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Sypha’s WorldSeeing the priestesses remain silent, Richard sneered, “Does the high priestess really think she can hide in her little hole?”“The High Priestess is training in some mystic arts,” one priestess tried to smooth things over, “It is an inconvenient time for her.”“Training?” Richard let out

Demonic AttackBack in Faelor, the Genesis had its peace broken entirely. Formations of soldiers advanced deep into the barbarian plains, subduing or even exterminating any who dared oppose them. Richard hadn’t broken the magic array sapping the plane’s origin, so the barbarians were still held down

After the sun disappeared and the sky became dark, Wang Lin grabbed the absolute end essence. The essence flew into the dark sky and disappeared.Staring at the sky that had appeared on the ceiling, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. His hands formed seals and he muttered softly.“Flowing Time…” His self-created

Looking at Li Muwan inside the coffin, he looked at her trembling eyelashes and her crystal clear tears. Wang Lin gently wiped her tears away. The teardrops were still hanging on his finger.He put the tears beside his mouth and licked them. It was very bitter, but afterward, there was a hint of dry

This tone was filled with concern and mixed with feelings.Ye Qing Luo narrowed her eyes as she looked at him with a calm smile.Leng Feng Hua’s face was filled with righteousness, as though this had caused an immense gireve to him.Ye Qing Luo laughed coldly from the bottom of her heart, and was just

Leng Feng Hua gave an undisturbed smile, and tried to reveal a glint of pleasing her, “Qing Luo is so intelligent, this Highness knew that whatever I have on my mind, cannot escape your eyes.”Ye Qing Luo rolled her eyes as she scoffed.Don’t talk as if she understood him very well.She wasn’t that fre

It had been days since they last met.He was still as charming and suave as ever, catching the attention of zealous reporters and photographers with every action of his. They would vie for the chance to snap a bunch of photos of him. In fact, he was almost as newsworthy as the royals.Although he had

Chapter 1904 Three Month PromiseThe exchange was supposed to be a stage for Moon Garden and its members, but Han Sen’s Buddha writing and Gu Qingcheng’s display of sword skills made the aforementioned members—and the Buddhas—look rather lame. Han Sen was on the tip of everyone’s tongue now.People th

Chapter 1903 It Is Not BadWhen Han Sen returned to his seat, everyone looked at him differently. Now, people were looking at him as if he was a monster.Han Sen was not in a good mood. He had only wanted to show off Ancient Devil’s mind a little bit, but that display had obviously gone off the rails.

Chapter 1902 Buddha Touching a FlowerHan Sen stood in front of the testing gold rock, and his mind moved quickly.No Flower’s Touching Flower Finger mind was not a King class display, but to young Nobles, it certainly seemed that strong.Teeth Knife’s knifemind was stronger than No Flower’s, but Han S

Chapter 1901 Before the Testing Gold Rock  “If no one can compete against No Flower, this round will be over,” Moon Wheel King said, as he stood up.He understood the thoughts of those from Moon Garden, though. He knew no one else from Moon Garden could compete with what they had just witnessed. So,

Chapter 1704 - Killing an ImmortalRuined immortal, even if he really was half-ruined, no one dared to look at him like an ant. He was still powerful beyond compare, impossible to win against!The reason why Shi Hao said this was completely to mock him. It was because not long ago, the ruined immortal

Chapter 1703 - Immortal DaoThe middle-aged man landed on the ground, right arm flying out, dark red blood scattering outwards. His body staggered about, face turning pale white.His hair was dishevelled, suddenly raising his head, cold light shooting out of his eyes, carrying rage and hatred as he st

“Let’s read the story. I guess… Kratos, a powerful father, wants to make sure that his son can pass a future challenge. He will try to protect his son by training him.” While he explained, Mr. Fang bent down and moved toward the draugr with the ax in his hand.“I think we should teach the son some ad

“Huh?! The shop owner is finally doing a livestream?!”“I only watch the shop owner’s livestream.”“Grandpa, your favorite stream is finally back on!”People sent all kinds of bullet comments of surprises and cheers onto the screen.“Huh-!? This is good!” Su Tianji took a peek and saw that Mr. Fang was

Chapter 3858 - The Ruthless All-heaven SectNangong Yifan had a miserable look on his face as he asked, “Lord Supreme Elder, are we really unable to do anything to him? Must we allow him to run amok in our All-heaven Starfield?”He naturally did not wish for such a malignant star to appear in their Al

Chapter 3857 - Nearly Provoked A Calamity“What’s this? You’re trying to come and go as you please?” Chu Feng asked with a very ill-sounding tone.“What else do you want?” asked the elders of the All-heaven Sect angrily.However, right after they spoke, Tuoba Chengan waved his hand to indicate for them

After climbing the wall, Qianye ran along it toward the lookout tower. There, he entered via the same method and tapped the sentry lightly behind his neck. As the man’s lifeless head drooped to one side, Qianye’s origin power flowed out gently, releasing a similar rank-three origin power fluctuation

Reaching the 72nd floor of this tower, Ning Cheng finally gained more profound enlightenment in regards to the Returning-to-one Dao. All things in heaven and earth had an origin, and will eventually return to its source.It was just like, “One gives birth to two, two gives birth to three, three gives

When the three men looked at the items she had passed over to them, their hearts jumped with excitement. Especially Du Fan, when he saw that his gift was a fan.“Thank you, Master.”“Thank you, Mister.”“I have something too?” Bai Xiao looked at the dagger and said: “But this is not really useful to me

