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Chapter 923: They Are All Just Unimportant BystandersEveryone took a look. Wasn’t it Han Zhuoli’s phone that was ringing?Manager Lu: “…”Could she take back what she said just now?“It is my phone,” Han Zhuoli said mildly.Manager Lu: “…”She did not know if it would be of use if she knelt down right no

Inside the sovereign immortal aperture. Mini Central Continent. Fang Yuan’s time path clone was slowly flying in the air as he planted the last flower bud. The terrain here had already been modified by him into a marshland that was extremely fertile, a large amount of high quality silt was spread he

Inside the sovereign immortal aperture. Mini Central Continent. Dark clouds covered the sky as thunder rumbled and lightning flashed. Fang Yuan’s time path clone was standing high in the sky, he was observing the Gu refinement process cautiously to prevent any accidents. Under the dark clouds, the o

Once the Bio-Armor was fitted onto Jiang Fei’s skin, no one could tell that underneath his rugged trainee uniform was a powerful armor taken from Commander Alexis’ personal treasure vault. Unless someone actually threw a lightning bolt or howling spear at him, the Bio-Armor would remain inconspicuou

Although the members of Quan Zhen had their own day jobs, they were very punctual when it was time to play the game.Everyone was online even before eight in the morning.They were on the airship heading back towards Twilight City.Wang Yu had logged off yesterday while he still was at the auction venu

Although the members of Quan Zhen had their own day jobs, they were very punctual when it was time to play the game.Everyone was online even before eight in the morning.They were on the airship heading back towards Twilight City.Wang Yu had logged off yesterday while he still was at the auction venu

Chapter 1305You can do that?The one feeling most rueful was the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden.When their cultivation levels had been the same, she could easily bully Ling Han as she liked, and eventually forced Ling Han to have no choice but to step onto the path to seek out ancient sites in order

Chapter 1523: I Have More Bastardly Methods, Do You Want to Try Them? (2)Yin Shaojie narrowed his eyes in enjoyment.Mu Xiaoxiao’s head was turned away slightly, so he didn’t see how pervy he looked at the moment.She pursed her lips, not wanting to call him hubby.“Be good, call me Hubby,” Yin Shaojie

Chapter 1522: I Have More Bastardly Methods, Do You Want to Try Them? (1)Mu Xiaoxiao was suddenly anxious. She quickly held down his hands that were up to no good underneath. Her face flushed as she glared at him. Her beautiful eyes like black grapes, moist and shiny, seemed very alluring and cute.“

Si Han said at the appropriate time, “According to Article 246, Paragraph 2 of the Xia Country Law, those who commit serious defamation offenses shall be sentenced to imprisonment and detention and be put under surveillance for less than three years. Dear reporter friends, you will receive the lawye

Chapter 1267, Worried About ThievesEditor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion MountainYang Kai was full of doubts. According to Wu Yi, since Dai Yuan came here, even if Wu Yi took the initiative to visit her several times, they hadn’t conversed much, but after this brief chat he had, Yang Yan seemed to hav

Yama Realm, Bone Sea of Eternal Darkness.Jie Xin and Jie Ling, Ye Li, Yao Die, Qing Ying, Lan Ting, Hua Jin, Yu Wu, and Chanyi… all nine Witches were sitting on the ground and circulating profound energy.Surrounding them was a cyclone of primordial yin energy that had been cooped up for an unknown n

Chapter 801 SparOutside the Psionic Seal Ring, Han Xiao and Viru floated in the cosmic space. A spaceship was looking there from not very far away.The spaceship carried Clotti and the other Beyond Grade As, as well as Ames, Aesop, and the rest who had arrived later.“It’s been a long time, Aesop,” th

Chapter 800 PressureAfter the two of them talked about business for some time, Urranrell changed the topic. “One more thing. The dynasty is willing to help the Black Star Army build a division in the Central Galaxy to aid communication between both sides. I know you already planned to do this since

Chapter 1157 An Association Adept VisitsFire Throne.Since returning from Morrian Plane, Greem had spent his time hiding in his tower, other than that one trip to space.His soul was now damaged and crippled. It was the best time for enemies who wished to take vengeance on him!Greem would never take a

Chapter 929: Imposing Aura“If any of you has a question, you can voice it out any time.” From the moment Yu Yuan picked up the mic, she had no intention of putting it down. She sounded excited, and she was in high spirits. It was her time to shine, and her expression kept changing. It did not matter

Chapter 1552: Only two paths (6)If they didn’t come out with something to bribe him, then they definitely would not get past this stage.If it was usual times, although Sage Wu Ding didn’t like Steward You but he would still patiently deal with him.But this matter today was simply too urgent!This low

Chapter 1551: Only two paths (5)“That’s impossible, right? No matter what, to be able to activate the Qilin tablet, those people are all god grade geniuses! In our history, Cloudy Qilin Clan also had geniuses who had innate talents above god grades, don’t tell me that even they…. were unable to pass

Chapter 948 The Terminator and Initiator 8Lu Bancheng was afraid that Xu Wennuan would feel helpless if she came out of the shower to find him gone, so he whipped out his phone and leaned against the wall as he left a message for a food delivery, which arrived promptly half an hour later. Lu Banchen

Chapter 1498 A sarcastic repartee!With her countless fanatics and admirers, she had always been confident and arrogant, yet she was unable to attract this man’s attention.This was an enormous blow to her!She did not believe it!She refused to believe that she could not conquer this man!Charlotte move

