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Chapter 719: Aliyev’s Choice (1)“Your Highness, this is very surreal. I never imagined this day would come.”It was three days after the ceremony of Azerbaijan’s federal transfer when Sevan, who was now the Minister of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan, visited the royal palace in Serbian Ranch.After th

Chapter 1716 (Raw 1728): Saber of MisfortuneThe appearance of the Tyrant Saber incited many people to fight over it, giving Xiao Chen a good chance to rest. Now that he did not need to worry about others, he could focus on treating his injuries to prevent any permanent hidden injuries from remaining

Huo Yunting did not say anything, only to give Huo Li a glance to make the fanboy work his magic on the mess.Huo Yunting ran out of the factory and called Lu Zhaoyang anxiously.“Huo Yunting? Yes, what’s wrong?” She picked up the call promptly.“Are you okay?” It was relieving to hear her voice again.

Chapter 914: If I Were You, I’d Go Home as Fast as I CouldTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationQiu Jin coughed up more blood.“I know.”She replied calmly and did not sound bitter about it.“But I don’t care. What matters is that… I love you.”He could not hide the t

Early in the morning, Captain Chu opened his eyes to see a dog standing before him.The dog had bright eyes and shiny white teeth.“Who brushed my dog’s teeth?” Captain Chu shouted angrily as he sat up straight, his arms supporting him. He shifted his knees. When he found that it no longer hurt as muc

Chapter 721 The World Doesn’t Lack ‘Smart People’Through the forums and internal message system within the army, the players who were in the other bases also received news about the discount they could get if they participated in the war.Around ten days later, more than a million players gathered at

Chapter 1053 Result!Soon, their two competing representatives were chosen.Four mechas were pushed out. To ensure that the competition was fair, Li Lanfeng asked the people from the Disciplinary and Investigation Committee to board the mechas and enter a command for some changes and then hide the com

Chapter 1052 LaughterThese two people were the top two mecha operators who grasped the skills of a logistician. Their opponent made the worst decision they could. Of course, they were still oblivious to that fact. Even worse was that, they felt that they had a high chance of winning this match.Li La

“There are 45 gigantic launchers in total,” Bolonik said as he put his telescope away. “They are some 800 metres away from our defences and will take about two more hours to reach their furthest firing range.”Ambruiz’s terrain was largely split by small, rocky hills and streams. The Union wasn’t abl

Chapter 1043: The Strongest Person Besides the MastersThe remaining ten patrons in the brothel waited for Lu Shu’s arrival. They did not want to disperse their manpower, but were not willing to go out and meet the enemy.The news that two of the 12 great slaves under Duanmu Huangqi had died had sprea

Chapter 1037Golden Sun wine house is the best eatery in the Flame Sun Island. Now the whole wine house has been locked down. Several Nine Sun Sect’s sect masters, along with Medicine King Chu, are waiting for Qin Yun. They are sitting in a large reception hall and drinking tea provided by Medicine K

Chapter 1873: Caique Gloats at Others’ Misfortune“Gather some men?” Yang Ming said dismissively, “I appreciate your kindness, but I will handle it myself.”Yang Ming naturally understood Batterton’s thoughts. Batterton wouldn’t be able to say these words if he didn’t have Caique’s support. But Caique

Chapter 1871: Before He Attacked“This…” Zhang Bing and Zhang Jiefang were both so surprised that their jaws dropped! The decoration of the top floor was completely different from the decoration of the lower floors! The top floor could only be described as a splendid palace!They didn’t expect this ho

Chapter 1095: I never forced her to treat me with kindnessJin Zi went to see Ning Cheng at the same time he saw Mu Linger coming out of the man’s room. Ever since they settled down at this estate, Mu Linger had been avoiding him. Because Jin Zi was under watch from the shadow guards, he was more or

A pulse of soulforce traveled down Shangguan Xiongyan’s arm and into the bronze mirror. For a moment, the surface of the mirror showed nothing before the fog cleared away to reveal a murky red whirlpool.He stared, quizzically, at the mirror for a moment as if trying to intepret its meaning. Several

The ‘corpse explosion’ was equivalent to the self-destruction of an Early-stage Soul Saint. Needless to say, the explosion of an Early-stage Soul Saint would be devastating. The destructive power of the self-destruction engulfed Bai Yunfei and the others at once since they had been close to the epic

It might seem like they were fighting within the Taiyuan Sky Palace, but in reality, both had tapped into the power of their planes. They flung around powerful spatial techniques and could enter a completely different space at any time.Regular godkings weren’t powerful enough to be involved. Godking

The aura up ahead wasn’t a familiar one, so Bai Yunfei knew it just had to belong to an enemy. Judging from the intensity of the aura, the person most likely wasn’t a Saint.And that meant there wasn’t much to worry about! Eyes narrowed, Bai Yunfei stalked forward, ready to spring at a moment’s notic

Chapter 888 A Cat’s Paw For OthersYe Qingtang could not be bothered to talk any more nonsense with Ling Yan, but she was curious about what exactly happened between Ling Yan and Ye You. Why would that Ye You was schemed against by Ling Yan out of nowhere?Earlier on, Ye Qingtang clearly heard that it

Chapter 887 How To ThankSeeing that Ye You fled away, Ye Qingtang wanted to chase after her, but Ling Yan grabbed Ye Qingtang’s hand firmly and did not give her the chance to go after Ye You.“Ling Yan!”Ye Qingtang’s brows were tightly furrowed immediately. “Have you held enough!”“If you don’t mind,