Ye Xiao wasn’t worried about whether the rest of the people of the Monarch’s Hall would leave or not.In fact, he didn’t care!For him, those who could resist the lure and chose to stay were the men he truly needed.What happened at the moment was a severe competition, so he could select those he neede

Chapter 896Hong Mengshu walked over, pulled Qin Yun and said with smile : “You are my friend, I will take you in!”As Deng Weishun watched, his face is filled with envy and hatred, his eyes are wide open, not daring to believe that this slave’s relationship with Hong Mengshu is so good. Qin Yun also

The Sea Dragon didn’t answer Mo Tiange immediately. Instead, it looked down at the young Sea Dragon trapped in the Heaven and Earth Fan. “Let it go.”Mo Tiange’s eyes blinked. She lifted her hand and the Heaven and Earth Fan came back to her hand, the Illusory Formation disappeared immediately.The Se

Chapter 187.4: Cover Up, I Am SeriousIn a blink of an eye, the day of the Three Great Sect’s Friendship Meet arrived.The way Mu Lai forcefully helped Tan Lin Ruo overcome his acrophobia turned out to be highly effective, and he was doing a lot better with dealing with heights, able to participate as

Chapter 188.1: Drawn Into Some Big TroubleThe Deviant Department was known to everyone in the Faint Mist Sect, having heard that they only had slightly more than ten members. But every single one of them held extremely rare professions and it was because of that uniqueness that gave all their people

Yun Che’s tone was mild, but his words caused every Yun expert to frown deeply.“Heh…” Yun Xiang chuckled. In that moment, he thought that they had been foolish to try to explain themselves and even offer concessions to Yun Che. Disdain and disgust replaced the anger on his face he said, “You think y

Despite Mr. Fang’s claim that he would cook the Valkyrie’s wings, he couldn’t do it. After all, no one would dare to eat them even if he cooked them.In the end, they were loaned to people to do research on them since Fang Qi had no use for them other than making them into roasted wings.At this momen

Annoyed, Lu Man said impatiently. “So, can you just shut up and listen to Professor Liang announce the rankings?”“You!” Zhuang Tingting realised that she had so much to say but Lu Man never paid any heed to her words.This, Lu Man! How dare she belittle her?How could she be like this?Lu Man wasn’t an

Book 6, Chapter 64 – Finding the Hand of GehennaCloudhawk teleported into the old mausoleum.Selene wasn’t going to save herself. He had to help her. The Avatar was not weak and its hooks had dug deep into her. Worse still, a number of powerful Elysians had joined the Avatar in Skycloud.The hard-won

Fang Yuan’s heart shook.“What killer move is this?!”“The divination tortoise’s shell is the hardest thing on its body, yet it could not endure this attack.”“Even though my sovereign immortal body has the trait of non-conflicting dao marks, my tough ancient desolate beast body still suffered such inj

“Hehehe.” Black Tigress had a strange laugh, her beautiful appearance looked very twisted.Her clear innocent eyes were filled with sinister light, there were deep bags under her eyes, like she had not slept for a long time. Her eyeshadow was thick, like the wings of a black butterfly, extending from

Ye Yuwei nodded at his instructions. She did not know the purpose of the documents, but Gu Juexi always had his own objectives in everything he did, so she simply obeyed.“Daddy.”“Yes, dear?” Gu Juexi looked at his daughter.“Daddy, can I invite Brother Yuan Mo over to our house to play, please?” Xi

In this period of time, the charity work that Jun Wu Yi was heading had grown incredibly smooth under the support of huge amounts of wealth. Countless orphaned children had all been taken in by them, providing them with food and lodging, as well as a place to belong. At the same time, the mental bur

“Ladies and gentlemen, our vessel has arrived. Please line up and board the ship in an orderly fashion,” said Jiang Fei after he managed to get everyone’s attention.“Brother Jiang Fei, please take care of the young ones.”“We hope that you could guide the students in battle.”“Friend, please keep an e

Jiang Fei contacted the Martial Artist Alliance and informed them the location to meet before departing. There were going to be people in charge of escorting the martial artist to the military-used harbor.“We are all ready. We can depart at any moment,” said Ding Tianqing. He was elected as the spok

Shifting his body in a combat posture, Martial Yin Yang spat, “Kid, your Taiji Palm Arts cannot help you this time. Come and experience my Eight Trigram Palms!”Wang Yu could hear every single word that Martial Yin Yang said clearly.Seeing that Martial Yin Yang had just tarnished the reputation of th

Chapter 784: Ten Thousand Beast Shattering Space“Name……”  Ye Yu Xi remembered the scene of ten thousand beasts roaring from when she comprehended this spiritual technique, “Just call it the Ten Thousand Beast Shattering Space.”Ten Thousand Beast Shattering Space……Long Xiao Pang thought about it.  He

Chapter 783: Moving oasis“Young miss, I’ve also heard a rumour while asking around.”  Ye Wen said.“What?”“All the people here say that there is a moving oasis in this desert.  It’s said that people have seen it before and there seems to be a ghost town in it.”  Ye Wen’s tone was filled with doubt.Gh

Chapter 990 A Wind RisesThe World of Adepts.Recently, the Crimson Clan’s situation within Zhentarim had begun to grow worse.A rumor was starting to spread, claiming that the legendary adept who had forged the Crimson Clan had died in a foreign plane. It was said that the leaders of the clan were rem

Edited by AelryinthThe elemental queen saying it was because of love had given Zhang Che a headache.He decided that he needed to save her from television. If she continued this way, one of his powerful combat forces would be crippled.Of course, this wasn’t the main point. The key was that she even k