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Chapter 879 [Title below]After everyone had gathered, this public square became fully packed.Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s disciples immediately walk out and surround the public square.Liu Yi saw his cheap senior sister Chen Keqing among them. She is standing at the head of the group hugging a swor

Chapter 878 [Title below]Although Anna is a minor angel, those few abilities of hers make Liu Yi see only the other’s dust.For example, this current magic that Anna is using, which makes everyone forget about this event, Liu Yi is unable to do it.For this 5 Spirit Gathering, Liu Yi did not attend on

Chapter 867: Re-emergenceAs one of the Sovereigns, Salas indeed was extremely valiant in strength. Only a few demonic formations could truly cause him harm. Salas was able to quickly overcome and destroy three demonic formations by means of his brute strength.But not all demonic formations in the Pa

Chapter 866: My time to shineBesides the Demonic Miasma Cloud that shrouded the Pandemonium, there were all kinds of even deadlier demonic formations deployed all around. If Salas intruded the Pandemonium, he would have hell to pay. As for his followers, well, they stood no fucking chance.“Good, goo

Chapter 1274, Blood Invigorating MushroomTranslator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGunEditor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion MountainAlthough he had been praised as so by Dai Yuan, Yang Kai still felt a bit puzzled. Although his control of medicinal efficacies was indeed quite good, the five Origin Grade Alchem

Chapter 1666: All-Encompassing Heavenly Net!Translated by: Hypersheep325 Edited by: MichyrrEver since Wang Chong had obtained the Supreme and Infinite Origin Immortal Art, he had been able to compare this supreme technique with the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art, and through study and research, h

Chapter 1045: He Who Has Sailed The SeasxYang Chen thought about it and finally remembered Cai Ning’s master, Tang Luyi warned him that he had to wait until Cai Ning reached the Xiantian stage before he could take away her virginity.Yang Chen himself had forgotten about it. He certainly did not thin

Avici“A peak Divine Tool. Just another step to reach the Heavenly Divine Tool grade.” Jiang Chen said with a smile.Are you joking? Only God knows what would happen if you guys knew that this is a primal origin treasure. You’ll be envious to death and think about me every single day.“Great. Fantastic

If Ji Fang said so, it meant this place really was unsafe.Based on Ji Fang’s reminder, Black Bear told Shao Xuan his guess when they arrived at their base.He feared the  Linlu tribe might really attack now. However, other people would not interfere. They would just watch.“In reality, to the great si

“Do you want me to help you cleanse too?” Ye Lang looked at Li Yue. She looked like a crazy but beautiful girl, someone who’d just woken up.“No, I still prefer to do it myself! Using the regular method!” she shook her head.“Hurry up then. I’ll get us some breakfast.” as he spoke, he produced a vanit

Ling Ran drew a long incision and threw aside the scalpel before he raised his head and glanced at the visitation room. He just wanted to exercise his neck with the mindset of warming up before the surgery. After all, when a surgeon stood before the operating table, it was not good for him to move h

Chapter 781: Descendants of Nomad (1)At the royal security area, where royal military production plants were concentrated, the government and military officials and domestic and foreign reporters, including Youngho, were watching the test-firing of missiles.Looking at the missiles flying at superson

Chapter 780: Fatima’s Role (4)The flea market in Beyoglu, Istanbul was still crowded as before.Especially when the Kazakh Queen was said to visit it, citizens and tourists gathered into the point that there was no room left to step in.The mere fact that she was born and raised in Istanbul stimulated

Chapter 1191: Seven Extinction Grounds; Origin IntentThe impending calamity of the current Great Era was like a looming dark cloud within the hearts of everyone in the Human Race!Both the returnees and the powerhouses who lived in this Great Era, like the Xuan Pin Sacred Hall Master, were depressed

Chapter 1004 Yang Lord (1)The senior members and the disciples of the Ye Family, the Duan Family, and even the Long Family all stared at Ye Qingtang in shock. They were all taken aback by the power and froze.However, no one knew what did the disaster-like aura represented besides the previous Qingli

Chapter 1003 The Arrival of A Powerful Figure (3)The senior members of the Ye family also could not bear with her attitude anymore and started to blame her in anger.Even the disciples of the Ye family also began to curse her.“Young lady, you’re way too arrogant. It seems like your parents did not te

Chapter 874 The Silver Ring That Was Looked Down Upon by Others“No matter what, Qiu Chenxi is your cousin. We are relatives. It is okay to help the family, but it is foolish to help outsiders.”“Alright, what you said can only deceive a three-year-old kid. There is no way that I will be cajoled now.”

Chapter 873 How Could It Be the Same?As soon as Shi Qing’s family appeared, they surrounded Shi Qing and pushed Qiao Nan away from Shi Qing quietly.The Feng family inquired after Shi Qing’s well-being one after another. Qiao Nan stared at the sunny weather. She blinked and walked quietly to the side

Chapter 1168 Clearing Mission!“There’s no need for that. Just bring me in.” Luo Yang knew that this was a necessary procedure but he didn’t want the female officer to alarm her head. Hence, he rejected her.The female officer bit her lips helplessly. The other party was a major general but not inform

Chapter 1167 Answer!Major General Bai finally received the verdict from the Disciplinary and Investigation Committee. The video evidence Ling Lan gave them was real. If this video was fake, they would commit suicide.After obtaining Ling Lan’s video, they compared it with the video sent by the unknow

At this moment, this whole place descended into silence, and the crowd, who just wanted to watch such a fun show, were startled. If Shi Ganglie’s cry wasn’t so deafening, they might have even suspected what they had just seen. “Impossible!” The expression of Yao Ying, who was in Fengyun Tower, chang

