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Chapter 1397, Luring Into A TrapMoving around indiscriminately would only lead to triggering more Spirit Array traps, akin to seeking one’s death.Sure enough, with all the Spirit Arrays arranged around Dragon Cave Mountain’s periphery, the more than eighty Saint King Realm cultivators that entered t

Chapter 935: The Might of OneOn the battlegrounds, Mo Wen and Tongming exchanged blows rapidly. More than 100 moves were used in the span of a breath breath. An ordinary person would have only just picked up their teacup and taken two sips of tea before the battle ended.Tongming and Mo Wen stood ten

Chapter 934: Layered WavesTongming had generated invisible power. He was indeed a warrior from the Peng Lai Immortal Realm. His skills were extraordinary. Mo Wen nodded to himself. Tongming’s attack on him earlier definitely did not make use of any martial arts teachings or secret techniques. It was

Chapter 933: Great Strength Vajrapani FormulaThe Yin Yang Heaven and Earth Great Shift!Gao Hanshan, the clan leader of the Gao clan, and Chen Wuhui, the Sect Leader of the Intentionless Sect, as well as some of those from the Ming Preservation Faction, were so excited they were flushed.The Yin Yang

Chapter 932: The Patriarch of the Ming TempleMo Wen did not know what consequences he would incur by using Yin Yang Qi and the Heaven and Earth Great Shift. To his mind, his priority right now was to defeat the five enemies he had in front of him. The power of the Yin Yang Heaven and Earth Great Shi

Chapter 931: Grudges and EnmityMi Heli began to move, and the other four warriors from the Heavenly Sea Sect followed suit as well. They all knew that Mo Wen was very powerful. As such, they would not count on their numbers as an advantage over him. Even though it was a little unfair, given a choice

Folsom’s words could be interpreted in another meaning. ‘Yeah, we’re trying to kill you but what can you do about that?’There was a violent fire burning in Xia Lei’s soul, masked by his calmness on the surface. “Xia Lei, still the same example.” Hattori Mei interjected, “The American Intelligence De

Chapter 827: First Time Using Sword FormationZong Shou sat alone at the tail of the giant ship. Thirty six Star Dragon Pellets were flickering around him, appearing and disappearing, their locations changing.Actually at this moment one couldn’t call them Dragon Pellets as they were real stars.They h

Chapter 826: Increase in InvestmentZong Shou had guessed if the person Sword Sect sent would be Suchen. He also guessed if they would recall Leidong from the outer region or just send any other elder.He didn’t expect them to send Feng Taiji.“My Sword Sect treats this outer region expansion with much

Chapter 825: Animal animalDriving that Royal Demon God Shuttle from Tianfang World to the place where the ships were hiding at only took an hour.The moment Zong Shou got close he could sense the spiritual energy raging out from that direction.His brow rose up, a look of worry flashed across his eyes

Chapter 654: Unifying Wanzhou (VII)In Jiang Pengji’s view, those die-hard believers were like time bombs. They certainly could not be allowed to stay.What about those people who did not have a firm determination, who only went along with the flow?Could she kill all of them?That would be impossible.S

Chapter 1730: Why, Oh Why?!If Heart of War spoke to Square Root 3, his words would’ve been taken more seriously.Gangnam Royals had recently managed to stabilize themselves. They kept on fighting in Instance Dungeons, occupied one stronghold, and came second in the Donghua Cup. Ruling Sword looked to

Chapter 1583: The War Begins!The Fire Field was a powerful field, thanks to the influence of Jiang Chen.The Fire Field wasn’t really big. While the Evil Demonic King’s troops were still marching, other Demons had arrived here.The biggest city in the Fire Field was its capital. It couldn’t be compare

Chapter 1336: Extremely FierceWhen Brother Wolf heard that, a fierce smile appeared on his face as he followed with his black cloth bag.However, what left Brother Wolf puzzled was the pedestrians. None of them seemed to care that a young child was leading a stranger around. On the contrary, the way

Chapter 956 Stars and Great BearAt first, she had accidentally sensed a few things. She sensed that there were emotions such as greed, jealousy, desire, and excitement in her Teacher’s seemingly gentle gaze. With her gratitude towards her Teacher and her trust in her, Scarlet would not care much abo

Chapter 1140 CodexAfter all, the 73rd God who had just awakened was very weak. Based on the opinion of those future mages, this was the only opportunity to get rid of a God.But now, the God’s soul started controlling the entire Raging Flame Plane and led it to a path of destruction. This was the mos

Chapter 1075: Lin Xiao Was the Best Ace in Her HandsAt this moment, the Ball fan with braids said a few sarcastic words, then looked at Lin Qingxi’s fans. “Who’s the white lotus bitch now?”Lin Qingxi’s fans felt anger in their hearts but were unable to rebut.“The press conference ends here. Thank yo

Chapter 534: Strengthening Skill“Clomaros’ Kill!”The golden light surrounding Broken Blade increased in intensity as Lin Jie raised the golden weapon up high. With a slash, Frostfire was instantly sliced into two! The ice-blue part turned into three Frostbolts, and the flames turned into three Fireb

Chapter 533: Training Newcomers“Breeze Wind, gather at the South Gate.” Lin Jie had also sent a message to the newcomer, Breeze Wind. As for himself, he walked into the Job-Changing Hall. He had already reached Level 50, so he needed to do something fundamental—strengthening his skills.The rule of T

Chapter 532: Change of Member in Savage Blade“Nonsense!” Bu Yi cried out in shock and embarrassment.The moment she used Ocean’s Heart to teleport, she appeared right at the entrance of Sakura’s bar. Right after, she saw Lin Jie’s familiar face. Who else would it be but him?Lin Jie patted Bu Yi’s sho

