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When Lin Sanjiu was running away from the Veda’s pursuit in the Data Stream Library, the grand prize had asked her this question: why didn’t you use the choker to imitate the Veda’s code writing ability?Soulsqn clearly remembered this as well. She was suddenly filled with overwhelming euphoria that

“Watch out!”The moment the highest god knew that the white fatty was somewhat related to Lin Sanjiu, he charged straight at him like an arrow let loose. No doubt his reaction was fast, but with the flesh worm flopping behind him, he was unable to reach his top speed. Still, Soulsqn could not utter a

Chapter 2182 – Frightening WealthWhen news of the auction for Stone Forest City’s private houses had spread, God’s Domain’s ordinary players began to wonder if the various Guilds had lost their minds. Multiple Guilds had willingly spent more than 1,000,000 Credits to rent a private house for a singl

Chapter 2181 – God’s Domain’s InfluenceContrary to ordinary players’ beliefs, the auctions for Stone Forest City’s private houses had begun with a bang. The prices rapidly climbed as participants placed bids like they were fighting over cabbages. They shouted their bids with bloodshot eyes and fierc

Chapter 2183 – Private House’s Hidden Effect Bottomless Abyss, Stone Forest City:As the auctions ended, the players that had won their bids made their way to their new properties. However, these experts were stunned after teleporting to their private houses.“How is this possible?!”Everyone was aston

Lu Li became more confident upon exchanging ideas with Su Zixi.Rules in the prefectures were strict. Prefecture warriors could not kill for no reason, generally speaking. Of course… if it were outside the city or the Valley of Vicissitudes, then it would be a piece of cake when a prefecture warrior

Of the entire Tang Sect, Tang Xiu was the strongest after Gu Yan’er and Ji Chimei. Even Xue Yu, who had broken through to the Spirit Formation Stage, was still inferior to him. But the strongest one behind them was Tang An. Not only was she an expert at the late-stage of Golden Core, but she also ma

With his perfect understanding of Jin Shi and Chen Zhizhong’s strength, Tang Xiu didn’t worry about them and just calmly looked at Wei Xianyong, waiting for the man to attack him.Whoosh…With speed as fast as a lightning bolt, Wei Xianyong instantly appeared in front of Tang Xiu. A golden glove unkno

As dusk came, tens of chefs of the Golden Coast club sweated profusely while cooking a variety of dishes, whereas the waiters constantly moved through the corridors in a hurry to deliver the dishes, filling every corner of the clubhouse with the fragrant smell of food.The dinner feast was the final

Only at this moment did Wen Feng regret appearing in front of Elder Wei tonight as well as telling him about Tang Xiu. Had he not done it, he wouldn’t have to leave the Golden Coast Club and thus, barring the possibility to be captured by Tang Xiu’s men, causing his life to be under his control.At t

It was still half a month away from the time when the tower of time in the demons’ secret realm in Mountain Ruins would be available. However, it would take Zhang Tie at most 2 days to arrive there from the core region of Mountain Ruins, including the period during which he passed through those deit

Father and son held each other and trembled unconsciously for quite a while. Father Wang then weakly asked in a soft voice, “Mom? Mom… are you still there…”After a long moment, there was still no reply.His mother had stopped smacking him, but Father Wang unexpectedly felt a sense of loss.“She probab

After a brief moment of silence, Klein raised the black tea and took a sip. He said with a smile, “It’s something that can be considered, but Emperor Roselle once said to never be in a rush to make a decision. Only after repeated comparison will one receive the best answer.“Are there any other optio

Luo Yunyang wasn’t too sure what the Yuan Tian Mystic realm was. However, he definitely wouldn’t decline these free benefits.Although some people believed that there was no such thing as a free lunch, Luo Yunyang still decided to enjoy these benefits the Sacred Wyrm Tribe was giving him before consi

The 18-Path Creation Origin Source obtained from the creation disc could be considered really wonderful. Not only could it increase offensive might, but it also made Luo Yunyang’s comprehension of various cultivation techniques really easy.Things that seemed really difficult to comprehend became cle

“Come on everyone, have a smoke.” The Water Monster was holding a box of Chunghwa cigarettes and distributing cigarettes to everyone present.All the patients in the reception hall were basically locals from Bazhaixiang, and even though some of them were not acquainted, they had seen each other befor

“Tell me if it’s painful.” Ling Ran provided abdominal palpation to a patient.Compared to technology such as B-scans, old-fashioned palpation could still provide a lot of information. It was hence still widely used in body check-ups.Of course, X-rays, palpation, and other techniques did not share an

When Jun Gu died, because of the Soul Calming Jade, his soul was protected but because of a combination of many erroneous factors, his soul entered into Soul World and became a Spirit Envoy. After entering Soul World, Jun Gu didn’t forget things of his past but because his soul was temporarily stabi

There was one last important task to attend to before he activated the Great Formation of Heavenly Soul Confinement.Veluriyam Capital’s fate hinged upon it. In fact, the entire human domain’s did as well.Jiang Chen’s rule of the city had begun with the Pagoda’s Six Palaces of Heritage. Each foray in

Please help us improve Trinity AudioChapter 1514: 1514 Chapter 1514 (Raw 1494): Immortal StatuesSponsored Content“Take care . I have to go first,” Yao Yan said softly, her fatigue written on her face . Xiao Chen asked, “Where are you going?”“To Kunlun Mountain . That is the safest place in the entir

