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This time around, if Lei Mengqing didn’t get her mind straight and wished to stomp down on Lin Nuan, then there’d probably be no one else who would look for trouble for Lin Nuan after she cleared her name. This would be a good thing as well. By the time Fang Yan settled everything, Lin Nuan and her

“Hey, student! You, why you are standing up? Sit down!” The middle-aged man glared at Chen Ge, but the later did not respond. He coughed twice before he caught Chen Ge’s attention, and Chen Ge quickly returned to his seat. “Bro, what was that?” the round-faced kid whispered to Chen Ge, but he did no

To make things worse, he added, “She’ll be riding on your shoulders your entire life.” This sentence made Lu Yinan furious. He hollered, “Nonsense. I even rode her last night.” How dare they think that he was less capable than a woman! He was just being a gentleman and a doting husband.After Young M

“Shuang, congratulations.” “Sister Hooligan, I wish you a blissful marriage.” The three women stood together, giving him no chance to interject.“Lu Yinan, come here. We need to talk.” Lu Yinan held a glass of wine and was walking past Yan Rusheng and Ming Ansheng when Yan Rusheng pulled his elbow.Ya

Chapter 511: Your Man is Very Rich Right Now (Part Two)“Got it.” Xu Cheng smiled and had the cab stop at the main gate of the school campus.Wearing a big down jacket, Xu Cheng activated penetrating vision and walked into the school to look for Lin Chuxue.In fact, Lin Chuxue was just teasing Xu Cheng

Chapter 511: Your Man is Very Rich Right Now (Part One)Ye Xiu’s eyes narrowed. “Grandpa, it’s not gonna be easy unifying the Land of Mercenaries, right?”“No sh-t! That place is like a big dye tank. More than half of the outlaws in the world went to that place after they lost political asylum and bec

Chapter 459 Flying in the SkyDing Ning made himself invisible and opened his All-seeing Eye to check around. However, frightened and uncertain, he found nothing.When he was drinking, he faintly felt that someone was snooping on him. But at first, he thought he was not the target.But until he played

Chapter 2016 The Uncontrollable Iron Fists!“My lord!”An old man in a white gown who was short, slender, and looked like a weasel hurried to walk forward.A metal ring had been embedded into the old man’s brow and around his head. More than ten ports were distributed on the metal ring evenly. Most of

Grid’s gameplay style was very unique. Unlike other people who liked to experience new content as soon as it appeared, Grid often left many situations alone. It was a type of habit. It was a habit sparked by too many failures when attempting to do new content. It was why Grid passively approached ne

Chapter 1468 Cutting off the Path of Retrea“Heh, your strength is indeed not bad; it’s not to the extent of making me too bored! Now, I can send you all on your way.”Ye Yuan’s voice sounded out faintly, sounding the funeral bell of this hundred-man team.Only to see Ye Yuan’s figure become a blur. Th

Chapter 1003 Worship WarsongThe Demon Overlord sneered sinisterly as he pushed back the Wolf Riders squadron. He seemed very disdainful as he walked on the lava and chased the Beastmen.The ten Lesser Demon Overlords behind the Purple-Eyed Greater Demon Overlord all roared and raised their arms, a la

Chapter 1675 Green LighThe Three-Headed Ogre had been waiting for Zhao Fu for a while, and as his gaze fell on Zhao Fu, he said, “Are you that person who has defeated three geniuses in a row? Seems like you’re somewhat special, but as an Imperial Prince, I definitely won’t lose to you. Also, what is

Outside the town. When both Su Hao and Li Tiantian saw this scene, they both froze. “Did you calculate this aftermath?” Li Tiantian was shocked. “How could I?” Su Hao looked as if he had seen a ghost, “I just planned to infect them with the virus and then go to Luo Yang’s house with the appearance o

Jiang Chen reduced the mechanical horse’s size before he handed it over to the two princesses. The three people proceeded on foot, and they managed to leave Absolute Sky Domain by nightfall. The people who came from all directions ended up assembling unknowingly, and if one counted them cursorily, h

Whoosh! Whoosh! Two rays of brilliant golden light stopped beside Jian Wushuang and they were the two Hong Jun Golden Swords. The two Hong Jun Golden Swords were emitting an infinite amount of cold light and it looked as if they could attack any time. “If you wish to fight with me, you had better be

Hearing his words, Nan Zhi’s heart softened. She was the only warmth and comfort he had left. If she did not want him, he might really go mad! Nan Zhi wanted to get out from under the blanket to hug him, but when she thought that she was not wearing any clothes, she stayed under the blanket.A pair o

Boom!As the last warrior of the Purple-golden Rat Clan was knocked to the ground, the powerful Killing Will gradually dissipated. The phantoms disappeared, and everything returned to peace. However, the peerless Goddess at the top of the Xuantian Pavilion stairs was still surrounded by a cold, murde

Ding Yuejia looked up at Le Tian pleadingly. “I don’t want to go with him. I just want to stay here with you, please don’t leave me.” Ding Yuejia was still clutching Le Tian’s thigh tightly. Le Tian pursed her lips as she stared down at the little brat. Why was Ding Yuejia stopping her from leaving

When he saw Yuanen Yehui kill the aquatic soul beast with ease, he could not help drawing in a chilly breath out of fear. This seemed quite different from the data gathered about this girl’s abilities! Such formidable darkness power. Could it be that she was an evil soul master? The purple-black hue

Gu Lingsha trembled when she saw Gu Qiwu’s increasingly stormy face. She felt hot tears in her eyes, as she walked up to him in panic. “I’m sorry, Father! It’s all my fault! I thought that Mu Lingshi was going to hurt Mother. That’s why I…I didn’t expect that I’d make her fall down the stairs. I als

