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Even though they were really eager to fill their stomachs, they needed to consume their food slowly. Nonetheless, everyone was so happy just to be able to eat, so they all agreed to her suggestions and terms.The amount of food that Gu Xijiu had brought with her was enough to feed everyone for at lea

Lan Waihu proceeded to breathe warm air into his ear seductively. It was a pleasurable and yet tickling sensation for the Yan Chen. Little Fox was generally a shy person, so she would not normally take the first step and invite Yan Chen over for the night. Sometimes, she did not even feel comfortabl

Nothing special happened after Leng Xuantong and his team left the base. Meanwhile, Wu Chengyue still stayed in All Being Base, as if he had no work to do in his own base.Lin Qiao was jealous of him for having people doing his work for him.Thankfully, Wu Chengyue hadn’t been doing anything particula

A divine weapon forged by the hands of a player had finally appeared. Compared to his previous life, the appearance of man-made divine weapons had been brought forward by an entire year.Snickersnee, a pure lifestyle class player and the wielder of the mighty Territory Skill, Titan’s Grip whose only

Brother Windcloud Nine let out a howl. He dashed toward Deathwing and set the edge of his sword against it.Wham!Unexpectedly, his Blazing Judgment plowed through the scales of Deathwing with ease. It felt as soft as wax, there were no interruptions. The sword went in, as did the owner.“Waaagh!”Death

Shen Liangchuan was agile, however, and took another step backwards. Extending his leg, he aimed a kick at the other man’s stomach.It was a merciless kick.How much he wished for Shen Zihao to wake up with that one hard kick!At this point, a shout suddenly came from the entrance, “Stop!”Shen Liangchu

Chapter 1406: A Store Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus TalesLu Li wasn’t worried about losing money at today’s auction.On the one hand, the auction was just a gimmick in order to promote the upcoming Ruling Sword auction house. It wasn’t that important to make money, as long as he didn’t lose

Were they going to become neighbors with Li Sicheng?“Is this where our new home is?” Yu Lili asked“Yes,” Ou Ming replied as he pointed ahead in the distance. “Continue driving in.”Yu Lili followed Ou Ming’s directions. The car soon reached a sprawling villa with a grand and imposing entrance. The tw

The color of the fiery red roses burned so brightly they were breathtaking. Yu Lili froze in surprise. She looked up only to see Ou Ming’s mischievous and enchanting face.His face carried with it a smile. He placed the bouquet of flowers into Yu Lili’s arms as he said, “Here you go.”Yu Lili’s looked

She snorted and said, “You’re not thinking of taking a few of them back to be your maids, are you?”“If I could, I would. But I doubt they’d let me.” Yin Shaojie thought out loud, pretending to consider it seriously.“You dare!” Mu Xiaoxiao glared at him.“Just kidding.” Yin Shaojie laughed, putting hi

Mu Xiaoxiao rolled her eyes at him. “Don’t tell me you want to see Annie get engaged to Chris? In any case, our goal is the same: to prevent this marriage from happening!”Ye Sijue kneaded his temples, looking as though he were having a headache.Mu Xiaoxiao looked at him. “Hey, you don’t really… You

However, not many people could do that.Hearing Ye Sijue say that, Mu Xiaoxiao sympathized with him. She sighed and said, “That’s just how Annie is… If she insists on giving up love for the family, then it’ll be really difficult to convince her otherwise.”Unlike her willful self, Annie was the kind o

Ye Sijue looked down and recalled what happened before he passed out.His voice as rough and dry as he said, “Annie… No, she is Mo Xiaomeng to me…”“Annie. She…” Mu Xiaoxiao looked at him, wanting to say something but hesitated.“Where is she now?” Ye Sijue sat up and looked around the room. He didn’t

Chapter 1148: I Like You (4) Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas StudiosAfter she said that, her tears came gushing down from her eyes.If those were her genuine feelings, why was she crying?Ye Sijue was no fool. He could still see through her with a single glance.“I really can’t… Ye Sijue, I’m s

Lin Che boarded the plane and switched off her mobile phone. After the plane had taken off, she turned on the in-flight screen before her and watched the news.“Gu Industries bought over the San Jin Group, expanding their realm to half of M Country.”“After the Gu and Yun families joined forces, the i

Yun Bixue felt her mind whirling. Her body turned weak, and she almost lost her balance. However, she forced herself to gather her spirits.“Auntie, I’m sure nothing will happen to him. Nothing will ever happen to him.” As Yun Bixue said that, she felt that she could not hold her tears in. However, s

Yun Bixue’s hands were trembling as she drove. It trembled out of happiness and agitation. She could finally see her husband again.This was a moment of release for the long period of coldness and suppression she had been feeling.Tears streamed down from Yun Bixue’s eyes, blurring her vision.She had

After everything settled down, almost everyone immediately fell to the ground. The blunt knife remained on Yuan Jing’s forehead. His bloody figure looked closer to that of an evil ghost than a human. Meng Tian helped Yuan Jing with his wounds. The blood was flowing nonstop. The good thing was that f

The sharp, alloy bayonet effortlessly pierced through the Mist Killer’s skull and into the brain. However, the expected scene of blood spurting everywhere didn’t happen. All they heard was the sound of something being punctured, and suddenly, the huge head deflated like a punctured basketball. Xie Y