Chapter 751 It Is a Matter of Getting Used To ItAt the sight of the usually uninhibited Shi Qing revealing a sense of panic, although Qiao Dongliang was not very sure of what was happening, he nodded. “Fine, come in and help me wash the vegetables. Zhai Sheng, watch television on your own. You don’t

Chapter 750 Shi Qing’s Life as a SpyRight now, she could no longer do it. When Auntie Miao used such an attitude on her, not only did she want to hide, but she had goosebumps all over her as well.Shi Qing looked at Qiao Nan with admiration. How did she get along with Auntie Miao? She was so courageo

“Think of it what you want.” Chen Xiaolian responded with a noncommittal smile.“If so, earlier, when you mention that the seeds of the World Tree are not what I had thought them to be…” Miao Yan looked at Chen Xiaolian with a serious expression. “Just what are they?”“No matter how you look at it, th

Chapter 1173, Is Someone Also Trying To Buy And Sell by Compulsion?After about half a day, Qian Tong led a group of two hundred people to the vicinity of the Flowing Flame Sand Field. He hurriedly said a few words to his Sect’s disciples and the cultivators who had followed him here, then went to di

Chapter 1172, Touching Scenery and Fond MemoriesYin Jian was the top disciple among Blue Sparrow Sect’s younger generation, and although his reputation wasn’t as prominent as that of Wei Gu Chang, he was indeed qualified to call him Brother Gu Chang. Every time he had dealt with geniuses from other

Chapter 990 Mystical ArtefactLin Ruoxi was at a complete loss. Her body went limp, letting Yang Chen do as he pleased.Yang Chen looked at her pouting face. She was looking at him with a resentful gaze. It was obvious she wasn’t doing it on purpose and that her body provided this kind ‘service’ natur

Chapter 1556: A Clue to Fighting True Lord Yellow Dragon!Translated by: Hypersheep325Edited by: MichyrrThe Origin Immortal Lord was a true god in the hearts of all the Origin Immortal Villagers, an existence that all of them kowtowed to. Without the Origin Immortal Lord, there would have been no gua

Chapter 1556: A Clue to Fighting True Lord Yellow Dragon!Translated by: Hypersheep325Edited by: MichyrrThe Origin Immortal Lord was a true god in the hearts of all the Origin Immortal Villagers, an existence that all of them kowtowed to. Without the Origin Immortal Lord, there would have been no gua

Chapter 1102 Engaging Tigers to Hunt Wolves Protective custody… That’s quite a witty answer. As expected of a newly promoted Red Gloves team captain… When The Fool Klein heard The Star Leonard’s answer, he couldn’t help but laugh inwardly.He knew very well who Emlyn was referring to, and he knew qui

Chapter 1047Asking to Marry a Secondary WifeSong and dance played jubilantly in the Jade Hall, yet Feng Yuheng left stealthily. When she arrived outside the hall, she immediately found a place devoid of people to hide herself, moving quickly towards Winter Moon Palace.She did not have any other purp

Gu Xijiu estimated that three days of rest would be enough for her to return to her normal routine. She should be able to venture into the vortex again for yet another round of cultivation.Di Fuyi offered, “I am here to cultivate, actually, for at least two months. Meanwhile, I can take care of you

“There’s been a guest?” Su Ya’s eyes were scanning the entire place while she did not care to explain why she was suddenly back despite saying that she was returning to Z Province and that she had already boarded the plane.Yan Zi’s face gradually returned to normalcy as she replied calmly, “No, just

Huangfu Qing was quite regretful that he had imparted the Three Secret Techniques to Su Mo.Had he not mastered the Three Secret Techniques, Su Mo might not be able to contend with the sect master.Back then, he had gotten the Three Secret Techniques by chance. He regarded it as a jewel of the greates

While countless people were struck dumb with amazement, Su Mo’s final strike was approaching Wu Sen rapidly.Wu Sen became enveloped with a formidable sword power and an intense killing desire. He felt very cold as his Qi and blood condensed. Suddenly, he came to his senses.Wu Sen felt ill at ease. E

Chapter 2158 News on Luo Qiqi? “The Spirit God?” Clan Head Qi Xiao narrowed his eyes. “You are referring to that…”“Yes, I am indeed referring to that person. However… Forget it, it’s beyond us to fathom the affairs surrounding the God Monarchs. It’s good enough for us to know about it, but make sure

Luo Bingfeng’s imminent sword strike affected the entire scene.Li Kuanglan and Ji Tianqing attacked in tandem, and the experts all joined in under Ji Tianqing’s unceremonious threat. It was just that they were all holding back somewhat, and this was beyond anyone’s control.Luo Bingfeng was still con

Ji Tianqing stopped a beam of sword light that was sweeping toward Li Kuanglan. “Careful, this is a battlefield. Everything will be mine if you die.”Li Kuanglan glared at Ji Tianqing. “It’s not that easy to take this young noble’s life!”“Shameless! Your small frame will be done for if you take a squ

With great difficulty, Song Zining stood up with his spear as support and cried out, “The holy mountain! Attack the holy mountain!” He then hurled the silver spear out with all his might.The silver spear erupted with light as it shot toward the Holy Mountain like a comet.Luo Bingfeng’s expression ch

The Almighty seemed more dangerous than usual.Just as she was about to say something, he lifted her jaw. At the beginning, she wasn’t sure what he was up to. He brushed his finger over her lips, the sensation warm and tickling. That was when she knew the Almighty was wiping her lips.His familiar sce

Now, all those traits no longer existed. According to the investigation report, there were many other differences.For instance, she had never liked esports but had suddenly turned into the FC King of Zone C. Moreover, her hand speed and maneuvering skills couldn’t be trained overnight.Another exampl