Chapter 1266 Life-bound magical treasure, Defiant Whale WarriorSenior White Two said, [Anyway, I’ll go and deal with that big-eyed planet first, see you later.]After that, Song Shuhang lost contact with Senior White Two.Song Shuhang pinched his chin and fell into contemplation.He remembered an inter

The visit to Yu Jian’s home was no different from how it went in the morning. The room reeked of a smell that was only recognizable to Chen Ge, and cold food was left on the table. To further convince Nurse Yu, Chen Ge brought with him some documents, including Yu Jian’s case files from the police s

Chapter 2679 – Promotion FrenzyOrc Empire, Silverwing Town:After Zero Wing’s victory over the Faux Saint army, independent players started flocking to Silverwing Town from all over the Orc Empire. The members of many powers also came for a better look at Silverwing Town’s situation. As a result, Sil

He Mengmeng also thought about it and instantly felt happy. Nodding, she said, “That’s right, that’s right.” The three of them reached the hotel doorway, and the driver that Han Zhuoli assigned to Lu Man, Xiao Guo, was already waiting there. Lu Man was about to officially start taking up activities,

Chapter 1434: He Who Is Unjust Is Doomed to Destruction! (11)Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas StudiosShe would not let go of this chance to check how much evil Mo Kun had done over the years! “You!” Mo Kun clenched his teeth. She did it on purpose! However, now that he was caught. Nothing he

The invisible Lin Qiao arrived to find the two level-eight beasts rolling up into a ball while attacking each other with their teeth and claws, and Lan Lu sneakily approaching the level-nine man. She spent a short while observing the scene, then quickly moved toward the level-nine man. She ignored t

The poisonous gas in the forest might have weakened Lin Qiao’s sense of smell. But thankfully, she could still roughly sense the surrounding scents. “Roar!” The black wolf, who was suffering the torment given by Lin Qiao’s black fire, suddenly uttered a fierce roar and released a strong stream of ic

Chapter 1502 The two lively lads!On the other end.Mu Yichen put down the phone with his face full of pride and told his brother, “Mommy’s coming home tomorrow!”Youyou, who was standing at one side, glared at him with gleaming eyes.He retracted his shoulders involuntarily at the other’s angry look. W

“You’ve lost weight again,” said Gu Zhengrong to the woman in the chair seriously. Since the beginning of her pregnancy, the woman had been getting skinnier. It was as if all nutrients in her body were being absorbed by the child in her stomach. Pei Ge, who was chatting happily with her best friend,

Hence, the person helping her must have a notable background! “Ah?” Qin Qitong’s eyes widened infinitely as she looked at him with a face full of disbelief. “Are you serious? I know everyone who is related to Sister Pei Ge; where would that person come from?” “You don’t understand. If the person hel

She hadn’t stole it, but the money had appeared in her room. Hence, this was a set-up. After saying this, Xia Nuannuan looked towards Shen Zihao. Shen Zihao frowned. His expression was hesitant and uncertain. Xia Nuannuan’s heart froze. But she couldn’t really blame him. Although they were married,

Chapter 938: A Woman Who Puts Her Body on the Table is One to FearTranslator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas StudiosChu Mingmo nodded subconsciously. “You got an idea?” Su Maner whispered in her ear and spoke for a long time. “The reason I am targeting Lin Wanwan first is that she is more suitable. Al

Lin Xuanji turned her head away to evade his kiss. So Lu Jinwen did not get to kiss her. Both their faces were in close proximity and their breaths were entwined. Lu Jinwen stared at her quietly with his almond-shaped eyes and said, “You still like it when I use force, hm?” He grasped her exquisite

Chapter 2678 – Upgrading Silverwing TownLiang Jing’s complexion paled at Fang Shihan’s demand.Setting aside the method to grasp the Spiritualization Realm, just handing over Stone Forest City would be more than enough to doom the current Zero Wing.Over half of Zero Wing’s current income came from St

Chapter 2326 Ruining my plan for no reasonLin Que and Yu Shao couldn’t follow Si Yehan, so they could only anxiously wait at the bottom.To their surprise, within a few minutes, they caught sight of Si Yehan walking out of the elevator by himself.Si Yehan was wearing only a single shirt, the button a

Chapter 2327 Barrel in and poach peopleYe Wanwan immediately looked at her gratefully. “Thank you, Senior Sister! You’re the best!”“Why are you being polite to me?!”The two of them arrived in front of Si Yehan’s current residence.They were about to exit the car when Ye Wanwan suddenly stopped Medusa

Chapter 1566 SomethingOld Manor of the Li Family.Li Jianyue chased Teeny Su around the house. The surroundings were new to the little puppy. It was extremely uncomfortable with the foreign environment. Whenever it saw Li Jianyue, it’d quickly run away.After running for some time and still being unab

Chapter 1564: Marriage Involves Two FamiliesTranslator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas StudiosWhen Bai Yaoyao heard his words, waves of emotions crashed through her heart. Her eyes widened in shock as she asked, “So soon?”Duan Yanhao held Bai Yaoyao’s hands and looked intently into her eyes. “Yaoyao,

Chapter 1527: She’s a Wild Kitty (2)Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas StudiosUsually, if he were to wash himself he preferred taking a shower, but if she were to join him it’d be more fun in the bathtub. He smiled and asked, “The sex toys that Qiqing was talking about seem alright. Let’s buy

“Young Master, are you alright?” The sound of static sounded beside his ears. Since they were in an old castle, the signal of the earpiece would be more or less affected. Qin Mo was always careful. Hence, even though there was no one around him, he still remained quiet. Instead, he knocked on his wa