When the trio arrived at the Great Hall, it was already filled, the Nascent Soul Elders of each peak were already present. Lonemoon scanned the crowd, Shu Yi and Two Bucks Zuo were amongst them too, they were standing in the middle of the Great Hall, seems like something had happened, the atmosphere

At a side, Shu Yuan was struck with a sudden thought, his expression changed as he exclaimed, “Junior Brother Yin!” With that said, he dashed towards the back mountain of the remaining half of the floating peak.The others exchanged a look and immediately followed. Rounding past the floating peak, th

The competition of spells on this side was already nearing the end, other than Lonemoon and Zuo Shuming, Shu Yi and the personal disciples from two other mountains made it into the top five.Sect Master Yu Luan took a look at the remaining five and might have recognized Lonemoon. He could not help bu

At last, Tian Yi did not change Lonemoon’s name to Zuo Shuming’s. It was not that he was unwilling. But the peak that Lonemoon and the others were staying in was already an independent mountain in the eyes of the disciples of Gui Yi Sect. So Yi Qing, the one whom everyone silently acknowledged as th

“Remember: I’m your man so I’ll do my duty as your man.”Pausing for a while, he added, “No matter what happens.”No matter what happens!As a man, he would bear everything to the very end.She was thoroughly shocked.Because of this reassuring reply, a soft smile finally appeared on her pale face. The c

After some consideration, Klein, who already had such a plan, smoothly cleared up his thoughts and decided on his plan of action.Pa! He flicked the piece of paper in his right hand, looking up from the soaring scarlet flames at Reinette Tinekerr. He planned on taking out a Loen gold coin to provide

Chapter 1764 - Frozen WorldThis decision was definitely a bit risky, but he didn’t want to miss this opportunity. He just felt like there was some important secret behind that gate of light, drawing him in.Shi Hao took a deep breath, and then he walked forward. He set foot into the spiritual liquid,

Chapter 3943 - Extraordinary Expert“If you want to know what’s going on, we merely need to go and find your Lady Headmaster.”As Pang Bo’s father spoke, he began to fly towards the Whiteclothes Nunnery.Linghu An’an didn’t stop him. After all, this was something that concerned the safety of her young

Chapter 3942 - Not SimpleRegardless of whether the crowd were astonished, terrified or were flattering him, Chu Feng paid absolutely no attention to them.He had already anticipated that they would behave like that once he revealed his strength to them.He had experienced this sort of thing many times

Chapter 981 – Howling Wind’s Challenge Nie Yan finally noticed the commotion on the forums. He didn’t expect to find a video of himself. Apparently, that feeling earlier wasn’t him imagining things. A Thief had indeed approached him. Checking his surroundings once more, he discovered nothing out of

Normally speaking, bloodlines at higher grades would hold an overwhelming advantage over bloodlines at lower grades.The Thunder-devouring Whale was at the tenth grade, which was equal to the grade of an outsider grand monarch.Even though it only had a heart left, the Bloodline Crystal Chains produce

Chapter 2010: Divine Estate Scheme Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationYe Mo just wanted to answer the yellow cloud robed half divine when the center of the lake shadowless exploded with a one km tall water pillar. However, it seemed quite eerie as the pillar was

Chapter 2009: Dao Essence Divine Estate Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationOut of the first six people who came, one was instantly killed and the immortal emperor peak stage was smashed away. The remaining four had one immortal monarch and two immortal emperor p

Chapter 2008: Talk With Power Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation“Seven Star Extreme Well!” A few shocked voices and four figures landed. Then, two more dashing lights came and called out the same words.Ye Mo landed and waved to shadowless and small ginseng “Let

Chapter 2007: Seven Star Extreme Well Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationThe two immortal emperor tertiary stages saw that a mere immortal emperor middle stage asked them to stop fighting and give way. They didn’t understand where Ye Mo got the audacity from.But

Chapter 2006: Mu Hua floating valley Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationThis gathering light domain was bitten a hole by shadowless. Ye Mo felt easy and before the lamp could fil the hole up, he punched out. Fist god art shatter sky.At the same time, shadowless

“My two masters, are you guys talking about the bastard, Chen? He is just a useless piece of junk that came from the elimination round!” said Liu Zhijian.“Are you trying to say that Childe Shuoxue and I are less worthy than the useless junk that you have just mentioned?” asked Yuwen Yuanqin.Sii…“No…

Upon hearing Klein’s words, one of the four heads which Reinette Tinekerr held immediately said, “Alright…”It opened its mouth and immediately sucked back most of the gold coins, where it was stored was an unknown.Taking a look at the dozens of shiny gold coins left, Klein reached out to receive the

The golden-eyed demigod from the Loen military nodded in agreement.“Indeed. It’s similar in style to certain fellows from the Intis intelligence agencies.“However, just seconds after he took away the soil, the Tutanssess II mummy vanished. It’s unlikely that he could complete a ritual in time.”The l

The nine people before Chu Li came out of the basilica after a while. They looked placid and it was hard to tell whether they felt happy, angry or sad. Although they attempted to mask their true emotions, it was obvious that they were ecstatic and had passed the test.“Zhao Dahe.” The teenage girl in

Chapter 817: Besiege!Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationThe never-ending Void Zone appeared quiescent.However, as the shadows of several figures appeared among the Void Zone, a fearsome power of the natural order rose to the sky, seemingly forming a cloud atop t