On Helian Hill, dead bodies were strewn everywhere in open space, blood flowed like a river.Their arrows exhausted, their bullets depleted, the three were no longer able to utilize the most advantageous darkness and the favorable location of the top of the hill to resist the enemy outside the fort.T

Ye Qingtang stared at Lin Cong and scoffed coldly. “Fellow, you don’t have the qualifications to compete with me.”“What did you say…” A fierce glint flickered in Lin Cong’s eyes, and it seemed as though he would behead Ye Qingtang any time.“I said that it’s you who don’t have any abilities. How coul

Forget it. The Blood Moon Elder turned around and returned to the tent.After being chided by someone he adored, the Yuehua Sect disciple paled instantly. All his previous anger was gone as he left dejectedly without knowing exactly what happened.As Ye Qingtang watched the Yuehua Sect disciple leave,

“Oh?”The Blood Moon Elder laughed coldly. “What you’re saying doesn’t seem to be false. However… from now on, I am the Young… Young…, whatever it’s called, of the Nine Nights Dynasty’s Ouyang clan and will completely replace you!”Ouyang Qian was appalled as she retreated backward in a struggle. None

Moon Puppet… Fors’s heart palpitated as she refocused and looked at the gathering participant who had just spoken.The man in a black iron mask had already taken out a small puppet and showed it to everyone.“I have a friend who discovered a series of graves deep in the Southern Continent’s Paz Valley

9 a.m., Hillston Borough, inside a high-class hotel.Klein picked up a bottle of exquisitely packaged white wine as he handed it over to the elder opposite him.“Mr. Asnia, thank you for coming. This is a gift of mine. Please accept it.“At the latest, I’ll make my decision by tomorrow. When the time c

As he had managed to gain the upper hand in the conflict with Tulsi and the King of Hpakant, Zhong Da Pao was in high spirits. Hence, he said cheerfully, “What suggestion? Tell me about it.”Tulsi started to show his trademark smile and said, “Very simple, let’s work together. We will split fifty-fif

The bunch of them cheered as they continued their journey.The happenings by the river had caused them to become excited. However, their excitement did not last long. That was because they had to start trekking up a mountain now. The mountain was very steep. After passing the mountain, however, the c

A large animal stepped out of the thunder sea.This animal was extremely large, reaching a height of 3,000 meters and a length of 30,000 meters. Its head touched the sky and it strode across the void as if it had the universe at its feet.This was an Archean Dragonesque Elephant formed by thunder and

People of the Divine Martial City held their breath and closely stared at the hole.Su Mo did not troll the audience for too long. Only in two seconds, he dashed out from the hole.He was squashed deep into the earth by the Kylin’s claws. Although he looked in a bad shape, he was not seriously injured

The Cliff of Treasure Division is located at the northwest corner of the Great Mausoleum.Just like its name suggests, it is a cliff. Different from regular cliffs, however, this cliff hangs various types of treasures.Swords, daggers, cauldrons… all sorts of treasures emitted light that brightened ev

Looking at Li Yao, Cui Lingfeng pointed at a piece of magical equipment with complicated crystal processors and units and said, “I would like Professor Luo De to help me take a look at this ‘polygraph’. Just like how you analyzed the tracking and localization magical equipment, I want you to complet

Eastern Unicorn Sacred World, located at a relatively desolate residence, Xue Ying and his wife Jing Qiu were found staying here.“Jing Qiu, Jing Qiu.” Xue Ying immediately shouted from outside a meditation room. His voice transmitted into it.“Hong long.”The meditation room boomed open. Jing Qiu walk

Bo Jiu arched a brow. “I’m just getting a drink. Why do you make it sound like I’m escaping? Where’s the basic trust between humans?”Qin Mo eyed the youngster, turning towards the bodyguard at the side. “Get Young Master Jiu a bottle of water.”“Yes, Boss Qin.” The bodyguards dressed in black would o

Lin Nuan didn’t know if she still had the ability to complete the latter.But she definitely could fulfill the former.Especially now when her heart was full of gratitude and guilt towards Fu Huai’an, she had a strong want and desire to pleasure Fu Huai’an in some way.Not wanting to give herself time

Chapter 885Long Qiaofeng is lying down on the Sun and Moon Immortal Bed inside the Immortal Origin, her eyes are closed. Seeing her beautiful but slightly visible haggard face, Qin Yun can not help but reach out and caress. Long Qiaofeng’s eyelashes slightly trembled, she opened her eyes and saw Qin

Chapter 884After Qin Yun and Xian Rujing flew out, they are floating at a high altitude in the air. They saw that the entire area where Dragon King City used to be, has now sunk down very deeply. It might change into a huge lake later! Burst of evil energy are coming from the distance, as well ass r

There was a middle-aged man walking behind Huo Jianghe. This middle-aged man had a tall silhouette, and he was donned with majestic armor. His eyes emanated imposing authority, reminiscent of a person in power.Xue Qin had been slowly walking away so as to listen to the proceedings when she heard the

Chapter 185.2: The Correct Opening Sequence For Treating AcrophobiaMu Lai’s finger tapped on the corner of the table and she then said: “We cannot have you being like this. Although there are many of us in the Elixir Cultivator Department, how would our department look if our First Disciple does not

In actual fact, she felt that Bai Jing had already changed. Third sister-in-law said that one’s environment could change a person. She was afraid that Bai Jing would subconsciously change after spending so much time with the Lei’s.Bai Jing’s expression changed when she heard her words.She didn’t wan