Is he from the Seventh Realm? Nie Feng couldn’t help but suspect his judgment ability for the first time in his life. It was unexpectedly so crappy! A while ago, the ambiance was still harmonious. But now, the people before both tables descended into silence. Jiang Chen took a look at the two siblin

Without exception, the remains that Lu Shu and the rest encountered would display a strange phenomenon. That was because the source of strength of the remains conflicted with the current world. Yet now, Lu Shu and the rest realized, to their horror, that there was more than one strange phenomenon fo

Chapter 399: Call 2『Wha… wha… what…』(A.D. Leader)(((Acha ~ ……))) (Rena’s Trio)You have gone and done nowEveryone other than Mile understood it clearly.Eight Ancient Dragons, other than the young leader, are also in trouble.『Ko, ko, ko…』(A.D. Leader)(T.N: he tries to say “Kono” = this, but he repeats

Mile Chapter 398: Call 1「… Is it a call?」(Mile)After that, the girls who hurriedly returned to the inn opened the letter in their room.And the content the letter was…「Yes, to summarize what is written, “Won’t you come to the back of the gymnasium(体育館) for a moment”, like that. 」(Mile)「What a summary

Chapter 293: The Past (3)His thoughts were in a mess.‘Besides, Latio had died before me didn’t he? He had died suddenly during the Holy War…”From his memories, Latio had died at the young age of 28, and after meeting Latio a few days ago, who had been running away from the Black Moon Guild, Roan had

Chapter 295: The Past (5)The first life was perfect or at least, it was close to perfection.An orphan of a mountainside village next to the Grain Mountain Range, Roan had left the village at the age of 18 and had entered the barracks of the Rinse Kingdom. After a short period of training, he had mad

Chapter 294: The Past (4)“You still haven’t found it?”Swift Clock made a frown as perplexity was evident in his gaze. An official under the administration and aide of Swift, Hainz bit his lower lips and lowered his head.“Sorry. The whereabouts are still unknown. Not to mention the palace knights, kn

Chapter 5609th Month of Year 604On the 7th of the 9th month, Year 604, Thundercrash and Monolith flew their flags in the Northbay camp and marched in eight rows from Canpast’s main street to the docks. They boarded the transport ships waiting for them, and departed. It took them the entire day to fi

Watching this, everybody on Bai Ziting’s side was greatly bewildered, simply because based on the direction of Kou Zhong’s current strike, the point of attack could only be within the approximately three chi empty space on Funantuo’s left side, yet watching the momentum of Kou Zhong’s advancing-cour

‘Marvelous!’ Ba Fenghan cried inwardly. If they wanted to kill Funantuo, indeed there was nothing more brilliant than this move.Earlier, although Kou Zhong carried out the tactic of luring Funantuo toward Wolong Bie Yuan, on one hand, even if the opposite side fell into the trap, based on Funantuo’s

Gu Xijiu did not answer, and Di Fuyi realized that he had been quite harsh to her ever since their reunion. In the end, he sighed and lowered his voice as he continued, “All right, Xijiu, I am sure that Hao Er is doing just fine. You should be worried about yourself right now. Your injuries cannot b

After the long and heated kiss, Mu Chubei still did not let her go. Feeling his hot breath, Wang Caichun’s cheeks flushed red. Since she couldn’t struggle out of his grip, she growled, “This is cheating. Fangfei, help me out.”How could Li Fangfei be of any help? When Mu Chubei came forward, she was

Chapter 1251 ChangeIt’s not Dark Angel Sasrir… The projection of Enuni has been eroded by the power that surged out from the Giant King’s residence, becoming a monster that I can’t understand at the moment. Furthermore, it looks like it can exist for a long period of time… Perhaps there’s a bit of S

Chapter 1809 (Raw 1821): One Hundred Thousand Great Peaks “Young Master Xiao, what happened earlier?” “Indeed. Big Brother Xiao, I heard the miserable screams of many people.” The Iron Hand Yama, Fei`er, and the rest of the crew all gathered at the ship’s bow. Then, they asked Xiao Chen about what h

Chapter 1808 (Raw 1820): Slaughter Fest The scarlet-clad man sitting on the throne did not have time to react before his pirate ship broke in the middle. In reality, even a fool would know that when two ships clashed and the ship in front was perpendicular to the other ship, they had to fire a broad

Chapter 1807 (Raw 1819): Broken in the Middle After Yan Zhe left, Xiao Chen disappeared and reappeared in his cultivation room with a thought. It had to be said that the many benefits from the merger of Xiao Chen’s essence blood and soul with the Immemorial Demon Soul Formation were indeed too wonde

 The temperature in the desert was quite high and the closer one got to the Fire Dragon, the higher the temperature became.  Soon, Che Mei Han’s entire body was covered in sweat. She regretted that she did not ask Wei Xiao Bei to let her take a bath back at Lake Cui. However, Che Mei Han was a bit e

Yang Gongcheng’s goal in coming to the Five Tigers Sect was indeed the Dragon City Talismans. He also wanted to get his hands on these two women. As for the accusations, they were completely false, made up out of thin air. As long as he got the Dragon City Talismans and the Five Tigers Sect obeyed h

“Although I am not good at ruling, since that person could rule Six States at 20 years of age, having millions of troops. How could such a person be an average Ruler?” “Don’t let the Confucians hear what you said.” Zigui gave out a soundless sigh. Just looking at this Gantian Mountain City, he knew