The other one was thin and frail, he was wearing hide clothes and holding a magic staff, while three smoky fireballs we

Boom! A shocking explosion sounded out as Zhao Fu lay on the ground, streams of blood trickling out of his eyes. The sky was covered by a black and blood-red starlight, which condensed into a pillar of starlight and fell on Zhao Fu’s body, causing an extremely terrifying power to blast out. The grou

Jiang Chen looked for a tavern where he could reside, even though if he just entered Fengyu Tower swaggeringly, none would obstruct him due to his previous performance. However, the members of the Spirit Sword Mountain and Divine Blade Manor let Jiang Chen get a bad impression of Fengyun Tower. “Thi

“Instantaneous Murder of Metal!” Since this technique had the word ‘instantaneous’ in it, it was obvious it would build up power in just an instant. Jiang Chen had first used the Metal Rule, which let the sword become so sharp that it could penetrate everything, and just after this, he merged two hu

Her gaze was gentle and clear whilst her smiling face contained a faint warmth as she watched him with a fixed gaze. “I’m not God. Does looking at me really raise your spirits that much?” He chuckled, cleared his throat, and then pinched the silent Mu Xiaocheng who cried out. His little paws caught

Mu Yinan spoke earnestly as rueful sentiments gathered in his aged eyes. Mu Lingshi thought for a moment, then could not help but voice out what she had been keeping in mind for a long time, “Grandfather, you and Grandmother must’ve been very loving. Even though the two of you usually bickered, I co

“Oh?” Jian Wushuang was interested. If Emperor God Tian Xiao were to be wandering in the Second Lair, he had no scruples. “How about Emperor God Tian Xiao?” Jian Wushuang asked. “Emperor God Tian Xiao has been in a commanding position in Soaring Heaven King Palace all this while. He hardly wanders i

Ye Futian was not the only one who was surprised. A look of shock came over all the cultivators at the Xuantian Pavilion. Many people were looking at Yin Tianyu of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, and then at Ye Futian. If there were candidates, the two of them were definitely among them. As for the ot

A loud bang rang through the air. As soon as Xia Yanran had finished speaking, CEO Tan threw his glass to the ground. Some glass shards flew to her calf and seemed to have pierced into her skin, and there was a jarring pain that almost made her gasp. But she only frowned, and did not let it show on

Wen Shan spat out her water in shock and Nalan Chunbo didn’t even flinch as the droplets hit him. He was not as agitated as Wen Shan since he was naturally a calm person. “What is Ding Junqi doing?” Wen Shan demanded furiously, looking at Nalan Chunbo. “He did it on purpose,” Nalan Chunbo said light

The terrifying aura soared to its maximal point soon afterward. The blood-red, twelve-winged silhouette was already projected behind him. It was the Thought Concretization! He could not forget when he watched the three powerful opponents standing before his father in the spiritual world. Those three

Chapter 1440: What If I Get A Nosebleed?Zheng Yan’s body froze instantly!The conversation she had with Nian Xiaomu earlier, instantly flashed through her mind.“I suggest you check if Mo Yongheng remembered to take his clothes into the bathroom. Otherwise, when you hear the sound of the door opening

Chapter 1439: The Scene Is Too Beautiful, I Don’t Dare to Look!Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas StudiosThe place wasn’t considered huge and the renovation wasn’t luxurious either, but the location was very good.The style of the villa suited the withdrawn and calm feelings Mo Yongheng gave of

Chapter 932 This Is Very Thrilling“But what is the use of asking Lu Man? To speak the truth, Lu Man doesn’t have such a great amount of pull, right? She does have fame, but wanting to bring the audience to go against The Performer, that is unrealistic. There is no use for the show to seek out Lu Man

Chapter 924 Heaven on EarthThe next morning, Li Yi reached out his arm blearily for a hug, only to find the other side of his bed empty. That was when he opened his eyes.Li Yi sat up and recalled what happened last night. He thought, ‘That didn’t seem like Qian’er, and it wasn’t Jiaojiao either. So

Chapter 923 Stolen BossThe huge explosion was a result of an Engineered Explosive. Someone had planted it underground in advance.When he saw that someone was trying to steal the giant golden egg, Li Yi activated his Rocket Propellant and rushed forth just in time to see the egg-stealing player stab

Chapter 922 Air Authority“Smack!”The ball made of golden light exploded in Moonlight’s hand, and the immense impact made it groan in pain. It held its head in its hands, curling into a ball in midair.Li Yi’s Powered-up Arrow did not aim at Moonlight, but at the Light’s Destruction in its hands.The D

Chapter 921 Sudden Attack“Don’t attack, we’re on the same side, we’re allies! Watch out for the fireballs!”“We’re on the same side, motherf*cker!”“We’re on the same side, en garde!”At the beginning of the melee, Scumbag Wang was the only one yelling about the same side while he slashed fiercely at t

Chapter 920 On the Same Side“What? We lost more than 600 million?”“Haha, you can’t really say we lost it. After all, we still have so much stock in hand. If we sell it all, we could probably earn a fair sum more. Haha…”“When can we sell it all?”“Haha, probably within two years.”“What?!”“Don’t look a

Chapter 2685 – Generous Remuneration, Tier 4 Promotion QuestAs soon as Shi Feng finished speaking, the female Cursemancer and the other Frost Heaven members inside the room promptly snapped out of their dazes, all the contempt they previously had for Zero Wing swept away.The number of peak experts Z