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The boss of the trade caravan was extremely anxious when he saw the sparks in the sky. He was worried that Sun Zhongyang and the rest created trouble and he had to bear the consequences. He was unable to bear the consequences.At this moment, he was slightly envious of Lu Shu. He looked at Lu Shu who

In the morning, warm sunlight shone on the bed. The person covered by the blanket looked like he was covered by yellow sand. It was so calm and holy that it made others have the urge to kneel down.Ling Ran felt the excitement of the sunlight and had his eyelashes flutter. Then, he slowly opened his

Chapter 953 If Anything HappensThe crowd went dead silent.Yang Chen loosen his grip and let Ning Guodong fall to the floor.Ning Guodong, who had just escaped death’s grip, crawled towards Ning Guangyao while overwhelmed by fear.Darkness loomed over Yang Chen’s eyes, feeling as though he was falling

Called My Name CLANG!Lin Ruoxi dropped her glass onto the floor. It shattered.Her face turned ice-cold whereas Ning Guangyao’s shock turned into anger. He glared at Ning Guodong furiously with bulging eyes.Yang Chen could feel tears falling out of Lin Ruoxi’s eyes. He threw his glass away and pulled

Chapter 468 At SeaIt was rather dark inside the cabin. The only sources of light were the fine gaps between the boards above, through which sunlight bled through. One was only barely able to make out one’s surroundings inside. Nearly three hundred people were seated in the squashed cabin. The wide c

Chapter 841: As Long As He Will Be Fine, I Don’t Care About Anything ElseTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation“D*mn it!” Lu Bai was eager to draw blood. “I will kill that scoundrel!”“Bai, calm down.”Wen He said numbly.“There is no changing the facts. It is only a

Chapter 840: If You Do This, I Will Never Forgive You!Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationThey never stood a chance.“Wen He! Get back here!!”Huo Chen tried to force the cell bars apart in a frenzy. He struggled like a mad animal that was trying to break free of

Indeed, the humans were fighting back with increasing vigor. Fighting on the frontlines, the yin tribe was the first one to notice.In comparison, Celestial remained dubious. “Just trapped beasts struggling on their deathbed. They won’t last for long, so endure for a little while longer. Winterdraw w

This auditory domain resonated with all five senses via sound and ultimately invaded the soul to subdue the enemy.Of course, it was useless against someone with a heart as steady as a rock. But the others?Even some of the divine realm cultivators were dazed, their hearts and minds in turmoil.The mom

Chapter 1657 (Raw 1669, Raw 1639-1668 Nonexistent): Origin of Cultivation TechniquesThere were many badly damaged areas in the painting. This was an incomplete Saber Technique.Xiao Chen himself was a bladesman. Naturally, he could tell how extraordinary this Saber Technique was. With just one quick

Chapter 680: The Status of the Royal Family (2)With the royal family’s visit to Tajikistan, the people’s minds were completely tilted to Kazakhstan. It was because the Queen and her family visited even small towns.Some even said the Queen looked like an angel from heaven.When Youngho delivered the n

Chapter 1129: Different PathsTranslator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus TalesYan Xing Deity King looked askance at the old turtle and shook his head, “King Xiang, our paths have determined that we will not get along, you and I are, after all, walking towards different paths. I may be on bad terms with

Chapter 1128: Yuan YaTranslator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus TalesZhong Yue heaved a breath of relief when the three left. Then, he looked up to the sky with a stern face.It wasn’t him who killed Shen Xiage nor was it Great Si Ming; it was the Heavenly Dao, Heaven’s power.Back in the Space Bottle, h

This time not only was Aunty Hei dismembered, people in the vicinity were not spared.Sima You Yue was satisfied with this result and began to run around the dragon trapping array. Wherever she went, the lightning bolts became particularly fierce. Those who were stubborn saw her approaching, ignoring

“City Lord.” Zheng Weilong looked at Jun Wu Xie as she trembled with her words.Upon hearing that, Dongfang Ku Bi laughed. He immediately stopped laughing and quickly got up from his chair. He stopped to look at Jun Wu Xie with his eyes full of worship.Jun Wu Xie glanced at the three of them. The mom

“You … Are you kidding me? Lord Yan is very formidable. But … is it possible to kill tens of thousands of people in one second…? How is this possible, are you dazzled?” Dongfang Ku Bi’s expression was stiff and unacceptable.What Ah Da said to him was just a big lie. And he was not foolish enough to

On the same day, Jun Wu Xie released Nangong Lie after her victory in the Middle Realm. She wanted Nangong Lie to convey the important message to the Upper Realm so that Luo Qingcheng would bring Ye Jue to the Lower Realm, to the extent of even using the soul bone as a bait.Of course, when Luo Qingc

“If so, then I don’t need to stay here for a long time. Highness Ying invited me to help you out. Now, it seems unnecessary.” Duan Qi said.Bai Zhu’s face changed slightly, and he was just about to say something.A guard suddenly rushed into the backyard and knelt in front of Bai Zhu.“What’s the rush?

The army of 72 cities assembled more than two million people and attacked the Sea Spirit City. They ended up defeated. More than two million soldiers fled with their tails.In White Night City, Bai Zhu had not received any news. He sat in the backyard of the City Lord’s manor.As the largest city amon

Chapter 1044: The Quietly Approaching Danger Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationSwoosh!Jiang Fei’s reaction was super fast. He pulled out the Soulcutter and turned back to block. The Soulcutter was damaged, so he could not command the Sword Spirit to control it.