Chapter 531: Just Not Telling You“To be buried with you?”Lin Jie looked into the distance. The General’s Mausoleum was the highest place in the whole General’s Tomb map. From there, he could see the maps such as Hall of Corpses, Hall of Abomination, and Soldier’s Tomb, which had turned into ruins. T

Chapter 530: Sky Collapsing Ground Crushing StrikeBu Yi hooked her finger, and the Holy Light Chain tightened itself around Eighteen Massacres. Holy Light Chain was the signature crowd control skill of Ascetic Priests—it could only be used on a single target, and when it was activated, the target wo

Chapter 634: DracolichAlthough the venture was very rewarding, Lin Li dared not explore the center of the graveyard. He knew that while there were higher-quality Dragon Soul Herbs there, there were probably also Dracoliches hibernating nearby. Although the death aura spread through the entire dragon

Chapter 1258: Why Did You Abandon Him and the Child? (38)Lu Yanzhi looked at his son with a serious expression. “You have killed your younger sister just now.”Xiao Bai opened his jaw in astonishment and his pretty little face was filled with shock. He was so scared that his pink lips turned pale. “D

Chapter 1384 ConceptualizationUpon hearing Amon’s words, Klein’s heart sank.Before this, he wasn’t worried that Amon would collude with Genie, because “He” was a top-notch Swindler. No promises “He” made could be believed. As for Genie, “He” had encountered the former Lord of the Mysteries. “He” was

Chapter 1013 Incoming EnemyFor Baili Jia Jue, it was best if Helian Wei Wei broke the Demon’s Contract now because he would not need to think of a way to find out her wish.As time passed, Baili Jia Jue’s eyes turned increasingly gloomier.Ah, all humans are the same.In a threatening situation, anyone

Chapter 1012 Betrayal?“You may trap me here and forbid me from going anywhere, but that won’t stop me from killing you. You know very well that I have yet to do so due to the time condition of the Demon’s Contract. There is no difference dying sooner or later, my master, you must be feeling awful no

Chapter 1011 TrappedHelian Wei Wei glanced at him. “Don’t try to create false feelings. There can be hostility between us, we can also probe into one another, but please do not put up an act in front of me. If you want me to be happier, please put on this blanket.”As Helian Wei Wei spoke she stood u

Chapter 1378 The Nine Heavens Passageway Is OpenAt the moment when the Nine Heavens continent was as dark as ink, Mo Tianji and the other brothers gathered in the Middle Three Heavens.The sky suddenly went dark.In the strange darkness, the voice of Mo Tianji sounded slowly. “It’s here!”Luo Kedi aske

Chapter 972 Someone TerrifyingAt times, waiting for someone felt excruciating, which is how it currently was for Miao Chengtang. He had neared the limit of his pain tolerance. If he kept waiting, he was likely going to suffer a nervous breakdown even if his body was able to hold on. As he was about

Chapter 1351: Cannon FodderChapter 1350 – Cannon Fodder“Yes!” Old Hei smiled bitterly in his heart but kept nodding on the surface. He stepped up and solved the mechanism. He wanted to prove to Lin Yi that he was capable as well, and could go into the palace without Lin Yi’s help. This way, he’d hav

Chapter 1132 Fatal WeaknessYan’er looked at that pathetic Great Emperor’s attempt to extinguish the flames. She flapped her wings and asked, “Master, why can’t they extinguish your devilish flames? I see that their vital qi, cultivation, and divine art power are much stronger than yours.”“They haven

Chapter 1182 The Father of the Children Is BackQiao Nan had gradually adapted to juggling between her studies and her family, and she had gotten back on track.“Madam, you have reached.” Qiao Nan would shuffle between Peking University and the Zhai family’s residence every day. The chauffeur at the Z

Chapter 638: A Scheme Within A SchemeThanks to Muscle Tendon Changing and Marrow Cleansing, Yan Liqiang’s powerful biological clock woke him from his dream before the sun had even risen the next day.He was still in the pavilion of the manor, although he was only in the loft.A screen, a bed veil, and

Chapter 1282 Alarmed! 6Morrison alighted from the car behind them, but before he could get any closer, he could already hear Qi Feng’s incensed shouts, so he could not help but be alarmed.He quickly walked up, and at this moment, Qi Feng had already opened the car door.Morrison could feel the cold a

Chapter 1210 What Kind Of Pretense Was He Trying To Put UpAt the moment, he was leaning backward and drinking tea in complete disregard of everyone else. He sat there and did not say a word either.When Mu Wanqing saw An Lan enter, she quickly kicked him. “An Lan, you’re here. It has been a tough jou

Chapter 1407 Old Man Xu“s StoryIn the past, Ling Han could not tell what part of Old Man Xu was strong, but this time, Ling Han realized that Old Man Xu was definitely in the Heavenly Body Tier. In fact, he was in the high extreme, or at the consummate level, because he could not distinguish his cul

Chapter 1406 Screwing over the Minister Again“See, Wife, even he himself admits that you are the culprit!” Ling Han turned to look at the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden again, all his killing intent evaporating into nothing.This…Deliberate misrepresentation, debauchery, and purposefully distorting t

Chapter 1405 Beaten by whom?The Left Minister felt awkward.Zhao Lun’s request was actually very logical. A Great General of the empire had died, and as the Left Minister, and presently the highest commander, he could not possibly overlook this matter no matter what. But the problem now was that Ling

Chapter 916 High Grade Mechanical SenseOn the second satellite of the Black Star Army headquarters was Training Ground 001. This was a training plaza far larger than the training rooms and could support large scale battles. Furthermore, it was constructed with high tensile alloy and was capable of e