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When Ku Mu finished speaking, the boy scowled. Su Ming was his guest, and since he invited him over, he did not intend for things to go sour between them. Instead, he had his own plans. But whatever they were, most of them had the intention of befriending Su Ming.People at the boy’s level of cultiva

“Sir, what is your intention for coming here?”The boy grinned in an incredibly exaggerated fashion. The corners of his lips split till they reached his earlobes, revealing a ghastly mouth as well as countless sharp teeth.When he smiled, the huge meatball beneath him immediately started squirming and

“Stay your hand for me!”A loud shout came from the Primordial God World, shaking the entire Ancient Lands. Fire God Zhurong and River God Gonggong were then rescued by the two masters of Primordial God World.They felt that half of their lives had been cast away. If it were not for Fuxi and Nuwa resc

Fire God Zhurong and River God Gonggong had never expected that while they were protecting the Ancient Lands, an unexpected guest would dare to intrude.“It happened only because you kept fighting with me all the time! Are you happy now? Someone entered the Devil God Well; I want to see how will you

Chapter 316 – Evil Costume SetFlyingEagle apparently realized this as well. He organized several more rounds of attacks until, in a collective bombardment, the gray screen crumbled and the Brave Warrior’s health dropped by a chunk.“On my order, attack all together, now!” The result brought back conf

After Luoshen Chuan learned of this from Qin Wentian, he instantly got his subordinates to spread the news throughout the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms. Swiftly after, many people in the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms were in discussion. The western world was actually the main culprit behind the

RUMBLE~The light cannons attacked relentlessly as the pirate shuttle flew across the dark space.The energy shields of the Flowerfruit Mountain rippled from the impact.“How dare you kill people from our pirate fleet! You best obediently hand over all your wealth, if you do so, we can spare your life.

“What?” Hasro trembled. Thick killing intent was locked on to him. Meanwhile, Feng Lin’s hands were in the gesture of claws, slashing out at him.He wouldn’t be able to evade this attack!He could feel mortal danger, hence, he was trembling.(No! I don’t want to die!)He roared in rage and punched out i

The two corpses were exactly as Meng Chixin and Wu Suiyun had described.One of them was around thirteen meters tall, shorter but plumper. A third eye that had already dried protruded out of the forehead. The arms of the corpse were particularly long, and long bone spurs were growing out of the two s

Lin Nuan was referring not only to the incident of the rumors spreading, but also ones in the future…She didn’t know how far she and Fu Huai’an could go together, yet she was willing to give in all her effort to walk down that path with him. She was willing to trust him, and she hoped he would trust

Very soon.Insect Ancestor Ba Tuo Chen rushed over to Flying Snow City. The three of them sat down. Xue Ying naturally arranged the best food and wine for the guests.“Go! I’ll naturally go!” The eyes of Insect Ancestor Ba Tuo Chen were usually filled with coldness distinctive of insects, albeit curre

Director Huang narrowed her eyes and stuck his belly out, which looked very much like a Little Huang was growing inside.Bo Jiu watched him, taking her phone out to press the voice recording.The climax was coming.As expected, after such a long time of psychology stimulation, the last puff Qin Mo took

“Ah Heng is here.”Someone suddenly said.Everyone looked over. Jiang Zhuoheng was wearing an ash-gray long-sleeved shirt and silvery-gray tuxedo pants. He walked in.Lu Yinan said, “This fellow is always late. He’s always the last to arrive for any occasion.”“Ah Heng.”Jiang Zhuoheng hadn’t seen them,

“Oh, she must be outstanding,” President Chen praised. “I had a meal with your principal not too long ago. My company manufactures all the receipts in your school.”He sounded so arrogant.Ming Ansheng smirked mockingly. “That’s too low class.”“Is there even any class?” Yan Rusheng refuted, rolling hi

Shiori had a bowl in her left hand with a pair of chopsticks in her right hand, she's about to dine in but she's looking at Kotori and Wu Yan with a confused expression.She's wondering if the two of them has anything to say. They are acting way too suspicious.One of them is busy wolfing down food li

Chapter 234 The Infinite Compassion and Mercy PalmLike ghosts, dozens of strong men in black appeared, and, making no sound, they attacked Ding Ning with their sabers.Ding Ning was immersed in his understanding of the sutra, his tall figure quietly standing in the dark, and he seemed to be unaware o

The battle had ended.Six Immortal Kings were annihilated.At this moment, the entrance to the Dao Emperor Divine Palace was opened wide while dust and dirt suffused the surroundings, and a blazing glow flowed throughout the palace.The True Phoenix Zhao Lingxi transformed into fluttered in the sky whi

The battle erupted once more in the Dao Emperor Divine Palace.Chen Xi was overbearing and arrogant as he went against five Immortal Kings by himself, and he was overwhelming.At this moment, numerous large dragons formed from Karmic Luck coiled around his body while talismans glistened and flowed aro

Everyone in the starry sky was guessing and discussing exactly who it was that had done such a shockingly gargantuan matter.In the first moments of that happening, people suspected the top ten. Only they had this kind of strength and motivation. The speed at which the army was dispatched was too qui

“The Palace of the Primal Chaotic War Deity came into being in the dilapidated universe. If anyone can burst in, they can inherit the position of War Deity and become the Primal Chaotic War Deity of the new generation!”This piece of news shocked the universe. A heaven-illuminator had escaped from th