Chapter 1043: Birthplace Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation“You’re telling the truth, right?” Jiang Fei stared at Miluya for a long time. He was frowning. He could not decipher the little loli’s thoughts. After all, her origin was too strange.“Yes! Yes!” Miluya

Chapter 1042: Girls Were Born Liars… Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation“Of course! I’m really smart, you know!” Miluya pumped up her chest, then held onto Jiang Fei’s hand and ran northwest.“Hey! Are you sure you remember the way?” Jiang Fei asked doubtfully. T

Chapter 1046: If the Sky CollapsedJiang Fei had been very focused on forging, but the system prompts snapped him out of it. He only had less than 5,000 Health Points left. However, they continued to decrease!Panicking, Jiang Fei quickly kept the Dream Crystal Ring and drank some Potions. To tell the

Chapter 1045: Power of the Gods Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation“Come on, we’re almost there!” Jiang Fei called out to Miluya while swimming desperately toward the shore.Just then, a huge ripple formed on the surface of the water next to Jiang Fei. At the nex

“Thank you.” Riche performed a courteous bow.Chen Xiaolian looked at Riche. “However, I am very curious. When did you first suspect me? I had killed Anubis with one blow. Logically speaking, in the face of this level of power, you should not hold any treacherous thoughts against me.”“Coincidentally,

Chapter 852: Life And Death PalaceTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationThe Wind’s Sword Realm was a Sword Realm with wind element, and would require a deep understanding of the wind profound. On the other hand, the Thunder Sword Realm was based on the thunder elem

Chapter 851: Defensive Sword Spell vs. Sword RealmTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation“Kill me? I am afraid you don’t have what it takes.” Sword Realm Artist was ranked fourth on the life and death realm substitute warriors list, and his cultivation had already r

Chapter 1377: Bai Ruoli has gone mad (1)Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud TranslationsMurong De was cursing Cui Yuan Shan thousands of times in his heart.How would this fellow not be able to tell that there was no one else left in Celestial Light Sect? But he had to pretend to

Chapter 1376: Unable to back down (6)Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud TranslationsCui Yuan Shan’s heart had already ascertained that the seventy percent quota to the mystic region was a sure thing in Green Cloud Sect’s pocket.Having gained such a huge advantage, surely apolog

Chapter 1375: Unable to back down (5)Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud TranslationsWhen Murong De saw Murong Fei sustaining a heavy injury, he was so anxious that he immediately got up from his seat and ran down the stage, personally bringing the Sect’s doctors to check on her

Chapter 1374: Unable to back down (4)Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud TranslationsMurong Fei originally had no mood to continue battling as she used the most passive means of evasion.At this moment, Fang Shaoning utilised his Profound Skill in full strength as his attack spee

Chapter 1378: Bai Ruoli has gone mad (2)Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud TranslationsFurthermore, Murong Fei’s ability was recognised by all the disciples in Celestial Light Sect.Those who had the confidence in their abilities to surpass her and were still under eighteen year

Chapter 2196 Impossible!!! Duan Ling Tian and the other four Fire Worship Sect Guardians walked side by side behind Tang Xuan, the Sect Leader of Fire Worship Sect Leader. Soon after, they left the estate of the Fire Worship Sect.Soon after, a few figures appeared before them. In the beginning, they

Chapter 2440 – Yuan Tiexin’s ShockBeing the focus of attention from hundreds of Tier 3 NPCs placed immense pressure on Yuan Tiexin and Purple Jade. For a moment, they even felt the urge to turn around and flee.Although both of them had reached Tier 3 already, they were still far from comparable to T

Chapter 2439 – Commotion at Cold Spring Cold SpringCanyon, Stone Forest City:Under Aqua Rose’s lead, Yuan Tiexin and Purple Jade reached the City Lord’s Mansion. Just as they were about to enter it, a group of Level 100 players, who had just arrived at Stone Forest City, happened to walk by, their e

Chapter 2438 – Frightening Knight DivisionFive hundred and fifty-six?! Why are there so many?!Shi Feng stared at the list in his hands in disbelief.By his estimates, even though the Knights he recruited were of high quality, not that many of them should have been able to complete their Tier 3 Promot

The Great Northern Emperor has existed ever since the era of the ancient Heavenly City. As such, he naturally had some knowledge on the matters of the ancient Heavenly City’s Divine Beast Department, especially considering that he clearly had a good relationship with Slow-Witted Song.Song Shuhang li

This was the first time she was struck by lightning after being approved by heavenly lightning in the Ninth Star Ocean last time. Thinking of the pain of being struck last time, she still had lingering fear before she came out of it. She didn’t expect herself to be so relaxed this time, and was glad

Chapter 1062: Void-shifting Formation Translator: Transn Editor: TransnThe Thick Earth Pavilion’s high gravity was very effective for Su Mo’s Dark Force refinement.The powerful gravity could speed up his Dark Force stablization.Time went by slowly and he had been here for ten days.After ten days, Su

Yun Hu glanced over at Lin Feng, not showing his emotions. He was already trying so hard yet there wasn’t a response.“Are you willing?” Yun Hu interrupted his thoughts.“Mmh.”Yun Hu turned over. “Your house or mine?”“Can’t we discuss that after the match?” Lin Feng whispered.Yun Hu retracted his gaze