Chapter 876: Battle with He FengOn the second day of finals, Pang Jia Nan didn’t show up.The sect stated that he went to a forbidden area yesterday, which violated the sect’s rule, causing him to get expelled from the sect.The Billboard’s third ranked got expelled just like that. Moreover, it happen

Chapter 875: A housefly at the back of the mountainsAlthough Sima You Yue recognised him, he didn’t seem to remember her. He looked at Sima You Yue like he was looking at a stranger.It seemed… as if he had never seen her before!Something was off!She would often go borrow books, and could be consider

Chapter 2258 Back to the Stone Hall“Sh*t! Why are they here?” Han Sen reacted immediately, directing Little Star to dive back into the dark river.Before Little Star escaped beneath the dark waters, Han Sen felt a frightening wash of power come for him. Within one second, the river was vaporized into

Chapter 2257 Stunning Soul-Taking EyeThe Stunning Soul-Taking Eye was the highest-class geno art that the Foxes possessed, and learning the skill required the talents of a Fox’s eyes.A thousand different people could be polled on a single subject, and they would most likely give a thousand different

Chapter 3022 Entering tiger’s den 2After Su Ruiying returned from Chi Yan’s house, she was a little uneasy, and even the puppets who couldn’t put it down on normal days could not calm her panic. When she met Jun Wu Xie, her eyes kept focusing on Jun Wu Xie’s body. She feared that Jun Wu Xie had disc

Chapter 3021 Entering the tiger’s den 1 “What? Are you going to see His Lord yourself? Isn’t … isn’t this too dangerous?” As soon as Qiao Chu heard the news brought back by Jun Wu Xie, he jumped up from the chair. He simply could not believe his ears.Hua Yao frowned deeply. This situation was quite

Chapter 1563 Parting “Listen to your mother,” Li Sicheng firmly said in a tone that permitted no objection as he walked over. “The puppy cannot replace your brother, but it can keep you company.”Su Qianci straightened her back, which was starting to ache, and said, “Let’s go.”“Alright.” Li Sicheng s

Chapter 1000 ArtisanLooking at the dense army of the Undead, Dedale opened his mouth and let out a strange roar. In an instant, mana fluctuations came out of the slowly rotating fire vortex.A thick, orange blaze burst out like a volcanic eruption, and the endless flames rushed straight to the earth

Chapter 2322 Protect your purityCurrently, the guests nearby might appear to be bustling with conversation, but in reality, every single pair of eyes had drifted toward them. Lin Que and Yu Shao were standing fairly close and didn’t dare to even breathe too loudly as they watched the pair in a stand

Chapter 1244 Wish Just as Reinette Tinekerr’s figure appeared in Dark Demonic Wolf Kotar’s pupils, “She” left the window to the heart and began expanding back to “Her” original size.This meant that “Her” Wraith’s possession attempt had failed.The Dark Demonic Wolf’s body rapidly shrunk and thinned a

Chapter 1130: Cry Of Exclamation“We know, we know.” The two of them responded without turning their heads. Not long later, they walked out of the enchantment circle and left the array and headed for the stream.“The wound has scabbed over.” Feng Jiu said and applied some ointment on his wound before

Chapter 1129: Can’t Make EnemiesWhen they heard what he said, everyone was stunned. They tried to summon their spiritual breath in their bodies, only to realise that their spiritual breath was moving very slowly. If they were to fight, they wouldn’t be able to use it.Upon seeing the stunned expressi

Chapter 1465 A Genius“s ThoughtsSwoosh!Swoosh!Swoosh!…Each and every one of the fiend race powerhouses moved like lightning, dashing towards the place where Ye Yuan dup originally stood. They saw the back view of the two people jumping off the cliff.Xiu Lie’s face was extremely grim and said, “Just

Chapter 1011: Way Too Smart“Aunty Orange, let me read you a poem!” Ying Bao said.“Okay! Let me hear it.”“The itsy-bitsy spider climbed up the water spout…” Ying Bao chanted as she shook her head, left to right with the rhythm.“Well done!” Ye Xun praised after Ying Bao finished.“Uncle Treeleaf! I hav

The space black hole which spread across millions of miles disappeared and the universe regained its peace gradually. Everything had come to an end. Jian Wushuang was standing at the void and he had a ghastly-pale expression. The level of the Mountain River Map was too high. If he had only unleashed

Chapter 1431: He Who Is Unjust Is Doomed to Destruction! (8)Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas StudiosThe video on the phone was indeed the one trending online. The time recorded on the phone which sent the folder was also earlier than the fashion show. However, the number on her phone was not

In front of Dongfang Huo’s smirking face, Bu Fang clashed the golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife and the Silver Pterosaur Dragon Bone Knife altogether. They clanged, reverberating everywhere, which made people gawk. Is that Demon King insane? Why did he use his own knife against Dongfang Huo’s Silver

“Three to two…”  “What?! Young Master Dongfang… lost?!” “How could it be? How could the Myriad of Birds Bowing to the Phoenix lose to a stick?!” After the referee announced the winner, the entire square erupted in outrage. Everybody couldn’t believe it. Their genius Dongfang Huo, the monstrous Immor

Chapter 1115: Sudden! (5)Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationMu Yuchen and Zhou Zimo witnessed what just happened inside the banquet hall! Zhou Zimo could not help but stare at Mu Yuchen after seeing Mu Lingshi leave and Gu Qiwu’s stormy expression. “Gosh, is th

On the spur of the moment, he felt that whatever his arms were touching has become softer. It turned out that as Misaka Mikoto paddled, her body shifted backward without her realizing. Thus, the position of Liu Zilang’s arm that was on her stomach naturally shifted forward. In a trice, the whole sit