After many people were informed about Jun Tuo’s complaints, they wanted to burst out laughing. This Asian mythological beast had received such resentment. He actually ran amok in the personage protection association and strongly asked for the hoodlums to be punished to restore his reputation.“Ancien

Everyone continued onwards and arrived at a large hall. There was an extremely dense fog here, and they could faintly see countless vines on the ground and a square-shaped stage at the center.Zhao Fu and his party stopped at the outer boundary of the hall and did not walk in. Even though it seemed l

Shing!Zhao Fu vigorously swept out with the Seraph Sword, causing a white sword light that was hundreds of meters long to slash out, reducing seven or eight massive Skeletons into pieces.Molaf continuously flashed through the air. Whenever it slashed with its dagger, a cold light would flash and a m

Therefore the trio gritted their teeth and finally decided to leave the tent. But the moment they pulled open the tent’s zipper, they felt a strong gust of wind blow in. Huge swaths of snow smacked them in the face as though someone had thrown a snowball at them! He Haijiang, who was in front, nearl

The Holy Lands and Divine Sects were the rulers of the Seventh Realm and represented absolute authority and power. However, every place has both darkness and light, and the Nether World Hall and Blood Sand School were the representatives of darkness.The Nether World Hall had no regard for laws and m

The three people standing in the passageway of the city gate, including Heavenly Kill, Hellish Desperation, and Jiang Yi, were perplexed—especially when they had seen Jiang Chen’s face. Heavenly Kill and Hellish Desperation exchanged a look and a cold smile.Many emotions welled up inside Jiang Yi. W

“Is this Emperor Gao’s newly developed monster? I have the desire to buy one just from looking at it!”“I remember that the Hunting Department captured a red long-haired fox, but this is such a big change.”“The point is… I remember when the hunting Department caught it, and it was a male fox.”“…” Gao

The Sect of Six-Fans’ Zhu Yi Pavilion screens isolated the inside from the outside.Chief Sima stood in front of the screen and looked at the slightly embarrassed Deputy of Golden-Stamped Detective, Zu Cunshen.Zu Cunshen was tall. His hands drooped low, clinging to his clothes. In one of his hands he

After listening to Zhang Lisheng’s endless stream about the carvings on the Amazon cannibal’s totem pole, Sheila nodded and said, “It’s exactly because you told us about the pattern of the cannibal totem pole sculpture, the fact that Dr. Tubalin has murdered so many Aryan people and even almost kill

“I’m sorry, this soup is below the mark, you’ve been disqualified,” Chong Daqing swallowed the whole pot of soup, considered it for a minute and announced it slowly with difficulty.Everyone was shocked, there were only nine official contestants and one had been disqualified just like that?It was not

Seeing the horrifying war machines in front of him, a strong sense of awe and impulsiveness rose in Sheyan’s heart, despite knowing full well that they were only semi-finished products. They were still far away, but he could already feel the formidable power of these machines even though such a long

Ye Qing Luo moved the corners of her lips as she revealed a slight smile.She could tell that these people sincerely cared about her.“I’m really fine. If it hadn’t been for your help today, I wouldn’t have been able to bring that young lass out so smoothly.” Ye Qing Luo’s eyes were infected with smil

Nan Zhi shook off Bo Shaoxiu’s hand and continued moving. But Bo Shaoxiu’s tall body soon blocked her again.“Zhizhi, I want to talk to you.”Nan Zhi looked at Bo Shaoxiu’s eyes, which were bloodshot like he had a number of sleepless nights. She frowned and said with a cold expression, “We have nothin

Water Dragon MorsKathe’s tail wagged happily when she saw me.“Oh, Locke. I’m back!”“Hello. Welcome back, Kathe. You were very fast.”“Yes. The talks did not take long, so I was able to return quickly.”You could use the teleportation circle in my mansion to go to the water dragon settlement.And Kathe

At the moment when Lu Cheng was knocked away, the hearts of everyone present also jumped. That strike was too fierce, and how could it be resisted by mere flesh and blood?This strike probably cost half of Lu Cheng’s life force.The people who were observing the battle in the distance revealed a look

Ye Yuwei held Gu Juexi in her arms, feeling like her big baby was truly defeated this time.When Gu Tianmu blew up the Gu family with the grenade he reflected, he had really damaged Gu Juexi in the process. Even if Gu Juexi lost, he might not be as unsatisfied as he was now.After all, Gu Tianmu was t

Lu Man: “…”Hence she instantly knew that this man wasn’t angry at all.“Alright.” Lu Man gave in to his request. “Actually, I’m not blaming you either. It’s just that you don’t ever share your problems with me, you didn’t even tell me that you were sick. I know that you were afraid that I would be wo

This was the blow Han Wuxian had been waiting to unleash for a long time. Her right claw had already touched Lotus’s back when she spat out the word “traitor.” Meanwhile, her long hair was spreading and creeping towards Lotus’s whole body.She thought she had calculated everything perfectly, but she

“Before the Glittering Jewel Wonderland, there will be a great assembly of prodigies, named Fengyun. All of the students who belong to the factions in the Blessed and Heavenly Lands can take part in it,” Bai Shanliang said. “As long as they can fight for the first hundred positions in the great asse

A man of substance, Brother Windcloud Nine in the Western Continent was like Li Yi in Invincible Continent. He may be on a losing streak recently, but undeniably, Li Yi has died once in his hands.“Brother Nine’s here!”“Dark Wing, don’t you dare run if you have the balls.”The Western Continent player